Changes have been taking place on many levels, clearing out that which is unsuitable for the New Age, and promoting the future from a different angle that is more in line with the needs of this moment and lays down the foundations for it.

For some souls this time period is causing much anxiety and even pain. It is regretfully both inevitable and unavoidable due to the scale of changes necessary. However, it is all for a good cause and it will compensate you for your difficult experiences. Time is of a premium and the sooner you advance beyond the present period the sooner the better times can commence.

So much has been prepared in readiness for your advancement and obviously Ascension is the final goal. Yet it is the beginning of a new life for all of you as the past is put behind you. Peace is coming that cannot be disturbed or altered by outside interference because the perpetrators of negative actions will have been removed and given another opportunity to turn to the Light. There is no punishment involved as they make their own path according to their past actions. Rest assured that fairness and justice are supreme and no soul is abandoned.

These times are obviously very unsettling but the negative must come to the surface to be cleared. For too long they have dictated how your life should progress while at the same time withholding the truth to keep you in their clutches. The truth will always surface and cannot be held back indefinitely.

Religion is one area where the teachings will need revising to come into line with the greater truth. People are ready for new revelations and have the ability to understand them. Consciousness levels have been growing for quite some time, and there is now an understanding well above previous times.

Given the truth you will be more able to understand the past, and see that all of your experiences have helped to expand your consciousness levels. False teachings soon fall by the wayside and only the truth can carry you forwards. The dark Ones have constantly tried to scare you with stories of the devil and punishment for your sins.

God does not punish anyone and still loves his creations beyond measure. Almighty God is beyond understanding, that love is God’s presence in everything that knows no end. Yet for all of God’s greatness the most humble prayer is heard and responded to as God knows each of you personally and is with you all of the time.

You will find moving more into the Light a most wonderful experience, as with it comes a greater level of consciousness. You will have abilities you would not have thought possible and become a very independent soul. Life would be mainly spent in the Galaxy with no restrictions as to where your travels take you.

On Earth you are isolated yet many ET’s live deep within it and come and go as they please. Your experiences are confined to the surface of the Earth except for those astronauts who are chosen for Space exploration. You have not yet experienced the real world but the opportunity will come in the near future.

All the lives you have spent so far to reach this point will be of immense value, and have given you a good grounding to face any challenges you may encounter. You have immense experience having come through the lower dimensions to get this far. In the latter stages you have learned to be patient and kept cool in the most exacting circumstances. Control of your feelings is essential if you are to continue rising up and made easier as the vibrations increase. To keep calm in the face of provocation will prove a stern test so remember to keep calm at all times.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.