It’s hard to believe we’re already in March, so much has happened in the first few weeks of 2022, it’s hard to encapsulate the intensity of different emotions all flooding in at the same time. The world feels chaotic, and the fear, anger and bewilderment is palpable; it’s all too easy to become consumed by these emotions but they start to erode the soul from within. 

We are currently experiencing another ‘collision’ of moments, and so many of us are feeling confused, fractured and overwhelmed. This is not only a reflection of the world around us, but also the world within us as we are reaching something of a turning point: a new door opening, leading us in a different direction in life. It’s as though we are standing in between two moments, but at the centre of both at the same time. It’s hard to distil and articulate, but the lack of words is more reflective of the idea that this is a moment never experienced before and we are in new terrain; the words to describe it haven’t been invented yet. 

As I sit here and write these words, the sun is shining, the daffodils are already bursting up into the sunlight, carpeting the silent landscape with vibrant hues of yellow; birds are singing and, in my little corner of the world, despite the chaos, I feel an inner sense of calm and stillness. Despite the darkness of the winter, the light always finds a way to shine through. It seems important to realise that we each have the capacity to honour and access the light within, and the more of us who can become beacons of light, the more chance we have of seeing balance, respect and love restored. 

It would be easy to argue that we are always living in a collision of moments as that’s just how life flows, but this feels different, more distinct and more significant than ever before. We are standing in between where we used to be and where we are heading, but we are already in both places at the same time. There’s a need for each of us to open up our consciousness even further in order to step beyond the mind and to feel our way forward. This is an opportunity to break free from cycles and patterns that have shaped and defined our lives for years, it’s an opportunity to let go of pain, grief, anger and other emotions that have become stuck or lodged deeply within our hearts and souls in order to find a new way of living and being. Yet, before we can become free, we have to allow this collision of moments where all of these emotions surge inwards and outwards, merging and colliding with great intensity and momentum. 

Whilst it’s easy to say this will pass and it’s a natural and necessary process on the path of our evolution, there are a great many souls who are lost, alone and overwhelmed, and they need compassion and love, tenderness and respect. Whilst we may feel the need to turn our focus within in order to weather the storms, it’s important to keep our hearts and souls open, shining brightly to illuminate the path for others. Whilst we may feel alone, it’s important to know that there are others walking the path, and others that care.  

The world feels fractured and divided, and if we let this consume us, we also become fractured and divided, but this is a time for wholeness as we allow our inner light the space and freedom to illuminate the world from the inside, out. It’s time for the glue of love and compassion to bring us all back together again. 

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that all of us have darkness within as it’s a part of being human. Many of us ignore the darkness, allowing it to grow and consume. Yet, when we turn to face this darkness and show it tenderness and compassion, the energy shifts and we realise that it’s not something to fear, but simply a part of our true essence. Yet, the fear of the darkness can keep people living on the edge, waiting for a better moment to live in case embracing the darkness within causes the world as we know it to implode. Yet, isn’t it possible that it’s our resistance to acknowledging the darkness within that’s actually causing the implosion? When we accept our true nature and open up our hearts towards compassion and love, everything shifts. 

Of course, it’s hard to apply this mindset when there is so much pain and suffering in the world, but surely the more each of us acknowledge our true depths and become one with our true nature, then there is less to fear? Courage comes from acknowledging our imperfections, for breaking down the walls we’ve built around our hearts and souls, and for opening up to love. Yes, these are confusing times, and this ‘collision’ of moments is both bewildering and overwhelming, but it’s a part of our story. Instead of feeling consumed by the pain, just as the daffodils continue to turn towards the sun, this seems like a good time to accept the confounding beauty of life and the miracle of being alive…  

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.  

With love, 



As you continue to re-shape and re-define your sense of self and your true priorities, you are beginning to understand yourself on a much deeper level. Although you are a vibrant and passionate soul, there is a sense that you have been going with the flow for quite a long time as it’s felt like the path of least resistance in life. You like to be there for everyone and to keep everyone happy, but the cost of this is a deep sense of compromise when it comes to your own needs. You have become acutely aware of the cycles you seem to repeat through the journey of your life, and this has started to frustrate you as you feel ready to do more, see more and be more. Frustration can be a niggly emotion to manage as it can overcome you if left unchecked, but when channelled towards change, it can be a great instigator of positive movement. 

