Precious Beloved Ones!

As We Join Consciously In Our Sacred Essence, Let Us Find Peace In The Storms Of This Waking Dream.

For All Storms End And All Dreams End, But You, Beloved Ones, Are Only Beginning!

As You Commune With Your Higher Self At The Moment Of Awakening From Slumber, Be Aware That You Are Experiencing Many Worlds.

At The Moment Of Complete Relaxation Without Thought, You Are In A Higher Realm.

From This Tiny Moment, Your Thoughts Will Take You Back To Your Identity.

Your Earth Name.

Your Story.

But Where Have You Been While Asleep?

As We Understand You Are Not Your Body And You Are Infinite Consciousness That Connects To All Life. Your Soul Is Pure Spirit And Travels To Other Worlds When You Believe Deep Sleep Is Only That.

Your Body And Brain Are Resting And Replenishing Hormones And Neurotransmitters.

Cell Growth And Turnover And Your Magnificent Beating Heart Is Providing Oxygen To Every Cell Of Your Body.

But Know That Your Consciousness Of Soul Is Capable Of Anything!

So You Actually Experience Many Places And Beings While Asleep.

There Are Many That Travel While Fully Awake In 3-D Awareness And At The Same Moments Have Expanded Consciousness That Will Take Them To Their Place Of Origin, Fourth Dimension Where Thoughts Create Form, Or They May See Other Lives Lived In Many Places.

Though It May Sound Strange To Many Reading This, Some Humans Have Reached The Ability To Transcend Space-Time Perception And Travel In Light Or Crafts As This Was Natural In Aspects Of Consciousness Lived.

Travel In Body Form Will Also Return After The Shift And Many Of You Might Recall Flying Dreams. You Are Remembering.

Come Closer, Precious Ones!

Let Us Feel Love And Comfort.

My Heart Will Speak To You That No Matter The Situation You Find Yourself In, Create A Simple Life.

If You Have Money Or If You Have None, Create A Life That Is Quiet And Simple.

One That Is Free Of The Need For External Gratification.

For It Is In The Silence That Truth Will Speak.

In This Place, You Will Know Who You Are.

This Is The Sacred Place You Create To Allow The Higher Self To Align With The Personality.

This Allows The Only Possibility For Change.

When You Rid Your Life Of Toxic People, Of Food That Is Bad For The Body, And Endless Chaos, You Are Allowing A Space.

When This Is Done With Intention, The Universe Responds With Higher Vibrational Situations And People To Assist You On Your Journey.

Nothing Will Bring You Peace As Much As Knowing There Will Be An End To Duality And That Infinite Freedom Brings Joy!

You Are Multidimensional Beings Having This Gathering Of Souls In The Final Waking Dream.

There Are Many More Beings Watching Earth And The Unfolding Of Dark To Light Than The Number Of Beings On Earth!

Beloved Ones!

Know That You Are Powerful And Creative.

You Need Nothing Added To Your Being To Make You Better! You Are Worthy And So Loved!

Find Many Moments To Be Thankful!

Change Your Perspective To Recognize The Good That Remains Around You And Understand Life Is Working Out For You.

Try To See The Greater Picture!

Only Good Will Be.

Only Light Will Remain.

Only Truth Will Prevail.

I Hold You Softly And Whisper, ‘Remember You Carry The Light! Together We Are ONE.’

I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith