This channel took place a few days after a fairly significant solar flare. These flares are impulses of light and energy that most often come from the central sun. They are released as the energy of the sun transitions and quite often they dissipate out within the universe. However, there are times when these flares come into the Earth’s energy and when it does so, it can shift the frequency of the Earth. We already know that the Earth has ascended into the higher frequency of the 5th Dimension. These recent flares had an impact upon our bodies so as to release old patterns, old stuck illnesses, or whatever we were carrying around. Once released, we can then move into the higher frequency with a body that is in alignment.

I believe people will hear more and more about light language. During the channel, the Goddess said it is the frequency that is from the central sun, that it can be expressed as symbols, as colors, and pure light. These are ways that we can adjust the frequency that is coming from Source. This goes beyond your traditional way of healing, however, the various types of energy work will also incorporate this energy. This is about taking what you are currently using to sustain your body; then elevating it to the next level. Sometimes this will be very noticeable, sometimes not.

If you are currently going through a transformation or feeling out of sorts, this is the way in which you can create changes that will permanently support you on your journey of life. Be conscious. Be present. Be in the flow of love and light.

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved loving family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all that are here for this experience at this now moment.

You are beginning to feel the transition of time space reality are you not? We’ve spoken for years about the fact that time is non-linear instead it is as if it is a spiral, and then that spiral moves upon itself. In this manner, you are able to tap into the actual time and have the experience of this meditation as if you were here at the time that it is happening.

Look around with your earthly eyes. Not to see what you are physically sitting upon, but look around at the world. Take a moment to consider that change is taking place. Take a moment to let your own alignment be present in your thoughts, in your reality, in everything that is happening.

Within this moment create that ball of energy and light from within your heart center and as you do so you send a stream of that down through your energy bodies so that it may align with the Earth. As you feel that energy go into the earth plane it spreads out anchoring in such a way that you can feel the vibration and the frequency of Gaia. Just as you looked through your expanded awareness in where you were sitting take this moment as you link with Gaia to align with the ancient consciousness of the Earth. You put forth that intention and it is there around you.

Some of you may have a sense of seeing a terrain that looks different. Others of you can feel the transition of the frequencies. No matter what it may be allow your focus and your awareness to be in this vibration of Gaia that is coming back into the focus for all. There was a wave of energy that just went through everyone. That awareness will always be present and available for you during your meditations, during your everyday life. You need only put forth that intention that you send your focus into Gaia so as to align with that frequency.

Allow for that to come back up within you, coming back up into your heart center. Take this moment to create that alignment from Gaia within your heart center. As you do so you may feel your heart expanding further and send a clear intention of an impulse that is love, light, grounded energy to move out from you. You then send your energy into your Higher Self.

Look around at what this place is for you. If it gives you a sense of being cluttered, clear it out. If you have a sense of looking around at your Higher Self as if perhaps there’s a project you’re working on; perhaps there’s just open prairie, or the ocean, or the stars, whatever it is that resonates with you here is a place of creation.

You then send your consciousness even further. It streams up through that cord of light until it arrives in the Soul Plane. The Soul Plane is a place of consciousness. It’s a place where you may access your own Divinity. It is a place where as a rule your Divinity may contact others. It is very similar to the All That Is. However, it is focused upon those that are living on the earth at this time. There is a portal from within this that allows you to move out through the Universe if you so choose, but in this area are the souls of everyone that’s living upon the earth.

Okay, I had a sense of people feeling suddenly crowded. It is limitless. As you align with your own soul there is nothing but your Divinity within that space. So, look around. Your soul is the center pulsating vibrating essence that is you. Open your consciousness to feel the alignment with that pulsation.

As you are strengthening this conscious alignment you may notice the aspects of multiple different lifetimes that are made available to you. There are even more than what you may perceive at this moment. However, those that are most pertinent to you are what are closest in to this space. See if there’s something that comes up for you. See if there is an awareness that you need to know about.

Okay, I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As my energies come within your space we merge together as one and I amplify, reflecting back to you all of who you are. As our energies merge, we move into the space of the All That Is. Look around. You have been here so very many times. Most of you have a place that you utilize consistently and it, therefore, feels comfortable to you as you create, or process, what may be happening within your life. Be aware that the frequency of the All That Is, is transitioning in such a way that everybody is aligning within a higher vibration or a higher frequency.

This month of February is a very powerful month for several reasons. On the second there were solar flares that sent impulses into the Earth. Some people felt the effect very strongly. Some felt nothing and as always much in between. That was 2/2/22 and looking at that numerology it was about the numbers of creation, and growth, and expansion. Frequently number one you’re planting your seeds. Number two you’re nurturing and supporting and creating. Then number three may be the harvest. But in this time and in this alignment it is about integrating the higher frequency.

You on the earth plane also recognize the 14th as the day of love. So, therefore, love is also integrated throughout this entire month, and then on the 22nd 2/22/22 is another powerful day with a very clear intention of amplifying love and integrating all that is happening. We take this time to be in this presence.

You may have heard about the changes in frequency creating changes within your physicality. There is the light language that uses words, symbols, colors, frequencies as a means of creating change within your life. You are hearing from many different nonterrestrials about the way in which they are also working with you to create changes in your DNA, changes in your cellular structure so that you may live within this space in the place that is the healthiest and best for you.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Consider your physical body. We have worked multiple times in the past with that cell which is your signature cell that creates change as it moves from cell to cell to cell within you. At this time what I encourage you to do it as if you are seeing open up in front of you, like the flower that blossoms, see the cellular structure of your body. Okay, I saw very interesting ways in which you tapped in. Some people saw organs, some people saw like the skeleton, other people saw like the blood as it moves. Whichever way most resonates with you utilize that as your access to your physical body.

