On Thursday, November 4th, 2021 (or Friday, November 5th,according to varying time zones), the New Moon will arrive in the Tropical sign of Scorpio (transformation and transcendence) and the Sidereal sign of Libra (balance).

A New Moon is an opportunity to begin anew in any aspect of life: career, relationships, personal or work-related projects, health regimens, courses of study, etc.

It can also be a time when any disharmonious heightened emotions from the previous Full Moon can be released or when potentially loving and supportive emotional responses can be now solidified and moved forward on as necessary.

A New moon can offer a sigh of relief after a possibly tumultuous Full Moon portal which seems to have been the case with so many people planet-wide with the just recent October Full Moon.

As is the case with a Full Moon, the portal of a New Moon tends to be three days before, the day of its arrival, and for three days afterwards.

However, as has been the case in recent months with so many chaotic “3d” occurrences in the human collective, these lunar portals have opened earlier and closed later than expected.

We must remember that human collective consciousness levels are very potent in their ability to create material vibrational atomic frequencies which move into the ethereal realms where spiritual atomic frequencies then create earthly experiences.

In other words, to quote a very old teaching, “Thoughts are Things”.

Also, however, to add to this teaching, “Thoughts and Emotions are Things.”

Our vibrational electrically-oriented thoughts create magnetic feelings about something, and then both the thoughts and the feelings eventuate into a physical experience—either good or its opposite.

At all times, therefore, we must be aware of the images which we allow to formulate in our minds and the emotive responses which accrue accordingly.

In the current “Now” time line of planetary happenings, it is sometimes difficult to totally avoid uncomfortable situations because there are all sorts of people, ideas, and behaviors being played-out.

As Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” stated with wide-eyed wonder, and which I have quoted previously: “Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!”

However, Dorothy eventually made it safely home.

Those who are sincerely endeavoring to assist the residents of Earth/Gaia to elevate along with “Her” will also make the journey safely to higher states of awareness and to crystallization frequencies.

Many persons are discussing how October of 2021 has been a roller coaster ride of up and down emotions and experiences, especially since the forward movement of certain planetary retrogrades which themselves offered self-reflection and decisions about the future.

Specific questions that we might ask ourselves prior to the coming New Moon are the following:

1.) What needs transforming or transcending in my life?
2.) What needs to be balanced in my life?

Once these questions are sufficiently answered, we are ready to either write a letter to SOURCE or to “symbolically” write it via concentrative mental focus.

If the letter is literally written, do so on a lovely piece of paper (perhaps adding colorful artwork to it), and express what you need and desire as various wellness paradigms emotionally, mentally, physically, or even spiritually.

Perhaps your sacred spiritual path needs refinement through the learning of more of its ancient principles.

Symbolically “mail” the letter in the pages of your favorite holy book (later you may wish to read what your wrote for comfort) or in the soil beneath a large tree.

If you choose to send your “letter” via mental focus, begin by sitting in a relaxed manner, taking several deep Yogic breaths, and then speak to SOURCE silently while envisioning a bright LIGHT at your third eye.

Then take the LIGHT into your heart, continue to breathe slowly and deeply. Release the LIGHT by taking a very deep breath and blowing it out through your open mouth.

It has now been sent into the ethereal realm and symbolically “mailed”. If you like, you can begin the mental focusing ritual by pronouncing the “Pranava” (“Divine Sound”) of “AUM” three times aloud. End the ritual by again pronouncing “AUM” three times.

Either literal writing or envisioning can be done while you sit near a flickering candle (representative of DIVINE LIGHT) and fragrant incense (representative of DIVINE BREATH).

This will add a calm, sacred ambiance to the environment.

Be determined to remain steadfastly anchored to SOURCE FREQUENCY, even when circumstances may seem challenging.

Conditions on Earth/Gaia may seem at times to be a strange “OZ” with periodic visits to a lovely “EMERALD CITY”.

In the novel, the “Tin Man”, the “Lion:” and the “Scarecrow” were actually Dorothy’s angels.

We have angels too.

They are all of the loving aspects and unalterable goodness of SOURCE.

Each manifests in a different manner when necessary.

The more that we are centered in and anchored to the LIGHT, the more that we will easily recognize the angels.

In fact, that is the ultimate way in which to ask for their assistance—to have a daily tune-in to SOURCE via prayer and meditation.

As the BAGHAVAD GITA states: “They rise upwards who are settled in harmony” (the 14th discourse), and as Luke 11:34 states: “The LIGHT of the body is the eye; therefore, when thine eye is single, thy whole body is full of LIGHT” (HOLY BIBLE).

Let us engage more LIGHT as the seasons evolve in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

It is flowing into our planet more and more each day and soaring throughout our cellular records and DNA which results in it flowing throughout our entire chakra system.

However, if people are not careful, it can be halted in its movement when they are out of synchronization with SOURCE.

So, do not halt the LIGHT.

Try your best to be loving and kind even when others choose to be egotistical, arrogant, unkind, and mean-tempered.

They may have very challenging personal problems with which we are unaware.

Wish them peace and LIGHT. Remember, as is often quoted: “Those who preserve the dharma are protected by the dharma” (Sri Bhagavan Krishna), and as Yeshua Ha Messiah (Christ) taught: “Shake the dust off your feet, and let your peace return to you.”

**By Dr Schavi M Ali