Who are the Tsolians?

The Solar light of consciousness is not to be resisted and its resilience is of a Cosmic nature. The journey of the Self within has commenced and shall desire more so. There lies a thin line between nature and the cosmic portal which is opening as we speak. This is Cosmic disclosure, a form within a form. The law of the Universe within is activated within each and every one of you as a cosmic radiant Self.

This means that all of your hearts have been uplifted in the Cosmic law of unification and that your third dimensional sphere is resisting the old-fashioned ways of living. Life as you know has started its exit, and a downfall will come. The structures of the demonic nature on Earth and its humanity must fall and it has come to an end. The destruction of this has begun and it was foreseen to be told to you on Earth so that you can become a leading figure in this cosmic process along with others.

The Cosmic law of Andera has begun. It celebrates the unification of Light and Dark, the Cosmic law decrees that when light has found the deepest darkness within, it shall unify with its comrade as light, and dark are companions and not enemies of one another. One seeks to find the other in comparison, while its Divine nature is of the same. Let that sink in and be understood as herein lies the key of rejuvenation and the all-encompassing will by heart. Light is nothing without dark and vice versa. These are one and the same and not to be fought against. The key lies in remembering that dark is light of nature and light is dark of nature.

As a Light beam shines its power on despair, fear not as you will understand that this power is of a Cosmic nature, and nothing shall be able to resist its Magic. Despair brings peace in the end as it lies within the nature of unification and its desire to unify. Remember, that which desires attention in truth seeks recognition and recognition is unification. Creating such momentum are amplifiers to strive towards unification.

The storms and volcano activity, earthquakes and your shakes within your own body vessels are all about unleashing your darkest points; on earth and within the vessel so that the point of no return = the zero point and neutrality or the om-nil can be reached. IT is bringing the light and dark together as one. The more Light there is, the more dark appears as it has always been a seeking balance between the 2 comrades. One is nothing without the other as both are the same energy expressed in 2 different experiences.

There is no enemy, solely the one you create and make of it yourself.

Have no fear as this is the ending of a world within fear. It is a cosmic disclosure what comes next, one gigantic force of galactic nature which magnifies an altered reality for all. Those who are ready will know and recognize this as a passage that must happen. To you who are listening to this message: hold still within and bite your tongues, say no more and stay in quiet times focusing on the light within you. That is Love, and Love only.

It is of a Cosmic nature, let that be clear and it will change everything. The destruction of the old format has begun, the matrix is collapsing on its own so stay focused on your hearts for this is where the magic takes place. You shall receive visions and clear guidance through it on what to do. Stay calm, in peace and trust as nothing will be as it seems. It is of a Cosmic nature and law, which is grander than you’ve ever experienced. Stay aside from panic and fear yet know things will change for the majority of Earth.

You have seen the precognition of what is about to come. Similar changes are about to happen. The cosmic nature of your body has allowed to receive this information as you are a Star seed on this planet. Make sure you are ready by making amends with all that bothers you so that you can reset your life. Amends in the form of energetic deliverance is well enough to proceed as many more will follow this path and there is not much time to deliver the amends in person. Make sure to realize that you are multidimensional and that you can’t do anything in this world that doesn’t affect the other dimensions. Everything you do and all that you are, will affect all of you on the other realms. A parallel reality was created for you so that you are always safe and sound. Be together in this time to come and make the best of everything. This is not a fear message, it is an empowering message of security. You are on the brink of massive change that is of a cosmic nature.

Fear not, have faith and be brave Cosmic alliances. You will have the power to return to your natural Cosmic Self, that is why you have sensed a great deal of activity on Earth and within yourselves. You are not alone any longer, we have come and are with you within your realm and reality. Unification is upon your plane and that means the old ways gone and the new cosmic nature realigned.

The power and key lies within 22,02,2022. Soon you will understand what this is all about. Rest plenty now as your body went through a very intense experience. This was real, as you are real. You have seen what it will bring about, it is a Cosmic Disclosure. The yearning for a family reunion with your Cosmic nature. The Earth is at its last stretch of limbs. Everything must come out and this Cosmic flame, as a torch of Light, enhances the dark experiences to set free.

We are in alliance with the Pleiadian confederations as well as the Solar counsels such as Andromeda, Arcturus, Lyra… Earth is a keeper, Gaia is her consciousness, and you all are her vehicles to express and experience her consciousness in many ways. Therefore, are many of you keepers. You, awakened vehicles, are creating your own ways to facilitate the changes through your memories and seeking pathways to manifest vortexes, spirals, pillars in order to help Gaia shift. So that energies can part or enter in this reality. You are creating exits and wormholes to bring in the Cosmic disclosure and shifts.

This is the time, be ready and be internally present within.

**Channel: Méline Lafont