Many of my students share that they can, at times, feel stuck in their evolution journey and that they don’t know how to keep the flow going.

We may feel we are trapped in a situation or experiencing the same things over and over again without making progress.

There are different ways that we get stuck within the architecture of pathways of evolution.  In this transmission, learn about the dynamics of being stuck in the different stages on the pathway of evolution and the way that these blocks can be moved through or dissolved so that we can integrate and transcend lessons in life.

Being stuck in the first stage of expression

We can find ourselves stuck in the first stage of evolution, expression, without moving on to experimentation of the expressions of our heart desires.

When a heart desire blossoms, the expression of this interest might find itself banging against limiting beliefs, fears, our upbringing and conditioning of what we should and shouldn’t do.

It’s one thing to know we have a desire, a dream, it’s another to have the courage to acknowledge it. So many of us choose to ignore our heart’s calling because of the discomfort it creates!

How do we get unstuck from this stage?  

We must learn to be courageous to honour our heart desires. This doesn’t mean we have to always act upon all of them though. It means that we first need to be able to express those desires whether it is wanting to buy an unusually fancy pair of shoes, to experiment with a same-sex partner for the very first time, to become a coach, to be vegan and so on.

All of these are different examples of pathways of evolution, as a desire blossoms into our heart.

We get unstuck from the first stage of expression by having honour and integrity. This happens in the intimacy of our own heart, our secret garden. Nobody needs to know what our desires, our dreams are, but must acknowledge them to ourselves!

The amount of soul connection that comes from being able to do this is absolutely phenomenal. The heart is the portal of the soul, and all the desires that blossom are there as the murmurs of our soul asking us to follow its inner guidance, so we can be happy and fulfil our destiny.

Healing of our inner child, ancestors and past lives

This work of honouring our heart’s desires is so profoundly healing because it is a reconnection with our inner child, the reconnection with our shadows, the reconnection with every outdated paradigm of reality that has been projected on us from our ancestors and past lives.

Being able to honour seeds of desires equally is profound for healing our energetic horizontal line, which is made out of our inner child, ancestors and past lives connections. This is all of the shadow work that happens so profoundly within this first stage of expression of a heart desire and that will free us from what no longer serves us.

Observation of resistance to our hearts desires

I would love to invite you to observe that if you have heart desires that you are resisting, go deep inside yourself. See what the heart desires are banging against and what is really happening there. Why do you struggle to honour them? Why do you struggle to acknowledge them? What are the emotions that are arising?

Perhaps you are really anxious that you want children, but you are over 40 with no partner. Are you really worried that it’s never going to happen? Allow yourself to bring all of that sadness out. Allow yourself to express those feelings.

Write in your journal, talk out loud to yourself or to a pet or if you have a very close friend who can hold space for you, express that!

Being able to connect with our heart’s desire is going to open the door for this seed to blossom, for many wounds to heal, for stress and anxiety to leave the physical body and for the mind to rest.

Being stuck between experimentation & integration of a heart desire

The second block that we can face happens in the dynamic between the second and third stages of pathways of evolution. This is between experimentation and integration.

Here again, we start going deeper into shifting outdated ways of being. We might start experimenting with something new, but we don’t like it. It’s unpleasant, challenging and difficult.

Experimentation with a vegan diet

For example, changing your diet to becoming vegan. In the experimentation phase of this pathway of evolution, you might forget that you’re vegan so you might eat cheese by mistake at a party or if it is still in the pantry. So you might place post-it notes everywhere as a reminder.

Integration with a vegan diet

With integration, you may find it easy to be vegan when you’re by yourself at home but when you are with your kids or friends it may be super challenging as all of the non-vegan food you love is always around. You may struggle with what to cook and whether to cook separate meals for you and your family.

Reclaiming our sovereignty to help us to integrate 

This is the dance between experimentation and integration of a heart desire. It can feel like a struggle that we don’t like. It may make things more complicated. The dynamic that can get challenging is that we don’t really integrate the learning that is happening. In the integration process, we may need to reclaim more of our sovereignty.

This is about remembering your why. Why did you want to express this heart desire in the first place to become a vegan?

For me, the reason why I wanted to go through the pathway of evolution of becoming vegan was that I feel the suffering of the animal as it enters my body, I feel the animal screaming as I eat the meat. I cannot bear to think that all these cows were raped to be able to give me cheese. This is why! This makes it much easier to integrate.

Whenever we feel like moving away from our pathway of evolution, we come back to our why and we start experimenting again in different ways to help us integrate our lessons in a slightly different way.

We are going to keep on experimenting with different ways of making our dream become a reality, as we keep on learning from these experiences.

Confronting the reality of experimentation and integration

Sometimes when we get stuck here it’s because we aren’t ready to take the action necessary and confront the reality of what it really means to integrate this pathway of evolution. When we start experimenting and going towards integration, we are putting it out there to the world which can be scary and confronting.

There can be friction here because we need to show the world what our heart’s desire is. It’s not hidden in the sacred intimacy of our heart any longer, we expose what we dream about to others and therefore we expose ourselves to criticism, rejection, possible shame etc.… This brings even more challenges around belief systems. Am I good enough? What are they going to think about me? Will I offend someone?