You are a wise soul and know that life is very much about give and take, but you have reached a stage where compromise isn’t sitting well with you as you feel like there has been more take than give. As a result, being true to yourself and your own needs seems so important now as you long to live your life in a more balanced way. In addition, you want the space to express your energy and creatively more freely through new adventures and ideas.  It could be said that March represents something of an end point for you because there is such a strong sense of new beginnings, and beginnings come after endings, but this new beginning feels different; it feels unconnected to endings, it’s just a new direction to explore in life. This feels exciting and liberating, so take a deep breath and be free…


March looks set to be a month to start the process of letting go of the heaviness of ‘over-giving’ of your energy, your resources and your essence. Whilst you will always be a generous and giving soul, the fire in your belly is burning brightly and inspiring you to make some important tweaks, adjustments and changes to the ways in which you live your life. It’s now time for more clarity and for prioritising your own needs more. Your accommodating tendency to do anything for anyone and to bend and flex for others has left you out of sorts and disconnected from your strong, earthy, grounded and wise roots. Saying ‘No!’ isn’t selfish nor is it indulgent, it’s a sign of your strength re-emerging as you start honouring yourself and your own needs more. March is a time to live more consciously and to listen to your heart and soul to guide you. Just like the spring flowers emerging and turning their heads towards the sunshine, it’s time for you to let your true essence emerge and to let the light of your soul guide you forwards. 

You have been lost in the daily distractions of life for a long time, but you seem ready now to step back from having things to do, people to see and places to go, in order to focus on the things that truly matter. The more you start to prioritise your time, and declutter your life, the more you will realise just how much of your own energy you expend on others. Whilst you will always be a support to others, this is an important turning point for you to acknowledge that your own needs matter too. You matter, and the more you find peace with this, the more you will realise just how important it is to find a true sense of balance in your life…


There is often a belief that in order to create change, you have to be active, to get out and to ‘do’. Yet, your wisdom tells you that there are other ways to facilitate change that are more about being than doing. Change isn’t always an active force, sometimes it’s a state of mind or a way of living or being. March looks set to be a month of shift and change, but a new kind of change that comes from the very depths of your heart and soul. This is a time for inspired thought and creative vision as you create more breathing space in your life and allow yourself to become one with the somewhat fractious and chaotic energies darting about your consciousness. It can feel confusing and a little overwhelming, but when you allow yourself to trust this process, your awareness shifts from chaos to stillness. 

The phenomenal power of both your mind and intuition look set to create great change on your path ahead as you have finally come to realise that you are not stuck between where you were and where you feel you need to be, you are not still trying to live the life you were born to live as you have been living it all along. The life you are living is your life, and your acceptance of this is enabling you to find your true strengths and wisdom from the process as you are letting go of resistance and struggle. Sometimes it’s only when you let go do you realise how tightly you were clinging on to events and aspects of your life now behind you. Of course, it’s understandable to resist change, but it’s inherent inevitability, alongside your willingness to allow this, now looks set to shape and define your life for years to come… 


As you continue to look at yourself, your life and your path ahead with fresh perspective, there is a sense that you are beginning to contemplate what’s next in your life as your heart and soul are calling out to you for a deeper sense of connection to your destiny and purpose. You have always been one to keep on keeping on, pushing ahead to get from where you are to where you want to be, and whilst this has seen you make steady progress, there is a lack of sparkle in the process as your energy feels a little flat and lacklustre with the somewhat pedestrian nature of daily life. You are beginning to think more deeply about the life you’ve lived, but even more deeply about the life you long to live. Although there is a part of you firmly rooted in the monotones of ‘reality’, your heart and soul are a kaleidoscope of possibility and potential, and this is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. 

You are a creative, spiritual and intuitive soul, and the time has come for you to acknowledge this now as you think about what you truly want from life. You are only on the hamster wheel of life because you choose to be there, you can step off whenever you choose. This isn’t to say it’s easy to create change, because life is rarely as simple as that, but it is suggesting you have more power and choice over your destiny than you often choose to believe. When you take the time to pause, reflect and consider what you truly want from life, there’s a sense that this fuels the light within, and your soul starts to illuminate with possibilities and potential. Whilst things are rarely straightforward, March looks set to be a time to look beyond the four walls of your everyday life…


Flying free takes centre stage throughout March as you continue to declutter and refine your life on all levels. Shedding the ought’s, must’s and should’s, along with your often critical inner dialogue, is of great significance for you as you have spent so long trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be and this has left you little time to think about your own needs and dreams. Yet, shedding the ought’s and must’s hasn’t been quite as easy as you might have hoped as so many of them are deeply engrained in your consciousness; it’s not that you can’t let them go, it’s just really really hard! Don’t beat yourself up for not suddenly transforming overnight as this is a work in progress; be kind and compassionate towards yourself. 

