In today’s article, we are going to cover Lepidolite’s meanings, metaphysical properties, uses and more. 

Lepidolite is a lilac-grey (or rose-colored) crystal of the mica group of minerals with the chemical formula K 3 4O 10 2. 

Lepidolite is the most abundant lithium-bearing mineral and is a secondary source of this metal. It is a phyllosilicate mineral and a member of the polylithionite-trilithionite series of gemstones. 

Its crystal system is monoclinic, and the crystal class is prismatic. It’s rated between 2.5 and 3 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Since it’s a very soft and brittle stone that can only be cut, polished or shaped when it’s found within a Quartz body, finding suitable pieces for jewelry is rare, which is why Lepidolite jewelry is quite expensive. 

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What Is the Lepidolite Crystal Good for?

showing what Lepidolite is good for

They say that Lepidolite is Libra’s stone, but what they mean is that Lepidolite is so good at keeping one’s balance and standing throughout life’s challenges that it very well could be called “Libra’s stone”. 

Lepidolite truly is a majestic stone. It’s one of the most beautiful crystals that came out of Mother Earth’s core.

This is another of the reasons why it got assigned to Libra’s domain. 

It’s soft pink and lilac hues with tiny sparkles really give off Aphrodite’s vibes.

But is it as potent as it’s beautiful? It is, it really is. 

Lepidolite’s beauty is more than just superficial, it bestows emotional balance and releases stress. It soothes the nervous system and nurtures the Crown chakra. 

It brings positivity to thought processes and it helps its wearer maintain mental and emotional balance through the storms of life. 

Lepidolite brings hope in dark times and provides a sense of calm, no matter how challenging the circumstances can be. 

Lepidolite enhances self-love, optimism, and patience in its wearer.

As well as beauty, health and the softness of the skin. It’s not a Venusian crystal for nothing. 

Lepidolite really can center the wearer and bring forth inner calm and objectivity.

Since it’s also a beauty stone, keeping it near your beauty products can prove to be of great beneficial properties, especially products that care for skin and hair. 

The Meaning of Lepidolite

what Lepidolite crystal means

This crystal was originally called “Lilalite” due to its lilac color. Eventually, the name changed from ‘Lilalite’ to ‘Lepidolite’. 

This name is derived from the Greek term “lepidos” meaning ‘scale’, and “lithos” meaning ‘stone’. 

The scales are symbolic of this stone’s ability to restore emotional balance and thus promote harmony in both your inner being and your external world.

They are also, yet another symbolic connection to the Zodiac sign of Libra. 

You could say that Lepidolite doesn’t just hold a sacred connection to the Libra Zodiac sign, and thus Venus (Aphrodite) as well, but also that it contains Libra’s most valuable properties and charms. 

Wearing a Lepidolite is like having a personal, pocket-sized Libra as a chip on your shoulder, except instead of antagonizing you and giving you anger issues, Lepidolite calms you down, restores your footing and mental balance. 

Despite the stereotype, Lepidolite is an excellent choice of crystal for all Water and Fire signs as it helps with calming down and cooling off. 

It can also be a great deal of help to Libras who have a lot of Fire and Water in their chart, in which case it really does wonders to restore their balance and peace of mind. 

Lepidolite Crystal Benefits

the benefits of using Lepidolite

Below is a list of some of the associated benefits of using Lepidolite:

  • Lepidolite helps even out mood swings and balance hormones within the body. 
  • It helps the brain produce oxytocin. 
  • Lepidolite eradicates anxiety, ADHD, emotional instability and depression. 
  • It encourages an elevated mindset that strives for profound enlightenment and objective states of mind where you are able to clearly see and observe any situation that occurs in your life. 
  • Lepidolite gives you a bird’s perspective view on both yourself and life, thus it helps you realize that some struggles are easily overcome, while others have deeper, hidden meanings for you to find. 
  • Lepidolite promotes speaking of truth between people, and it helps you to be more open and honest about your needs and desires. 
  • Lepidolite is very good for both Sacral and Crown chakra as it opens up your creativity, abundance and profound way of thinking. 
  • It helps during PMS with mood swings and enhanced irritability. 
  • It helps clear the skin and it keeps it clear and hydrated. 
  • Lepidolite helps with emotional (over)eating, as it soothes the heartache and balances emotions, thus helping with maintaining a healthy body weight.

Metaphysical Properties of Lepidolite

Below is a list of the metaphysical properties associated with Lepidolite:

  • Opening Crown, Heart, and Sacral chakra. 
  • It helps go deeper into meditation, and it’s an amazing help with pranayama. It enhances the capacity of the lungs, and with each exhale it reduces stress hormones and levels within the body. 
  • Lepidolite brings awareness to the unseen side of life and it can improve your connection with the Divine.
  • If you are a Pagan or a practising Wiccan, it can be a direct link to Venus/Aphrodite/Freyja. 
  • It balances emotions and strengthens inner peace. 
  • It boosts synchronicities and it helps you get your life back on track. 
  • It attracts new love and a fresh start into your life. If you’re polyamorous, it will attract compatible lovers that will make your home into a happy one.
  • It soothes out the differences and promotes diplomacy between couples. 
  • It helps release toxic and codependent relationship traits and patterns.
  • Lepidolite is great for beauty rituals – it enhances the beauty and longevity of beauty ingredients (such as rose petals) in beauty spells. 
  • It makes your glamour last longer. 
  • It’s great for promoting self-love and sensuality.
  • It helps come to terms with one’s sexuality or sexual orientation, and to enjoy one’s preferences rather than reject them. 