Resisting the embodiment of our expression

For many of us, we are stuck in the cycle of experimentation and integration for a very long time. This is why certain pathways of evolution take a long time for us to transcend. We are resisting the embodiment of our expression. We wish everyone would already know about our new diet, new business, new lifestyle and would be okay with it. If we are ready to have kids, we may wish that our perfect man just appears on our doorstep ready for us and within a year we have the kids. But life doesn’t happen like that!

Expressing to the world that we are evolving

There is a poetic organization of the dynamics of the universe!

Everything happens because we are here to evolve, and we evolve through these pathways of evolution because we experiment. Experimentation comes with finding our voice, sharing openly what we want or don’t want, expressing that to ourselves and to our loved ones. This gives us greater courage, sovereignty, honour, integrity and soul embodiment.

This is aligned to our heart desire to be freer, to be who we truly are. All of us want to be fully soul-aligned, powerful, beautiful and loving sovereign beings. All of us want to be accepted fully as we want to be. But when it comes to affirming that and doing the work, that is something that is entirely different! This is because there are other people involved and because we have our own wounds, trauma, fears and limiting beliefs.

The dance between the divine feminine and masculine frequencies around our heart desires

We can bring more patience to our process of evolution. This is where we find the balance of surrendering to the divine feminine frequency of trust, self-love and compassion so we don’t push too hard in the places when we are not ready.

But at the same time, we activate the divine masculine will to really go for our heart desires. If my heart desire is to enter a beautiful relationship, I’m going to start dating and putting myself out there. Yes, it’s confronting and challenging but I must do it. That is this divine masculine will to take action.

There is a beautiful dance that is operating. We experiment with all of these different ways that we might meet our beloved until we find the way that works. When we integrate, we have increased conscious awareness about the way we dance with life.

What we integrate on our pathway of evolution 

We are integrating courage, divine will, trust, honour, integrity and soul-aligned sovereignty, communication. We are integrating so much as we courageously follow the pathway of evolution, we started by opening up our heart to witness its desires arising.

We could have easily stayed in the first stage of expression and repressed that desire. But we chose to honour it, therefore, we start experimenting with ways to manifest it. So, we can observe what we are integrating, what we are learning from the experience. This is extremely empowering as we can see all the codes that we learn to master, all the wounds we heal, and how much maturity we gain.

So be proud of yourself instead of asking why things aren’t changing or happening fast enough! You are experimenting with life, and that is absolutely wonderful!

The reason the situation isn’t changing is that you are integrating! Very often, when something doesn’t work one way, we need to try new ways, new forms of expression to get what we desire. We can then see that we are consciously integrating so many things because we are learning so much!

The conscious understanding of all the lessons we learn is the stage of integration. We learn and grow.

Reaching transcendence of our pathway of evolution

The transcendence of a pathway of evolution happens in different ways. Sometimes it happens all of a sudden, we realize that we have integrated everything that is necessary from this expression of our heart’s desires, and we move on to the next thing and so it is transcended.

Sometimes, however, transcendence can also bring challenges and blocks. This can happen when we are not ready to let go. This can happen when we don’t consciously understand everything that we have integrated and learned. It can also happen when we are incapable of letting go, of accepting change. In itself, this can bring up to the surface many blockages still present on the energetic horizontal line (inner child, past-lives, and ancestors).

When this happens we need to go back and see everything that we have received and integrated from this pathway of evolution. We need to make peace that whatever situation we are experiencing has given us all the keys we needed to receive. The last key is to show courage and close the experience to allow space in our lives, so new heart desires can blossom.

The blocks here would typically be such as being stuck in a toxic relationship, in a job we don’t enjoy any longer, in a certain dynamic with friends that aren’t aligned anymore etc.…

When transcendence comes, we know because we feel complete. We realize that we need to let go.

Transcendence of a relationship 

When a relationship with a partner comes to an end, a lot of people will ask me how they can fix their relationship. When this happens we need to look back at the relationship, everything that has been experienced, learnt and integrated.

Then, a lot of the time people realize that they have come to completion with that relationship which can be a bit shocking. They might resist it because they aren’t ready to let go, but it is simply the dynamics of exchanging frequencies and codes that is complete, and therefore transcendence is available if they are ready to end the relationship.

Many people stay in relationships that become toxic because they don’t realize that they have transcended that relationship and they strongly believe that this endless cycle of challenges is teaching them more. When we are in relationships that are not uplifting and fulfilling, it is very important to have a reality check to see whether we have integrated everything.

Sometimes what we need to integrate is the courage to leave the relationship. When we transcend that we are completely free to express new pathways of evolution in our lives.

This architecture can be used for pretty much anything that we are playing with, from the small things to the very big things!

Remember to allow all your heart’s desires to be welcome in the safety of your own intimacy. This is the most important. Then, when you’re ready, start experimenting and feel proud of yourself for doing so! You are a courageous soul who’s simply playing within this reality and that’s absolutely magical, always!

**By Cendrine