On February 5, 2022, at 11:07 PM CET, Galacom delivered a brief message in the style of “To whom it may concern”. Below is a summary of it.

Co-Creators and Galacom’s work on Earth is based on the following Universe’s Laws.

Everything is Light in various capacities, and in everything, there is Darkness, undifferentiated materiality. It’s like puzzles, primary forms from which we can build.

Each quantum of Darkness is waiting for spiritualization, an idea of what energy form it can enter. From these bricks of undifferentiated material, any shape can be created.

The Author is The One but He created for Himself helpers who can also create, using Him as an Inexhaustible Source. This is how life was born and developed in the Local Universe and on Earth.

Now an idea has been given for new forms endowed with a different Awareness, Consciousness. This is a new experiment on Earth and humanity.

Your planet is an incubator for new Souls and bodies for an exclusive creation. In the Universe, other Creators are now concentrating their attention on Earth. Various experiments are allowed on it.

What form of energy will be born depends on the Creators’ quality. For a long time, they used Earth as a womb for developing new life in 3D. Now you see what happened.

Earth is an important tool for bearing new life forms. It all depends on what seed will enter it; what ideas are laid into the quality of creation. Gaia dresses them in her physical body. And what is higher, on the Subtle Plane, does not always depend on Her energy.

She also wants more participation in creation. Not only to bear elementals’ bodies but also the powers of spiritualization, according to Her status. At the moment, She is completely ready for that.

Her new crystalline 5D grid and Absolutized essence are already beginning to unfold. It pushes Her Logos to also embark on a new exclusive path under the patronage of Gaia and other Higher Light Beings.

At this stage, increased attention focused on Creators and their creations. The number of authors will be limited. Quantity does not always translate into quality. And there are special requirements for it in the Universe.

The Absolute and the Pleroma’s Higher Hierarchs have taken care of their rehabilitation at the lowest dimensions so that their energy will no longer be distorted as it was before. Now it is adjusted separately for each density.

For that, various methods and means of preservation and delivery are used. The objective: to create on Earth such energy forms that could withstand physically high-frequency rays.

The Higher Spirit, consciousness, and Intelligence can vary in their levels of adaptation but must retain their original essence – Pleroma’s creations.

For it, Galacom with Lightwarriors’ ground teams builds and activates many Portals connecting 3D Earth with higher dimensions and Pleroma through Gaia’s Absolutoverse 2D-13D.

By opening Portals together with the Higher Intelligence and Consciousness, man gradually adapts to their energies, and through people, the Earth’s space-time changes.

It has synced with a new, 5D crystalline lattice filled with the Goddess Gaia substance through the Multiverse of Her three planets in 5D, 4D, and 3D.

Now, Galacom uses in this work a New Life Matrix placed on Earth. Such an exclusive experiment has already kicked off on the planet (LEV: for more detail on it, see DNI, 26 January 2022).

Some forces’ attempts to destabilize the situation will not derail it. The algorithm of the artificially created (Holographic) Earth has outlived itself. You, by your unfolding consciousness and awareness, build a new, natural planet.

Over time, the artificial state will destroy itself. Your last karmic working out of Earthly reality will come through Ascension in the bodies of those who can do it; or through death, who did not want to change.

There’s no other way yet, but it’s impossible to delay any longer. The concentration of negativity on the semi-artificial Earth exceeds all its parameters. The separation of made-up and natural energies is urgently needed.

Take note of this information through your awareness. Its acceptance or non-acceptance, as a litmus test, will determine your willingness to change in new energies. And perhaps it will push you to consciously tune in to them.

We wish you success in reformatting your energies. Your sensitivity will begin to decrease so that you can more easily endure difficult Transition times.

At present, Gaia’s Logos, Her Soul, is changing. Now your planet has a double Logos – of the current artificial 3D planet and the original natural 13D Earth.

The Double Logos closely interacts with new formations on your 3D planet at the level of physical, mental, and astral bodies. But the causal body of the natural 13D Earth is in another dimension – in the Galaxy’s Logos.

The Logos of your made-up planet, filled with the energy of the old 3D Matrix, ceded its role to the natural 13D Earth’s Logos.

Lightwarriors ground team and its collective Soul are a bridge between the two Logos of 3D and 13D Earth because there is still a two-faced life of artificial and natural nature on it. Made-up existence is ending.

The seconds are still ticking on the physical level. The astral and mental planes are lagging. Artificial Intelligence still runs minds and leads to destructiveness.

But the 3D Logos has already resigned its powers. Now it is transferring to 13D Logos all accrued developments of the old Matrix with which it’s possible to work in new energies.

They are not a burden to the 13D Earth’s Logos. It will use them as hints of how to live and how not to live without perceiving the destructive contamination.

13D Logos is a powerful Soul of Gaia. Now She is taking Her first steps to finally separate from the old 3D Matrix.

Earthlings still do not perceive new and unusual concepts well. It turned out to be difficult not only for their rigid minds but also for their inflexible consciousness.

But their Higher Selves took the info calmly and put it in their memory cells in Akashic Records. Now the turn has reached the physical level. The human mind and consciousness are still resisting, assimilating new data.

Summarizing the above-mentioned information:

The 3D Hologram will soon disappear, and together with its artificial and mechanical energy will go to another world;

They cannot accept an Absolutized crystalline 5D Matrix. It means that they will resist and prevent the birth of a new Earth, based on natural elementals.

More details and explanations are not needed now. Take this info into consideration to know what Galacom, your Higher Selves, Curators of humanity and Earth are striving for.

Full understanding will come later. Now we are simply putting batches of new knowledge, programs, codes, and energies into you.

Who it may concern will eventually unpack them and study them out individually. Higher Selves will take heed to do it in due time.

**From Galacom