Dearest Ones many of you are wondering what is happening to you at this auspicious time in Earth’s history .We have talked before of Ascension symptoms and for many of you as Lightworkers, these are coming to the fore quite strongly now. It is no accident that the current so called pandemic has affected the population in so many ways.

The symptoms that many are experiencing at this time are being attributed to a virus and the fear that it has caused has been exaggerated by the darker element on Earth as a means of control. However those of you in the know ,may now be coming aware that viruses are not the cause of illness but are the end result of a contamination by other means. Your planet has been bombarded by poisons from above and inside of the Earth, in the air and in your food ,for many years.

Your bodies have been so used to this contamination that they respond with symptoms which allow change to happen. Your own body is an amazing being in and of itself that can very well cope with many things that the darker element have tried to throw at it in the past. It has adapted very well but we are here to tell you that the end is in sight of your body having to experience these problems.

You are all travelling from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th and above and as such your bodies are changing from Carbon based to Crystalline and your bodies will not be affected and will not age as before. We may have told you this before but Dearest Ones this is happening now and you are seeing the results of this change.

The symptoms that many of you are facing at this time can be exhausting as they range from mild to severe and are very like the viral symptoms that you call ” the flu “. In fact it is a space flu in effect as your bodies are reacting to the changes of “air” coming in from the Universe. The rays coming in from the Central Sun are changing and within these rays you are experiencing downloads almost daily and this is taking your body and mind more time to catch up with than your higher self. Aches, pains, cold symptoms, tiredness can come and go in ways that they have never done so before.

As your body comes to terms with one change or download, another comes in and it starts all over again. However you as Lightworkers are ahead of the game and are almost finished crossing the bridge so to speak. These downloads are bringing to the surface old problems that may have been hidden for years and this is their final clearance. There is no hiding for them now as they finally come to the surface to be cleared.

You may be feeling all the emotions under the sun as you clear away the past .Anger, irritation, sadness and fear can all be felt in a day and this can be quite overwhelming for you. However these times will not last, as you finally come to terms with these emotions and learn to transcend them into the happiness and joy which is your birthright.

We are here to guide and aid your journey as we have been through our own transition in the past. When you feel any debilitating symptoms it is most important for you to rest, go within and call on us for help to allay these symptoms. As we have said before serious symptoms must be checked out by your medical doctors but do not be surprised if nothing serious is found.

These are completely new times for you all and as such can be exhausting but exhilarating at the same time. We are excited for you all as you come to the end of the old world and enter a New World of Peace, Love and Joy. Be assured that all Light beings will be entering this New World. Many of your friends and families who have not yet awoken, will do so in the future. Your friends and families are only Lightworkers who have not woken up yet so do not be too angry with them. They will do so in the near future as much of what has been happening in the past will come to Light.

The darker element on Earth will not be able to exist in the new changes that are taking place .The Light is shining on the darkness that has been hidden on Earth for centuries and will be seen by all . It may appear to you that nothing is happening but dear Ones the Light has won and all the Darkness that appears to be happening on Earth today is indeed helping to wake people up to the change that is happening .

It has been noted that many Lightworkers have been working in the shadows for years and may not be in the forefront of life as such. You may have been working tirelessly for little or no reward. This will change as you all begin to realize how powerful you are and you start to manifest all of your own desires.

All of humanity is changing and you as Light workers will be very much needed to assist others who will also have to go through their own dark nights of the soul so to speak. As way showers, humanity will turn to you for advice about your own journeys.

As powerful sentient beings use your manifestation tools to bring forward all that you so desire. Those of you who have doubted your abilities in the past will begin to see almost instant manifestation in all that you so desire. As Lightworkers you will begin to see this in your own world and many of you will not recognize your new lives as they may change dramatically and you become more of the person that you always wanted to be.

And so Dear Ones it is important for you all to clear out the last vestiges of negativity in your hearts and for your souls to be the Shining Lights in the world to carry forward all of humanity into the 5th dimension on Earth .

As always we are here to help you on your journey and guide you forwards across the bridge to the 5th Dimension. Go within and call on us any time that you are feeling less than Love and we will surround you with our Love and Healing.

We are Sirius and we send you much Love and many Blessings.

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius