This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today, our writer wishes to speak with Lady Portia, an Ascended Master who serves in the realms of Divine Justice. As an Ascended Being, she lives still upon the Earth, serving Divine Justice so as to benefit Earth and humanity. And so she steps forward to speak with you now . . .

COR: Greetings, Lady Portia! Thank you for speaking with us today. Master Lady Portia: Greetings, dear one! How may we assist?

COR: You are known by some as the goddess of Justice, Freedom, and Opportunity, and by others, as a high priestess in the Temple of Poseidon. Twin flame to Lord Saint Germain of the Violet Transmuting Flame. And Master of the Chohan of the Golden Ray. One who offers both Mercy and Judgment. With the Violet Fire, you assist in out Transformation, to transmute that which holds us in 3D deception and illusion. So my first question is, Are you assisting us in releasing the Matrix completely from our lives and consciousness? Or in bringing in energies that will dissolve the Matrix, after which it seems to me, most of humanity would wake up anyway? Master Lady Portia: Ah, this is an excellent question.

Human pre-determinations come into this, as well as this powerful new Light you are all experiencing now. There is as well, the increasing influence of the new Universal era of the Sat Yuga.

None of this can be ignored when we look at what is occurring to human consciousness, and to the constructs you have been living in for so long.

And what is occurring, is that nothing can remain the same, within the power of increasing levels of the Light codes and DNA activations.

This is why this shall become known as the Era of New Justice. Or Divine Justice—it is the same now. Can you hide dense intent—evidence, people, even ideas expressed in thought or deed, when a powerful Light shines into every corner?

COR: No, that would be difficult. But what is the human pre-determination you mentioned? Master Lady Portia: The collective soul of humanity has decided to Ascend! To exist in the kind of Light-based crystalline consciousness that serves the higher good of All. This is what some call Unity consciousness, and one may call it that. To me, it is a release of mind-based existence and the beginning of a high heart-based existence, which is the essence of mercy and compassion itself.

You may soon speak with our sister, Lady Master Kwan Yin. She is chief amongst those opening the way for mercy and compassion to ring through human hearts so powerfully, that all must be re-created into systems and structures of kindness and Service to All. Not service to the dark lords, but to the highest form of consciousness as it exists within the higher self of each person.

This is already begun, and it is metamorphosizing the behavior of humanity, and most interestingly, the expectations of humanity, regarding the old systems of governance. As most know in their heart of hearts, these are corrupt systems, dedicated to serving the shadow realms and opposing humanity.

COR: So what is that outpicturing, Lady Master? Master Lady Portia: You see for yourself the groups who build homes for those who have none.

You see the movement toward smaller homes and simpler living, and toward far more sustainable measures that respect Lady Nature, rather than exploiting her gifts.

You see the movement to no longer shrug off corrupt behaviors of politicians and political constructs, but to question them.

And you see the large-scale demonstrations happening now, to demand group and individual freedoms, as well as the concern for children and young people’s welfare, and the welfare of those who have fought in wars, and those who are still fighting, as well as concern for the elderly, for those with special needs, those long discriminated against. You see positive movements in favor of natural healing remedies, free energy devices, education that is truthful and that celebrates individuality, and so on. It is a long list of positive forward movements!

None of this is simply an interest in making societies more egalitarian—it is greater even than that beautiful vision!

At the heart of this is the realizing, If we do not awaken now and behave as an awakened species, we will lose all that is precious to us, including our own individual abilities to make our own conscious decisions, within and without.

COR: I don’t see everyone awakening, Lady Master.

I see some trusting the old construct, the old power structure, more rigidly than ever!

I never want to feel angry at them or at the structure itself even, because increases the divisiveness, though it’s difficult some days. But I do see those outer effects fading now, even as the old “elites” throw out their last desperate tries to stay in power.

But it makes you wonder, How will it be for these ones, when they awaken to realize they have been blatantly lied to? And not only preferring the lies, but staunchly defending them?

Master Lady Portia: The essence of any true Awakening is the realization of how much further one has yet to travel.

Beyond the initial shock of discovery, that can be an exhilarating moment! This is because of the pattern of the old construct, where the powers-that-were controlled most of one’s outer life and even much of one’s inner life, wherein each person was told they must meet certain measurements to feel they have the right to call themselves human.

Yet that is crumbling now at such a rate, that it is nearly impossible not to feel the excitement building!

Yes, even in this time of rampant and unprecedented corporate/government corruption and all it has wreaked—that last gasp you refer to—that open space is revealing itself more and more, by the minute.

COR: An exhilarating time, because the dissolving of the old leaves room for the new? Master Lady Portia: Most assuredly, and it is an increasingly Light-filled space, and one that will not be denied! Be assured of that, dear ones.

COR: This Grand Jury (of the Court of Public Opinion) that is happening now is far greater than what it seems at first to be about, would you say? You yourself have known and practiced law over the centuries. Do you see these efforts expanding to include the whole corrupt scheme of the old power structure? To the fullest extent of Earth law? Master Lady Portia: Yes. And then to the fullest extent of intergalactic law. Over time, you will see those efforts expand to that level as well.

COR: So this really is the beginning of the new era, in that case? The end of the lies and deceptions, and the start of Divine Justice as a way of life?

Master Lady Portia: Most assuredly, dear one! All of you know this. You are assisting all of this with your energy work, while both waking and asleep, to pave the way for the New Earth constructs.

And you will not be denied!

COR: No we will not, Lady Master! Thank you for speaking with us. We would be thankful for the opportunity to speak with you again. Master Lady Portia: [Bows] I am at your service, dear ones. All who reside in the higher planes, whether in the etheric or physical form, support the empowered self-Liberation of this planet. And so it is! “Let Justice be done!”

COR: “. . . though the Heavens fall.” Though in this case, the heavens are coming to us! Namaste, Lady Master!

Master Lady Portia: Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan