Love is God

Today I speak to you of true, deeply realized devotion and how the triumph of light is achieved – and I speak to you of love!

Beloved man,

Love is God and God is love! Wherever you find love, you find God, and wherever love is absent, lack and fear reign.

Whoever is in love begins to pass it on all by himself, to give it away. This inner need is visible in more and more people today and this shows that people have matured and continue to mature.

The struggle

The struggle that is taking place today in the streets of the world, with people standing up for their freedom, is a struggle of love! Because many people are not fighting for themselves, but for the next generations and for their children.

Because a large part of the young people is asleep and does not know how to interpret these dangerous developments, their parents and grandparents stand up to ward off the evil and to put a stop to what is now looming.

This is pure service to others, and it is love that brings this about and makes people persevere.

In all matters that demand everything of you, however, there always comes a point when you neither know nor can go on. Suddenly your love doesn’t seem to be enough, your strength fades and you lose your courage.

True devotion

This is the moment that invites you to deepen your devotion to God and let it mature into an unshakable truth.

But what is this devotion in its core?

– True devotion is built on the deep inner conviction that in the end everything can only be achieved through and with God!

– True devotion is not blind faith, because you have been deprived of hope, but is the deep inner understanding that God is working and present in the middle of your everyday life.

– True devotion means understanding that it is God who accompanies, supports and provides you with everything you need to achieve your goals at every turn.

– True devotion means that God can work through you unhindered by blockages.

The best opportunity for this realization comes when your mind is at a loss and your strength is insufficient even for fears. Then it is time to surrender yourself completely to God.

That is why every person who has initially distanced himself from God in order to have desired experiences, one day faces hopeless situations. In order to experience the work of God in your own body and in your own life, you need conditions for it:

Because since your first embodiment on earth, hidden in your soul, the seed of devotion waits for its gardener.

Examine everything with your mind! Choose an intelligent approach to life! Be practical and try to get to the bottom of things and understand them! Stupidity is no protection, ignorance is no excuse and laziness is a sin. At this stage, man is like driftwood on the water and helplessly exposed to the storms of time.

Fundamental transformation

Here, however, the speech is about you and about how you can master the tests and nourish your longing for God.

So it is time for the way of the pure devotion, with which you dedicate all your doing to God without waiting for tests, submit to HIS will and hand over to HIS grace.

It is time to let this happen now, in order to experience a fundamental transformation – and this you experience not only in you.

In more and more people this access to life is opened today. Spirituality is gaining importance and God is returning to people’s lives. For the first time in human history, a significant number of people are ready for this path of pure devotion. They begin to perceive the work of God in their everyday lives – and the conviction that everything is possible with God takes root in their hearts.

This battle that is being fought on earth today can only be won with God.

You are also becoming aware of this now, and so you are fulfilling the most important prerequisite for the victory of light over darkness.

God is love and love is God! And in the perfect devotion this truth is experienced.

In infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by