Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, has attracted interest from around the world due to its engaging traditions that blend color, art, food, and music with a celebration of loved ones who have died and the Mesoamerican underworld. Now due to adaptations in modern Halloween celebrations and a popular Disney film, the Day of the Dead is experiencing a new level of interest.

At Spirituality & Practice we recognize that this is a sacred tradition and much more than a cultural phenomenon. The Day of the Dead invites a deep contemplation of what it means to be truly alive, how you can stay connected to those who have passed, and how you make peace with death and the afterlife.

In honor of this powerful practice, we have invited cultural teacher Ernesto Hernandez Olmos to lead a special online workshop exploring this tradition and its spiritual depths. Born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, Ernesto is a musician and artist who has dedicated his life to the study of his ancient indigenous roots and its modern meaning for us all.

Now in this two-part retreat, he will lead us in an experiential and interactive exploration of the roots and spiritual power of Dia de los Muertos. He will help you understand the history of this celebration, the traditional cosmology behind it, and how it applies to your life. Diving into the traditional understanding of the Place of the Dead and the meaning of the altars and offerings, you will discover a profound and inspiring way to explore your own journey, relationships, ideas of Spirit, and passage of life. This program will include activities you can do at home, such as building an altar and making paper flowers. You will also have opportunities to ask questions and interact with our celebrated teacher.

The retreat will take place over two days with two-hour Zoom sessions:

  • October 25 from 12 pm PT to 2 pm PT
  • October 27 from 12 pm PT to 2 pm PT

(Please adjust this schedule for your own time zone.)

There will be time to listen to Ernesto as well as to break out into small groups to share your own stories. The day between the Zoom sessions (October 26) can be used to gather materials and even build your own altar. You can share your altar and explanations during the second Zoom session or you can post pictures in the online Practice Circle.

This very special online retreat provides a window into a truly distinct way of being as you are encouraged to reflect on your relationship to life and death and join in a heartfelt celebration of both.