You’ve spent a great deal of your life being the version of you that you felt you needed to be and this has created layer upon layer of beliefs that are not reflective of your true essence, but because you’ve lived your life with these beliefs, they have become integral to the way you think and make decisions in life. As a result, this way of thinking has become ‘comfortable’, so stepping beyond this might feel awkward and even a little worrying, but it’s important to trust your intuition to guide you as you are ready now to look at the bigger picture of your life with passion, creativity and exuberance. It can be hard to look at the bigger picture when you’ve spent so long focused on the here and now, trying to be everything to everyone, but intuitively you know that you’re ready to re-shape and re-define your life and to carve out a new way of living and being. It’s time now to create some space and to let your heart and soul lead the way…


As you continue to explore the world within as you gaze deeply within your heart and soul, it seems you are now finding yourself on new terrain. On one hand you are finding out more about yourself and your life than you ever imagined possible, but on the other hand, you are feeling even more bewildered as instead of finding answers within, you have simply found more questions. In fact, the harder you look, the more questions you find. You are one of life’s thinkers, so it’s understandable why you want to make sense of your life, but it’s also important to realise that there will always be questions that remain unanswered and there will always be new questions emerging if you have been lucky enough to find an answer. There is a part of you that approaches life cautiously, wanting answers in order to make informed decisions, but this can also leave you frozen in indecision, with your life on hold, as it’s simply not possible to have all of the answers to all of your questions. 

Sometimes, you have to trust your phenomenal intuition and step forwards with your best judgement. Waiting for all of the answers can lead to a long wait, and you are wise enough to know that you simply can’t answer every single one of those questions stored in your consciousness. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t try to answer them, but that’s a part of being you! In essence though, it’s important to find peace with the unknowable nature of life and to know that it’s ok to make decisions even when you don’t have all of the answers. It’s also important to accept that some questions just don’t have answers. It’s time now to take a big deep breath and to explore your life with an open heart and an open mind…


As you continue to explore the corners and edges of your life, you are beginning to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things that are truly important to you. You have spent a long time trying to be the best version of you that you can be, and you have wanted to be everything to everybody, not letting anyone down and pushing yourself, and your resources, to the brink. Although you have sensed the imbalance, it’s been easier to ignore it as your life has been so busy and so pressured for so long. As a result though, your Libran scales have shifted out of balance, and they need time to settle and re-calibrate as you need the space to acquaint yourself with the person you’ve become. You have been so busy, you’ve lost sight of your gifts and talents, and you’ve become weighed down by the burdens and stresses of life. The vibrant, effervescent, illuminated soul is still present, but faded and in the shadows of your soul. It’s therefore time for you to step back into the light, to beckon your soul forward and to acknowledge just how much the humdrum challenges of daily life have impacted you. 

It’s then time to take a big deep breath of life and to allow your scales to re-calibrate as you re-assess your true priorities. When your scales are out of balance, your life is out of balance as you can struggle to apply your wisdom, intuition and creativity to decisions or choices, and this needs to change now. Your mind moves at a million miles an hour, so it’s important that your scales are balanced to help you process this information and to make balanced and informed decisions. March looks set to be a time to find a new definition as to what it means to be you…


March looks set to open up a new doorway to your soul as you enter a period of self-reflection and contemplation However, at the same time, there is a sense of you beginning to explore a new chapter in your life and discovering new terrain. It would therefore seem that you are in the middle of something of a paradox of movement and stillness, change and familiarity; and this feels slightly surreal, yet perfectly plausible. This may all seem slightly nonsensical, but in truth, this seems representative of your life as you are often in a state of flux; in between a moment, but not at the same time. Whilst this all seems confusing it seems to be a reflection of the rut you’ve carved your way into in life, something of a repeating cycle of ‘sleep, shower, breakfast, work, exercise (!), food, Facebook, TV, bed, Facebook, sleep repeat’. 

The predictability of your life is causing you a sense of sadness, combined with frustration, as you are not known for being predictable on any level or in any way! You are the free-spirited one who likes to dance through life exploring your gifts and skills, allowing your intuition to lead the way. There is clearly a disconnect going on as whilst you most certainly are a free-spirit, the rut you’ve carved yourself into to keep on keeping on is leaving you feeling unfilled and out of sorts. March looks set to present you with an opportunity to shift the inertia and to rise above the confusion in order to make peace with the somewhat paradoxical world in which you live and to realise that you do have the power within you to re-shape your life. It’s time to let your free-spirit dance more freely within your heart and soul, and to start believing in your intuition to lead the way… 


As you continue to think about what you truly want in life, you are finding new ways to ride the waves of life with more courage and wisdom than ever before. It’s as though you are looking at the world and your life with fresh eyes and this has brought you confidence and a level of expansiveness that you’ve never felt before. It’s hard to articulate the reasons for this shift as there are no obvious signposts along the journey of your life, but it seems you have reached a natural turning point of consciousness where your focus has turned towards the experience of being you. This might sound slightly strange, after all, you have always been you, but there is a sense that you are finally beginning to see the true expanse of your soul and allowing your gifts to flow more freely. This has developed through your willingness to open up your heart to listen to the song of your soul and to allow yourself the freedom to let this song resonate with love and tenderness. You are a sensitive, vibrant and intuitive soul, and the world can often feel overwhelming, but the more you tap into your soul song, the more you realise just how magical and wonderful life can be as well. 

