You’ve probably heard about empaths, and have a bit of an idea of what an empath really is.

But, have you ever heard of an animal empath?

One’s first thought might be that this is an animal that has empathetic traits.

Actually, an animal empath is a person who has the gift of being able to understand signals from animals.

This is a person who knows when an animal needs something, whether it be food, love, or even to be left alone.

Like us, animals often need their alone time, and the animal empath knows this.

Many people find that they are drawn to animals more than they are to humans.

Often, these people have a deeper connection to animals than others.

If someone is an empath and they are naturally drawn to animals, chances are that they are also an animal empath.

Today we are going to learn about animal empaths.

We are also going to take a look at the six signs and traits of animal empaths.

Let’s get started.

What is an Animal Empath?

Animal empath with a horse

An animal empath is someone who is easily able to recognize how animals feel.

This is a person who has a very high level of sensitivity to other creatures, both human and animal.

The animal empath is able to understand how animals think and feel, and this is a truly great gift.

How many times have you found yourself wondering what your pets are thinking and feeling?

Just ask an animal empath.

They will be able to give you the answers you need, and they will also end up with a very close connection to your pets.

Often, animal empaths are drawn to learn more about various types of animals.

They also often tend to prefer being with animals than other humans.

Animal empaths are often also referred to as fauna empaths.

They have a gift, and that gift is the ability to be able to understand and communicate with animals.

This is not something that is rare.

What is rare is when people actually understand that they do indeed have this particular gift.

Most animal empaths do not even know that they are animal empaths.

Why Do Animal Empaths Connect with Animals?

Animal empath kissing her dog

We have already learned that animal empaths have a deep connection to animals.

But, what is the reason for this connection?

They have abilities that other people do not have.

They are able to understand an animal’s moods and instincts.

They know when an animal is happy, and when they are down or feeling ill.

In many cases, animals and animal empaths have a form of telepathic communication.

In fact, an animal empath can often influence the behavior of some animals.

Because they are so in-tune with the thoughts and feelings of animals, they often work in fields such as animal care.

A more recent field that is ideal for the animal empath is pet psychology.

So, what makes the connection between animals and empaths so strong? 

It is because animal empaths are truly in-tune with all creatures, including animals and humans.

They are able to read the moods of animals and understand their needs at pretty much any given time.

In fact, a true animal empath can even influence the behavior of some animals.

As we have already mentioned, an animal empath is someone who can really relate to animals.

Just as a traditional empath is with humans, an animal empath can take energy from an animal, or give an animal their energy.

Empaths absorb the feelings of others and take on those feelings themselves.

Animal empaths do the same thing, but they are more connected with animals (although they often also absorb the energies of people around them as well).

Many people either do not realize or believe that animals have emotions similar to our own.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and the animal empath knows this.

They understand what makes most animals tick, and they can tell when an animal is upset or not feeling well.

This is a person who would make an ideal veterinarian.

Are You an Animal Empath?

a smiling animal empath

So, how do you know if you are an animal empath?

There are some ways to know for certain if you are.

For instance, at parties, do you find yourself talking to a lot of people, or sitting in a corner with the host’s cat or dog?

Empaths are often overwhelmed in social situations because there are so many people around that the emotional vibrations can be almost debilitating.

Thus they tend to prefer hanging out with pets when at parties.

They can also feel the emotional vibrations from animals.

But, for some reason, this doesn’t feel nearly as overwhelming to them as the emotional vibrations they take on from other humans.

For instance, do you find that animals that are injured or homeless tend to come to you?

Is your home a haven for stray or feral cats?

Would you rather be around animals instead of people?

Do you feel that you understand animals better than you do most people?

If you answered, “yes” to these questions, chances are high that you are an animal empath.

The Animal Empath Signs & Traits

woman connecting with her horse

We’ve already touched a bit on how to know if you are an animal empath.

There are actually six signs and traits of animal empaths that are true to most who possess this gift.

For instance, we mentioned that animal empaths tend to prefer people over animals.

Let’s look a bit more closely at this.

One of the first signs that someone is an animal empath is that they are drawn to animals.

In fact, they prefer to be in the company of animals than with other human beings.

You may find that it is easier to spend time with pets than to meet up with friends or family members, even if you are planning on doing something that you truly enjoy.

You feel closer to your pets than you do your human family members.

You would rather have dinner with a pet than go to a restaurant with a group of people, no matter how much you love those people.

For the animal empath, human interactions can be particularly overwhelming.

Actually, when you come right down to it, they can be overwhelming for any empath, because they feel emotional energy vibrations stronger than others do.

Let’s take a look at the six biggest signs and traits of an animal empath.

If you see yourself in any of the following paragraphs, it is a pretty good bet that you are an animal empath yourself.

Just the fact that you are interested in reading this article is a good sign in itself.

1. Animals Gravitate to Them

Have you ever noticed that animals seem to be very comfortable around you?