Healing Properties of Lepidolite

the associated healing properties of Lepidolite

By keeping Lepidolite under your pillow it is said to reduce insomnia, nightmares, and sleep paralysis.

Lepidolite helps heal sexual trauma and PTSD as well, by connecting one’s soul with the Source of all that is and restoring inner peace and balance. 

Wearing a Lepidolite to your psychiatry sessions can prove to be of great aid and have excellent results in the long run. 

If you are prone to nervous breakdowns and panic attacks – Lepidolite is just the crystal for you. 

The same goes if you have codependency problems and you are convinced that you can’t succeed in doing things on your own. 

This is why Lepidolite does wonders for self-esteem, too.

If you’re struggling with low (or nonexistent) self-esteem, Lepidolite is the stone for you, as it promotes independence and confidence within oneself. 

Lepidolite also does wonders with the healing of the self-image.

If you have trouble perceiving yourself as likable and beautiful – Lepidolite will heal these mistaken patterns in the long run, and make sure you’re changing your self-perception into something much more positive. 

How to Use Lepidolite in Your Life

Since Lepidolite is rarely found in the pieces suitable for jewelry, it might be a bit difficult to acquire beautiful jewelry with it.

This is not to say you cannot wear it.

There are bigger pieces (the bigger the better) that you can wear around your neck like a talisman, especially if you make it so that it falls over your Heart or Solar Plexus chakra.

Or you can just wear it in your pocket.

Either way, Lepidolite will spread its healing frequency all over you. 

Making it into a majestic crown; this could be the best decision – using several bigger pieces of Lepidolite in order to make a tiara or a crown, thus placing Lepidolite on its favorite chakra – Crown chakra.

This might sound odd for some, but it really is the best place on the body for a Lepidolite stone. 

Meditating with it – holding it in your palms as you meditate, especially in the area of your Sacral chakra can do wonders for both your meditation practice and your Sacral center. 

Keep it with your makeup or beauty products.

By doing this you will enhance the glamour in your makeup, and the longevity and strength of your beauty products.

This doesn’t go just for women, men too can do this, even super straight men who have like one soap for all intents and purposes – just place your Lepidolite near it and see the change in your appearance happen. Just like magic. 

Placing it under your pillow.

This will promote astral travel and rejuvenation of your body as you sleep.

If you’re sharing your bed with a partner/s, then this will do wonders for your sex life, as Lepidolite is known to attract and enhance sexual pleasures. 

Placing it on your altar will enhance your rituals and shamanistic practices. Especially if one of your main deities is a goddess. 

Keeping it near a plant that attracts love and abundance will increase its potency and strength. 

How to Cleanse Lepidolite

cleansing Lepidolite

Since Lepidolite is not very water-resistant, it might be unwise to keep it in water for prolonged periods of time.

Instead, you might cleanse it under running, lukewarm water for no more than 2 minutes. 

If you feel the need to cleanse it for a prolonged period of time, you may feel free to place it in a ceramic bowl with white or brown rice.

You should dispose of that rice in an ethical manner afterward, but it’s not fit for consumption as it will be “tainted” with all the negativities and impurities cleansed from the crystal.

Leaving your Lepidolite in sunlight is not recommended as the direct sunlight will cause its beautiful lilac color to fade.

You can leave it under the moonlight, however, it won’t do much for its cleansing. 

You can place it over a sage smudge stick or frankincense in order to cleanse it from deposited negativity.

Rubbing it in salt is not recommended, but you may leave it for 10-15 minutes in a bowl of salt – similar to the rice cleanse.

Dispose of that salt afterward by pouring it down the drain, do not pour it outside as salt damages and destroys grass and makes the ground infertile. 

Keep your Lepidolite on soft surfaces or in a velvet pouch if you’re carrying it in your pockets or your purse/backpack. 

You can also cleanse your Lepidolite via the sound bath using singing bowls or a tuning fork. You can also use chanting as well as a nice bell for this cleansing ritual, too. 

Placing it in a clear Quarts or Amethyst geode can also cleanse your Lepidolite very nicely, and even charge it with extra oomph. 

Final Word 

Owning Lepidolite is one of the better decisions you can make for yourself.

This crystal has such potent and beautiful energy that you will wonder how did you manage without it before. 

Lepidolite is an essential aid for all those who suffer from mood swings and emotional burdens. Having its wonderful properties at your disposal will not only make your life easier but more beautiful and enjoyable, as well. 

Keeping Lepidolite near your tea blends and water reserve can be a very wise and beneficial decision, as Lepidolite will infuse all of them with beautifying and healing properties. 

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on Lepidolite crystal meaning, metaphysical properties and everyday uses.

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Lepidolite Crystal Meanings, Metaphysical Properties & UsesLepidolite Crystal Meanings, Metaphysical Properties & Uses