Businesses originally threatened to fire their employees, but now, they’re placing loyal, hardworking, and dedicated employees on unpaid leave to avoid having to pay unemployment benefits.

Businesses and corporations waiting for employees to meet their vaccine mandate deadlines are doing their part to segregate vaccinated from unvaccinated employees by giving “good” employees who’ve taken the jab special privileges like allowing them to go mask free in the office.

An anonymous GM contract employee sent us this copy of an email he received from GM that offers “fully vaccinated” employees who’ve reported their COVID vaccination status to GM Medical, special privileges like the ability to breathe freely [remove their masks] when working alone in an enclosed room or conference room with the door closed.


GM employees who’ve had enough to vaccine discrimination and being told they will be placed on unpaid leave if they don’t agree to the jab, hosted a huge rally this afternoon in front of the GM Tech Center on 12 Mile Rd and Van Dyke Rd. in Warren, MI.

I traveled to Warren, MI to capture a video of the rally. Over 100 people lined both sides of the road and wrapped around the corner in front of the massive GM Tech Center.

Signs that read “Let’s go Brandon” and “My body, My Choice” lined the busy road as vehicles passing by honked their horns in solidarity with the workers fighting for their right to decide what will or will not be injected into their bodies.


On my way home, I passed yet another huge anti-vax mandate rally in Royal Oak, MI, The rally was sponsored by Stand Up Michigan.

Here’s the video:

**By Patty McMurray