5D is a term that is becoming a popular way of describing the shift that is taking place within our consciousness as individuals and as a collective consciousness.

There are a few different perspectives on what is 5D, ranging from a physics-based explanation of dimensions to some people who regard the shift to 5D as a specific big event or moment in time that we will go through as a collective.

In alignment with the multidimensional nature of this dimension all perspectives are valid in their own right and today we will delve into exploring what is 5D within the context of spirituality and consciousness. 

Within this article, we will learn about 5D as a  personal and collective upgraded perspective and way of life.

We will explore what is 5D; including what this term means, the consciousness or perspectives that are the foundations of 5D, how this is a shift or ascension journey, what is 5D earth, how 5D consciousness is connected to the activation of the heart chakra and more.

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What Does 5D Mean?

5D most simply means the fifth dimension; this is referring to the 5th spiritual dimension that we use to describe a state of higher consciousness and expanded awareness.

5 refers to the stage or level of consciousness and D in this context is referring to a spiritual dimension, a level of understanding and awareness.

What Is 5D?

The 5th dimension is not necessarily a physical place but rather higher consciousness energy that allows us to perceive life in a more multidimensional way.

This shift in perception is primarily an energetic shift that can naturally affect physical changes and manifestations, bringing our outer reality into harmonic alignment with our inner 5th-dimensional awareness and experiences.

What Is 5D Consciousness?

Showing what is 5D consciousness

Some of the characteristics of the consciousness that make up 5D are :


When in 5D we live with the deepest knowing that we are connected to everything and that everything that exists is ultimate of the same source energy.


5D consciousness allows us to experience and act in accordance with the flow. Living in ease, agreement, congruence, and ways that create and perceive harmoniously; resonating with higher consciousness.


5D encompasses a feeling and experience of a state of togetherness and deep interconnection. Our acknowledgment of oneness allows for unified experiences and manifestations.


5D consciousness includes the awareness and integration of a subtle and deep understanding that all experiences are of the same source.

A deeper understanding of the perception of experiences or behaviors is usually considered as good /bad, light/dark, and beneficial/non-beneficial. 

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love as 5D manifested

The foundation of 5D consciousness is the experiencing and embodiment of unconditional love.

Living in love from within and experiencing it all around us.

Living in love is a state of consciousness not just as a feeling. 5D is also associated with an open and balanced heart chakra which we will discuss further on in this article.

Clear Intuition

The frequency of 5D is one of trust and clarity which allows us to sense and act upon the guidance and power of our intuitive nature.

Knowing Your True Self

5D is all about a deep understanding of the energetic nature of life and this naturally leads to a knowledge of your true self (your higher self or soul).

This consciousness also allows you to witness the true self within every being you encounter.

Integrated Ego

 In 5D we are not letting the unconscious ego rule our perceptions but rather understanding the function of a healthy or conscious ego as a unique filter for perception, creativity, and expression of your service and gifts.

Prosperity And Abundance Consciousness 

5D is a state of prosperity and abundance consciousness

5D is a state of connection to the infinite source of energy and all manifestations of this energy.

This state of consciousness allows one to truly perceive and embody the truth that is abundance consciousness.

Multidimensional Lucid Awareness 

The clearer sense and experience of the energetic nature of life, deeper meditations, experiences of astral realms, lucid dreaming, clairvoyant abilities, and energy healing abilities may also be activated or heightened when you are in 5D.


5D is a state of consciousness that embodies deep presence – full focus and appreciation of the now moment.


Honesty and morality are innate qualities as 5D is a heart-centered state of consciousness.


5D consciousness helps us to fully trust as we have a knowing that there is a divine plan and all things happen for a higher purpose.

Flow States

With a 5D perspective, life can flow a lot easier as synchronicity and opportunities are noticed and even any setbacks can be perceived as integral parts of the process- serving some higher purpose that will reveal itself in time. 

How Is 5D Connected To An Open Heart Chakra?

5D connection to an open heart chakra

Each dimension can be observed in correlation with the energy centers within our body (chakras).

When we look at the 5th chakra which is the heart chakra we can clearly see how 5D consciousness is parallel with the traits of an open and balanced heart chakra.

Deep compassion, interconnection, trust, acceptance, and peace are some of the aspects that are common higher consciousness experiences of 5D and an open heart chakra.

With this understanding, we can consider that practices to open and balance your heart chakra could assist you to shift or maintain a 5D level of awareness.

