I, Lady Amethyst, invite you into this space of sacred contemplation. (We are in a massive cave filled with amethyst crystals. They are glowing a soft purple and the cavern is lit up with this lavender hue. There is a strong buzzing, a humming that fills up my cells so that I feel my whole body is buzzing and vibrating.) Welcome to this sacred moment. I am Lady Amethyst. I bless you with this opportune moment for healing. This is a high vibrational cave for lightworkers to heal and find their centers again. You are welcome here at any time. This is my gift to you, a backstage pass, if you will. You have earned it. Beloved ones, the waters flowing in this cave are also very healing and I suggest that you meditate here in the days ahead from time to time to not only add your energy to the crystals and the waters but to let them attend to you. Feel the calmness of this space and breathe it in deeply. Many of you have forgotten the importance of breath work, which is understandable in this realm of reaction. But it does not serve you to have tight shallow forgotten breaths. Be intentional with the inner cleansing power of breath work. In this moment, in this space of calm, breathe deeply and allow these crystalline amethyst frequencies to cleanse and assist. Much work still needs to be done on your surface world, and indeed, there is much apparent chaos to be witnessed. It is to be acknowledged and cleansed. Do not allow events to further add to your wounding. Do not take these world events deep within as a heart wound. Instead send light from your heart and the healing of your world will be quickened.

I, Lady Amethyst, am speaking. Surround yourself with purples and think of the healing power of the violet flame. It is a mighty weapon of life light and cleansing. Much has been cleared, many hidden victories have been occurring. The light has tipped the scales and much more higher dimensional light is steaming in. The dark forms are weakened and so they are trying harder moment by moment to siphon off more life force energy. Do not allow it. Surround your personal sphere with the violet flame and crystallize it with a firm outer crystalline shell that is impenetrable to the dark. One only must use intention and beliefs. You are wielders of your realities. Imagine yourself strong and protected, thank the angelic ones who surround you for their strength and protection. Envision a better, more beautiful world, filled with light and joy. New Earth is around the corner and as you know it begins within your heart space. Your inner vibrational realities must be of a higher vibration. You have been hearing this for years and deep down you know it to be true. Being in spaces such as this amethyst crystalline cave is a way to heighten your memories of home of the higher dimensional places and to cement your vibration into the higher planes.

I Lady Amethyst will assist you with the process and am available. I send you my violet flame energy of Source. Let it heal your woundings and dissolve any attachments. Feel the violet flame rush through your field and be cleansed. Much like dragon fire of the higher dimensional ways, the violet flame deeply cleanses, purifies and creates diamond light out of coal. You are the diamond light of earth now. We see you all lighting up the blue sphere of Gaia with radiant light. Do not let another dim your light. Do not allow another to siphon your joy. Fill your sphere with joy, your inner sanctuary with peace and light. Victimhood is a lower dimensional linear time experience that will not be repeated. You have all learned what you desired to learn and now it is time to expand beyond the limiting experiences of 3 dimensional earth. You are the builders of New Earth and yet it has already been created within the heart of Creator. You have the priviledge of creating via thought and intention and joy.

I Lady Amethyst wish to impart you with a gift. I am offering you a beautiful amethyst gem to remind you of your ascension journey, and although it is not yet complete it is well underway. If you choose, you may have this gem and place it in your crown chakra to be able to improve interdimensional light receptivity and to remind yourself of your bravery for incarnating. We are all tremendously proud of you, our lightworker family. I am Lady Amethyst.

**Channel: Galaxygirl