March looks set to highlight the difference between living and being alive, as you seem ready to move beyond the keeping on keeping on to start living more wholeheartedly and consciously. Trust your wisdom and intuition as they are both your allies, your intuition knows no boundaries and you have more ideas than most people have had hot dinners; your depths are endless. There is no instruction book for life, just your intuition, so listen to it and start believing in yourself; you truly are amazing… 


As you continue to nurture the light within your heart and soul, it seems this light is starting to break cover and head towards the surface of your being. The more breathing space you give your inner light, the more it stretches, expands and comes to life. Although it’s a part of you, it also feels like it has a life of its own and it’s edges go far beyond the known boundaries of your soul; in essence, your inner world is far bigger than you ever imagined possible. Whilst you have always been aware of your inner light, it has often been difficult to find ways to accommodate it in your everyday life; it’s not that it’s been a hindrance, you just haven’t quite known how to incorporate it into the things you do so it’s sat awkwardly within you like an ill-fitting jumper rather than becoming an integral part of your life. As a result, a void has formed between your everyday life and in the space within you where your hopes and dreams reside; your dreams feel more out of reach because you aren’t allowing your inner light the freedom to breathe, wiggle and fidget. 

March looks set to change this as you seem ready to step beyond the need to be everything to everyone and instead start to focus on being more compassionate and understanding towards yourself. You can then start to see your path ahead with fresh eyes and focus beyond your ‘to do’ list and towards the things that truly matter. Happiness doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from why you do it. So, let your light shine brightly and look beyond the boundaries of your life with compassion, love and respect. Honour yourself and your needs, and remember to breathe deeply into life as you let your dreams flow freely once again…


You have spent a great deal of time exploring the meaning of life and trying to make sense of the seemingly random collection of moments that come together to form your journey through time. Some of these moments flow freely but others are awkward and juxtaposed like two magnets resisting connection. Of course, each moment represents an infinity of experience, emotion and thought, and you never quite know what you’re going to get. Although it’s confusing and frequently overwhelming, you actually manage this ramshackle collection of moments rather well, sometimes even managing to make sense as to why things are the way they are. However, there are times when the sheer velocity of choices, decisions, consequences and questions overwhelm you, leaving you feeling a bit dazed and confused. This usually happens when you take your focus off of the bigger picture and become embroiled in the finer complexities of life. 

This is only natural, but it’s the bigger picture that brings you wisdom and context as it’s like your map of life, giving you both perspective and reference. When you get lost in the details, you can start seeking answers to questions that don’t have answers and feel frustrated that you can’t make sense of the kaleidoscope of thoughts as they swirl around your consciousness. When this happens you need to breathe, pause and re-focus. Yes, it’s as simple as that! You are a wise and intuitive soul, and you know the answer doesn’t have to be complex, in fact, it’s often the simpler answers that make more sense. March looks sense to mark the beginning of a new chapter of exploration on all levels of your life as you find new ways to be yourself, to express your gifts, and to love yourself wholeheartedly. In a life of moments, this one is definitely special, so embrace it and treasure it…


As you continue to connect more deeply to your soul, there is a powerful sense of release and renewal in March as you start the process of bringing your awareness back to the here and now. You have spent a lot of time thinking about the past as well as the future, and whilst both give your life context and shape, you seem ready now to step into a more decisive present moment. This is hard to articulate as it’s more of a state of being than a state of doing, but it’s as though you are ready to live your life more consciously than ever before. You have spent so long keeping on keeping on and depleting your own resources to be everything to everyone else that you haven’t noticed just how out of kilter you’ve become. 

Well, in truth, you have noticed, but you’ve simply been too busy to do very much about it. As a result, you have been drifting through life like a piece of driftwood in the sea, just going where the currents take you. Whilst this sounds quite whimsical and romantic, it has also been immensely frustrating for you as you are naturally one to take control of the helm, to navigate, to follow your own lead and to explore pastures new. As the weeks progress, there is a strong sense that the pace of change in your life is shifting as you start to make some more conscious choices about your priorities and dreams. It’s time to trust your remarkable intuition and start living more in tune with your true essence; this may take time as you haven’t lived in tune with your essence for a very long time, but it’s never too late to start.  Step consciously into the present, believe in yourself and allow yourself to be free.

**By Sarah Jane Grace