Jim: I’m noticing that as I hold my attention on something, all of a sudden I find myself in another, completely unrelated thought. And I don’t find the tangent point that caused me to jump to that second thought. I can’t quite trace the thought backward. So, I am curious if you can give me some information about that.

Metatron: Yes, and it is a very good observation. You are experiencing movement between the third, fourth and fifth-dimensional spaces. This is what is causing some disruption in your thought patterns and your thoughts are easily short-circuited. You are still having to deal with a third-dimensional body, with a rational, very static, stable set of energies. Energies that have both the positive and negative involved. The fifth-dimensional reality is embodied in the more positive thoughts and emotions. The negative emotions and feelings are very much tied to physical existence.

It can be challenging when you embark on this process, and it takes intense scrutiny and awareness to keep your thoughts in alignment with what you are desiring and to keep them from being swept away in the fluidity that is present in that fifth dimension. If you were not embodied in a third-dimensional body you would not find this transition so erratic. Since you still have those constraints present, you will find you have many energetic disruptions in the thought process and in the emotional response. I give you this as a warning so you can pay attention to it. As you progress here, you will have an emotion that has absolutely nothing to do with the thought you have just thought.

Jim: I’ve noticed that.

Metatron: And you then get further distracted because you think “where did that come from, and why am I feeling this?” You are in that precarious balance at this time. It is like you have one foot in one reality, being embodied in a third-dimensional body, and the other foot firmly planted in the fifth dimension. This will require you, first of all, to allow the process. Secondly, to be developing intense scrutiny. This is not control. If you try to control your thoughts, you are then not allowing the creativity and fluidity that is possible within the fifth dimension. If you are invested in controlling each and every thought, this will be exhausting and an impossibility.

It will take some time for you to begin to incorporate this state of being more fully. One of the key processes is to become observant. Not to try to change it but simply observe it. And to be very aware of your third eye energy center. This is a key energy center in your body that will enable you to better correlate these energies.

This is the transitional gateway, that will enable you to correlate the thought that you are having with the aligned emotional response, allowing you then to create multiple responses and multiple opportunities. This is a dimension of multiples. It is not anything like duality. It is not anything like the third dimension. It is very fluid and is one of multiple thoughts, multiple emotional responses going at the same moment of time. This can be very disconcerting in the beginning, until you are more accustomed to how that energy flows in that fluidity. And then you can direct, not control, but direct your thoughts and responses and take advantage of these multiple opportunities that are presenting themselves.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Metatron and Jim Self as they prepare to teach a Mastering Alchemy class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Metatron to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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