To learn more details about this energy center you can read our article on the symptoms of an opening heart chakra.

What Is 5D Shift And Ascension?

The shift to 5D is something that is currently becoming more prevalent and important for many of us as individuals and for the well-being of our planet.

The shift to, or activation of 5D consciousness can actually be quite an intense journey for some people as it takes a lot of adjustments on a spiritual, mental, and even physical level.

We have to identify and release all that holds us down, all that keeps us from experiencing 5D consciousness.

We have to first make the shift from 3D to 5D and this can come with a lot of radical changes in perspective that start with conscientizing all that we need to transform and heal in order to integrate the higher perspective of 5D. 

You can read about this in detail in our article entitled: 3D to 5D: what it means to shift to this higher consciousness.

As we emerge through deep healing and acceptance of the 5D codes of consciousness that stream into our awareness we will then integrate and embody this upgraded energy.

As we ascend to 5D we will experience a variety of symptoms and you can read a lot about the 5D ascension process in our article entitled: 5D ascension: the 10 symptoms you’re going through the shift.

As we stabilize within this higher vibration and embody 5D consciousness our circumstances and physical manifestations will harmonize accordingly. 

What Is 5D Earth?

Showing what 5D earth is

We know that the energy or level of consciousness and frequency that each person holds is a vital contribution to what we experience as a collective consciousness.

In this way, each person that shifts to living from 5D consciousness contributes to and strengthens the presence, effect, and manifestation of 5D on earth. 

5D earth is all about the consciousness of 5D being applied to the way that society operates as a whole.

Instead of just individuals living in love, integrity, and higher understanding, our society (schools, jobs, production, governments, services, infrastructure, culture, etc.) will operate from a level of 5D understanding.

And yes, this looks a whole lot different from how the majority of our earthly systems are currently operating. 

When it comes to 5D earth some people believe certain celestial or natural events will trigger this planetary shift in consciousness.

This is also a valid perspective as everything that is happening (especially events that make us question what we regard as solid reality, what we deem important, and what we rely upon for survival) is ultimately moving us towards growth, upgrades, and higher consciousness. 

What is sure is that as we shift as individuals and truly live from the 5D code we will naturally transform and shift our earth and systems to operate in harmony within this awareness.

The earth is 3D in its physicality but integrating 5D consciousness will allow us to acknowledge the deeper truth of the physical realm.

That the source of all matter, form, and experience on earth is source energy (God / Spirit / the eternal)

What Is The Purpose Of 5D?

Purpose of 5D

The purpose of 5D is really clear when you are operating from this state of perception.

When operating from lower dimensional awareness 5D can often seem unrealistic or an unattainable idealism.

When you actually begin attuning to the frequency of 5D you will experience just how powerful this shift in perception actually is.

5D is a way to describe a new and upgraded way of being in a way that we can actually put into practice to improve our lives and uplift the collective consciousness.

It also allows us to understand the processes we are going through from a higher perspective.

These are often concepts that are quite difficult to capture with the words alone – they are innate feelings and experiences.

Once you have experienced 5D you may still have moments of forgetfulness at times (moments as initiations for future integration and refreshing remembrance) but once you have consciously experienced it will never lose access to 5D. 

And really, we all have access to 5D because it is a true perspective, it is the present acknowledgment of the infinite energy that creates everything. 

As we accept our path and this upgrade we give permission and set an embodied example for what is possible.

We can become of greater benefit as ourselves, to all those around us and the earth by embodying our soul’s essence on earth by choosing to clear, activate, and live in remembrance, integrity, and love.

The purpose of 5D coming into your field of awareness and becoming part of our spiritual language is so that our human minds can comprehend and adapt to the existence of the beneficial energy of 5D.

The conception of 5D and the consciousness described and energetically encompassed within this spiritual dimension helps us deeply understand and intentionally allow this shift to upgrade us and our planet. 

Living in 5D doesn’t mean we will be living in another physical place but rather our consciousness will be stabilized to a higher awareness that includes the etheric realm.

This 5D consciousness will allow us to deal with everyday life with a newfound deeper awareness which allows for a lot more ease, grace and genuine love to flow.

We hope you have gained deeper insight into what is 5D through reading this article and that learning about this expansive topic has further activated your energy, awareness, inspiration, intentional alignment, and embodiment.

What Is 5D? [The Amazing 5th Dimension Explained]What Is 5D? [The Amazing 5th Dimension Explained]