My Dear soul family many of you are beginning to become tired of what is happening on the world’s stage at this great time of awakening and wonder when all of this dark deception will be over. I wanted to give you all some hope . There is so much going on behind the scenes which even the most highly evolved human being on the planet cannot even begin to understand. As many of you know, much of the world’s so called Main Media media are trying to hide the Truth of what is happening. However much of the alternative media is now waking up and shining a Light on the darkness that has been going on for eons of your time.

There are so many more humans waking up to their own spirituality now that it is becoming like a House of Cards. Once the first card falls the rest will follow suit so to speak and the real Truth of the Great Awakening cannot be stopped now. The Divine being that many of you call God is in charge of all that is happening on Earth during Goddess Gaia’s transition to the 5th Dimension. Each and everyone one of you is known personally to these great beings.

Everything has been planned to the nth degree and although some of you may think otherwise, All is Well, and there is no cause for concern. Yes it is very hard for you all to see so many souls leaving the planet but Dear Ones know that they have all chosen this time to leave and they will still be helping but from a different plane of existence. They will still be with you in spirit ,so to speak. Gaia now has no further need for the darker souls who have been trying to destroy all that is Good on the planet and they too will be leaving to continue their lessons elsewhere.

Imagine your life on Earth as if it were a play. If you look back on your life as if you were an actor you may well see why everything that has happened to you, has happened for the very best of reasons. It is so important for you to know that you are a Divine soul having an Earthly journey and that you are learning and growing with every experience.

As a soul you sat down with the Divine and your guides to discuss your Earthly journey before you incarnated onto the planet . In this present incarnation you had to fast track your lessons to reach a level whereby you could help with Gaia’s Ascension into the 5th Dimension. Some of your lessons may well have been extremely challenging but many of the Starseeds have now completed their work and are staying on Earth to concentrate on helping Gaia to Ascend.

If you are reading this missive you are most likely a Starseed. It may be difficult for you if your own family are not aware of their origins at this present time but I assure you that they will wake up in time and join you to usher in the New World.

You may be seeing many long term marriages and relationships breaking up at this time as soul families come back together to continue the work that they started in other lifetimes. This can be challenging for many especially when children are involved but however hard it may be, know that all of the souls have chosen this experience for their own learning. It is so important to let go of the anger that you may be feeling with one another and it may be very beneficial to go through a form of couples counselling and if needs be to learn to separate in a loving manner.

Many of you have been on your own for a long time and your wish for a partner has not materialized. Again when you look back on your time ,you will see that it has been imperative for your soul’s growth to be alone and in a relationship with your own self before embarking on a new partnership. However I am here to tell you that many of you have completed your lessons and it is time now to meet that soul partner of yours.

Many of you may be feeling very alone in these challenging times as those around you hold a different belief system to yours. Do not be concerned Dear Ones ,it is time for soul families to come together again. You may be leaving behind old friends but new ones will be taking their place.

As I have said before the Truth is now coming to Light and this will awaken more souls on their journey. Those of you who are the wayshowers will begin to see this awakening around you. You do not need to do anything than to just be your loving selves .Your loving aura goes before you and you may notice that people will be coming to you for help and guidance ,sometimes from out of the blue so to speak. Everything is in synchronicity and there are no accidents. Relax and know that you will always meet who you are supposed to meet.

Many of you may be feeling the urge to change your job or move to another area .Take note of these urges for they will be coming from your soul and you will always be helped to move to the right job or place at the right time. As your soul growth expands you will begin to know just what is right for you.

Dear Ones it is time now to be in love with the present, to forget the trials of the past and to look forward to a very new loving way of being on the planet that you call Earth. Love and look after Gaia as she transitions to the 5th Dimension and she will help you on your journey. .

Dear Ones do connect with us all in your thoughts and meditations. We are here to help you traverse this time. Let go of any of your fears. Be compassionate with those around you who are still asleep. Stay away from negative people and come together in your soul groups to manifest the wonderful New Earth that you all wish for.

Love this time, Love the Earth, Love the souls around you but most importantly Love yourself as you are a beautiful unique soul in God’s family of souls.

Know that you are very much Loved by those of us in the higher Dimensions.

I send my Love to you all.

I am the Goddess Isis in service to the One true God.

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius