The year 2022 is blasting off with the power of the number 2 multiplied. The number of unions, companionship, and choice. The New Year 2022 allows us to choose our path, the frequency that we decide to walk on, the feelings we choose to embrace, and the reality we want to manifest. A New Moon in Capricorn is starting 2022 with a strong focus, as the Sun and the Moon come together in union on January 2nd, 2022, to start a new beginning and a new cycle for this new year.

This year, the Cosmos supports your intentions by bringing a sense of seriousness in your heart, a specific highlight to invest quality time into what counts for you. Capricorn is about priorities, organization, structures, systems, and the redefinition of what is essential. It is also vital to assess what has happened this past year to know what needs to happen in 2022. This New Moon is helping you create and commit to your ultimate New Year’s resolution list.

You are receiving great support from Capricorn’s endurance, clarity, and perseverance, to create a new structure to run your life. It’s time to unite your Inner Creative with your Higher Commander to bring dreams and projects to the level of success that you deserve. Because of Capricorn’s endurance and fortitude, it is an excellent time to choose to embrace a strict view of what is not necessary and superfluous in your life and decide to acquire a new system that will prove more efficient.

While on a lower frequency, Capricorn can bring fear, control, scarcity, a need to keep a distance from others, or being afraid of others’ opinions. On a higher level, it can be used for self-control and self-regulation, the ability to rise above the level of separation that is being offered, and a perfect moment to take personal control of your life.

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Purge the old programmings

The lower and higher aspects of Capricorn are showing us the fork in the road (decision time) that this year will represent. It’s time to feel the constrictions you have lived by and see what is true and what is fabricated.

Often, what manifests in the collective mirrors what has been cultivated inside the infrastructures of cultures, religions, and societies’ views. Perceive Nature as an inferior aspect of Source, form programmed societies that create marginalized people left behind, believing in false value meters of worth managed by the color of one’s skin or the caliber of one’s bank account are a few of the manipulated ways we have been programmed to function and evaluate humanity. In one of my recent travels into the Amazon Forest, I have had the pleasure of being off-grid for a long while. I sat in silence in the presence of Nature as a teacher, and she spoke.

And spoke.

I can’t help but feel the two-way road map opening in front of me at all times now. I see the road created in limitation and subdivision of powers and what is there for us to learn from and use. I see that there is a challenge in learning how to follow the truth from one’s heart, enter these dimensions of light, and spread them inside and around while not focusing so much on what looks dangerous and overpowering in society.

The year 2022 is the year of resonance. A year of personal awakening

Become one inside by uniting all parts of yourself. The Universe is playing magical music that your inner ear perceives strong enough to give you a melody to follow, a song to sing when you feel lost and afraid.

I will close my eyes to see the Magic of the Forest waving its wisdom in my heart to remind me that there is more than we know. We are more than we imagine. Join me on Sunday, January 2nd, at 3:00 PM EST, to welcome the New Year under the magic of our beloved New Moon in Capricorn.

During this month’s meditation journey, you’ll have the opportunity to plant the seeds that will germinate in their due time. Prepare to open your heart to the wisdom of the Moon and the constellation of Capricorn. Ask for guidance, love, perfect timing, personal accountability, the ability to trust yourself, and for your path to be blessed and guided.