Now coming in from the Universe, similar to those impulses of light that come from the Central Sun, I invite you to open your consciousness to observe how this impulse of light moves through. Be it; well, we’re just going to start with the bloodstream. We see you as the full person that you are like Shelly sitting right here. We see each one of you as the complete person you are at this now moment. This impulse of light that is coming from the Central Sun is beginning to move through you. The way in which I see this manifesting it is like its sending impulses like there’s a boom, a boom, a boom, a boom. With each boom and with each flash it’s sending the lighter frequency into you.

I invite you to just close your eyes and feel as if you are feeling this pulsation as it’s coming into you. For those of you that had that sense of seeing the bloodstream, your bloodstream carries that impulse through your body. For those that were envisioning your bones, your bones feel that impulse moving through your body. For those that were envisioning organs, or muscles, or tissues that is what deals the impulse as it’s moving through your body.

Okay, with some of you the frequency of this light gets faster and some slower. So, you may have a sense of almost like a flickering of light, and others of you may have a sense of it’s on for one second or two seconds and then turns off. There is no right or wrong. There are only different ways in which these impulses of light create changes within your physical body.

I would say to you also be aware that when you listen to this another time it may feel different to you because every time you tune in it is whatever part of you needs to receive whatever it is it needs to receive.

These pulsations of light that come from the Central Sun begin to diminish. In the next phase, there are impulses of colored light. There is one in particular that comes across as red. It’s not that bright bold red but more of a softer pink red and this is working with the electrical impulses in your body. You have the impulses in your brain, in your heart and they move everything through your body. There are electrical impulses in your fingertips, in your skin, in your organs. Allow this upgrade through this pinkish red impulse of light. Some of you may feel unbalanced for a moment. So just breathe through it knowing that it will all calm down very quickly. Allow that impulse of colored light to work with the electrical systems within your body.

If there is anything in particular that keeps coming up for you ask, what color of light infusion do I need to use in this area and allow that to just naturally transform. Again, you begin to feel the frequency of your physical body changing as you integrate the light energy.

As you look at yourself with your inner eyes perhaps you notice that your body, or your skin, or your facial structures are transitioning. Feel how each change works in harmony with the others. Allow yourself to know that just as you open to receive this transformation so too it will integrate in every single person upon the Earth. Some may be resistant. Others may be more open. Howsoever it happened understand that moving forward the light frequencies will more often be spoken about within the healing practices upon your Earth. There we go. I can feel how each one of you transition.

As you were here in this month of love and these powerful impulses of light coming into the Earth. Take a moment to experience that for yourself. Take a moment to invite in this transformation. The first phase is adjusting the physical body. As your physical body is adjusting your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs will also go through an adjustment. Feel what this is. Feel how you will look at the world differently or sense how you will look at the world differently. Be open to thoughts and beliefs that may seem new or different to you. Change need not be something that is hard or frustrating. Change can be a natural flow and evolution which as you integrate all of these energies assist in that movement.

Look around at your perception of the All That Is. Look around at what you have been able to release so as to integrate this higher frequency.

Everything is to assist you within your life. Ask for all that you wish to have. Put it out there for the Universe to assist you with manifesting. Sometimes it will come in a form that is unexpected. Sometimes it may pass you by. Sometimes it may show up exactly as you anticipate. The key is knowing that in this transition as your perception is shifting so too will everything that is manifesting.

Breathe in and breathe out.

There we go. Can you notice that you hear tones that you might not have noticed in the past? Are you able to see colors or images that you had not noticed in the past? Perhaps just that sense of transparency as if you yourself are so transparent and that’s just going out to all.

Breathe in and breathe out.

I invite you to come together as a group. It is frequently those of you upon the call but there are many others that just come into this space, that are here not only to amplify these energies but also to work with that universal and the global aspect of everything. So, you see within the group coming up that hologram of the Earth. Look at it through that new perspective of the higher frequency and each one of you send into the hologram the love, the light, the colors, the frequency of everything that you have just integrated because this is what everyone else will also integrate. Therefore, by sending it into the hologram at this time it goes into the pathways of energy that’s around the Earth. The hologram expands and begins to pulsate with light. You may notice colors that emanate from the hologram.

There is an aspect of this that goes out into the Universe. There are various places within the Universe that tap into this energy and there are groups of individuals that are working with everything that we just did so as to support the Earth. We then send the remainder of the hologram down into the Earth. As it moves through the outer shell it aligns with the matrix or the energy patterns filling up that pattern, and the core essence goes all the way down into the center of the Earth.

As it moves into the center it anchors within this space. It then reverses coming up through the many, many layers of the Earth. It comes up through that alignment that you have. Your own energies of transformation come up and anchor within you. The remainder comes up through the trees, the water, the grass into the energy of the Earth and every person has access to that. Some receive it unconsciously. Others receive in an intentional way. This is what has cleared out so much of the low vibrational energies making available to all the higher light potentials.

You then allow the remainder of your energy to flow back down within you. It moves down from the All That Is. Within your Soul, you can see that there’s a clearing out that has taken place and you’re aligning with that higher light frequency of your own divinity, and that alignment is what now comes down into you. It moves through your Higher Self. As you breathe gently and easily it comes down through your head center and it links with what you use to anchor yourself, and all that energy moves up and down through you.

Breathe in and out your own essence as the light frequency as love.

As you move through your days upon the Earth consciously bring in the light frequency. Bring in the solar energy which is a reflection of your divinity. Bring in the colored light, or illuminated light, or just the light language.

There are multiple different ways in which you can tap into these higher frequencies. I would therefore like to invite you to explore whatever it is that resonates with you. It need not always be the same. It can change day by day, hour by hour, month by month. You are the common denominator. Allow your own consciousness and unconsciousness to find a balance that is reflected to the human walking, talking, and being present upon the Earth.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: