Greeting and love, I am Mahatma, the Cosmic Logos, my energy stems across 352 levels and dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. I exist as an expression of all that is the Creator, I exists as an expression of every manifestation of the Creator. This means that we are the same. You and all that you create is born from the Mahatma energy. Mahatma is a synthesis, it is a oneness, a collection of energy and truth, it is the merged frequencies and vibrations of the Creator.

Today, I Mahatma wish to bring forth communication to you focused upon Light Sequences. It is important currently to remember your oneness with all vibrations of light. There are numerous expressions of the Creator. Let us call each expression of light, a Light Sequence as if it is a code or a sequence of numbers. Each Light Sequence is an expression of the Creator and the manifestation of the Creator. You yourself are a light sequence, you are a combination of light vibrations and within your being, there are many light sequences. It is important currently to bring the energy of oneness, wholeness, and completeness into everything, into every light sequence. This vibration of completeness, wholeness, and oneness is present within every light sequence, within every expression of light. Therefore, we are activating the remembrance of oneness with all that is the Creator within every light sequence, which means within your being, within your creations, within the reality around you and within everyone else, those that are visible to you and those that are not. We wish to reactivate, empower, and magnify the vibration of oneness. As the vibration of oneness magnifies within everything and everyone it becomes like a magnet connecting and drawing all Light Sequences together to create one large expansive Light Sequence, creating the truth of the Creator.

Let us imagine that every being upon the Earth and the Inner Planes is formed of light, as we activate and magnify the light, so the light becomes a magnet drawing each person and being on the Earth and the Inner Plane planes to connect. As they connect, their light synthesizes and merges, thus, we experience the Creator. As every being connects and merges their light, the Creator is reborn for every being and through every being. This means that if only for a moment or maybe even a second every being upon the Earth will have a Creator experience and remembrance, a realization that is unique to them. They will experience that they are an expression of the Creator, they radiate the Creator’s light, as does everyone else and that each being is a Light Sequence expressed from the Creator. All beings are the same born from the Creator into unique creative expressions. Imagine for a moment that every person on the Earth and the Inner Planes had this realization, even if it was only for a moment or a second, and then they forgot it once more. The second of remembrance would create a spark, a charge of light, that would flow throughout their physical beings, throughout their reality. It would touch everything that they think of everything they create. It would touch you, all aspects of your being and your reality, thus, upgrading the physical body, the energy bodies, the reality, upgrading the connections with each being.

It is akin to a software upgrade making it easier for each being to connect with the Creator and to connect with the Creator in each other. Even if they forget the upgrade after it happens, the remnants of light would remain etched into their cells, into their energy systems and chakras. Like wisdom that is lingering or a light that is glowing and will continue to heal, continue to work, continue to invite more of those moments of connection, activation, and remembrance of the Creator. Those sparks, seconds, and moments where every being connects, remembering themselves as the Creator and each other as the Creator will become more frequent.  The charge of light within their beings, in your being, will build Light Sequences will develop and will progress, more and more light will enter into your being and your expression of light will be so much more powerful.

You are a being created by light frequencies and light codes, as these codes transform, advance, and develop this encourages others to as well. The more frequently this happens the more everyone recognizes themselves as a sequence of light vibrations from the Creator, like a sequence of qualities or codes from the Creator. They will begin to recognize themselves as light more fully and be able to enter the space of that light to discover its wisdom, its coding, its impact and to realize that moment of connection with self, with the Creator and all beings is the moment of truth.

With this realization it will be as if the veils are lifted, maybe gradually and you will begin to recognize everything as light, Light Sequences. Another way of explaining it is as if you are recognizing everyone as sounds, as if everyone has their own sound of light or their own song of light. We encourage this activation to take place, it supports you in recognizing that everywhere outside of you and inside of you there are Light Sequences. These Light Sequences create material matter, they create thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It is like imagining everything has a DNA that is composed of light. When you recognize this you realize that the vibration of light essential to connect with is oneness, connection, completion, and wholeness.

As you align yourself with the Light Sequences from Mahatma of oneness and synthesized light you will align all your light sequences with oneness energy. As you focus upon this within your being, you know that others will be achieving the same around the world. You can ask your soul to connect with these souls to share and exchange the vibration of oneness thus empowering your light frequencies and Light Sequences, empowering the vibration of oneness. Each time you experienced this, you may have a moment where you are in complete bliss, complete connection with the Creator with yourself, and with others. It may be simply a glimpse but the more you achieve it, the more you will experience that oneness, the Mahatma energy, the more people will gather to experience it with you.

When you connect on a soul level you will feel the power growing each time you experience it. Then you will realize that these moments of connection happen in your reality as well. The more you notice them, the more apparent, they will be, the more you will create them until you can spend a good length of time in that energy of oneness and connection. You will know that there is a shift happening upon the Earth because you will be able to spend a greater length of time in oneness and connection with all that is the Creator, this is a sign that others are doing the same, creating the same shifts. The more people are gathering in oneness, the more impacted the Earth and all beings.  This process will be immensely clearing, it can clear baggage from your energy systems, very easily and quickly.

I encourage you to contemplate this, to call upon my energies Mahatma, and to experience your connection with the Creator and all that is the Creator as well as Light Sequences. In your own time, you may wish to ask to investigate your own Light Sequence. You may see, sense, acknowledge colours or sensations, coding or sounds.  This can be very insightful into your own vibration and unique expression.

My love is with you always,

I am Mahatma.

I thank you.