How many times have you been told that someone’s cat hates people, only to end up with that cat snoozing in your lap within minutes of you walking into the home?

You may have wondered from time to time why it is that animals feel so comfortable in your presence.

It is because they know you have a connection to them, and they feel that connection as strongly as you do.

Animals are a lot smarter than any of us could even possibly imagine.

They know when a person is going to be kind to them, and when a person is not someone they should get close to.

If yours is a home where stray cats come to feel safe and be fed, chances are they do so because they know what kind of a person you are.

You may never be able to fully gain the trust of a feral cat, but they will know to come to you for help when they need it.

If you truly are an animal empath, animals will automatically sense that you are someone that understands them.

They will gravitate to you, and you will find yourself always having dogs, cats, and other animals come right up to you without even knowing you.

2. They Would Rather Work With Animals Than Humans

Animal empath sign

We’ve all had days when we just can’t bear the thought of being around people, especially at work.

But, it is very rare that an animal empath has this same feeling about being around animals.

Any career path that involves animals is ideal for the animal empath.

As we mentioned earlier, a career in veterinary sciences would be ideal for this personality type.

Other ideal jobs would be studying animal behavior, dog training, or even volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Animal empaths, and any empaths for that matter, often feel very overwhelmed when working in groups, or working at companies that employ many people.

They prefer to be alone, or with animals.

For any of these empaths, the very idea of having to work with people is enough to send them right into an anxiety attack.

On the other hand, they are very happy when they learn they can spend the majority of their time with animals.

For the animal empaths who have to work with people, there may be something they can do about it.

Many companies now allow people to bring dogs into the workplace.

Or, they can simply find a career that allows them to work from home, where they will be surrounded by their own pets.

3. They Talk to Animals Frequently

A sure sign that someone is an animal empath is that they talk to animals as if they were human beings.

No matter where they go, they find an animal to talk with.

It isn’t uncommon for this person to spend so much time playing with an animal that they completely forget about other commitments they may have had.

This is because they feel so comfortable with animals.

There likely aren’t many pet owners who can honestly say that they haven’t laid out their problems to their pets.

An animal empath knows that this is because they are often the best listeners (and they always keep our secrets).

Talking to animals can be a great way to relieve stress, and it can help many to overcome or at least treat their depression.

This is even truer of the animal empath.

4. People Make Comparisons Between Animal Empaths and Their Pets

showing a animal empath traits

Have you ever noticed that some people tend to look like their pets?

Or is it vice versa?

When people and animals spend a lot of time together, they tend to take on each other’s personality quirks.

The animal empath can easily pick up on the energies of their pets and often end up having similar emotions.

They are often so much like their pets that others begin to notice.

When this happens, the animal empath is often told that they resemble their pet.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean their appearance, but the way they act, especially around others.

Here is a great example. When you have a pet, they tend to do things around your schedule.

They will even have the same bedtime as you, and if you are up later than usual, they will let you know they are ready for bed.

If people start telling you that you have a lot in common with your pets, take this as a very good sign that you may be an animal empath.

5. Animal Empaths See Human Qualities in Animals

Have you ever looked into your pet’s eyes and swore you saw human intelligence behind those eyes?

This is not uncommon for the animal empath.

They see animals as four-footed humans most of the time.

And, just as with humans, they can distinguish differences and similarities between many types of animals.

The animal empath sees every animal as an individual.

They could see a litter of seemingly identical kittens, and be able to tell each one apart immediately.

They are able to make a very special connection with animals and see the unique qualities each different animal has.

This is a talent that many have, but only few are able to really tune into it.

If you love to talk to animals, and you see every animal as having its own distinct personality, it may be time to learn more about animal empaths to see if you are one yourself.

6. They Hurt When Animals Hurt

Do you feel sleeplessness, sadness, or even physical pain when you see an animal that has been injured?

If so, you may be an animal empath.

An animal empath can pick up on an animal’s energies, and they know when they are sick or injured, even if there is nothing to actually see.

This causes the empath to take on their own physical and/or emotional pain.

They want to end all animal suffering and will go out of their way to try and cure an animal that is sick or injured.

They will also try to help an animal that has sad energies.

The animal empath picks up on those energies, which can be quite overwhelming, depending on the level of love for animals.

This person may even end up feeling trapped within their own grief that is shared with an animal.

Animal Empath Summary

Cuddling dog

If you think you are an animal empath, chances are that you have a deep connection with all animals that you come across.

You feel their pain, you are happy when they are happy, and you are sad when they are sad.

All animals have feelings and emotions.

Most of us do not even come close to understanding these feelings, but the animal empath certainly does.

When there are times when you are overwhelmed with your feelings for animals, there are many things you can do in order to relax.

Go for a walk with your pet. Make time to play or snuggle with your pet.

Practice self-love, which includes rest, healthy eating, exercise, and setting boundaries.

Above all, learn how to distinguish your own feelings and energies from those of the animals around you.

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