Dear Cosmic Community,

Have you ever had a yearning to be doing more with your life? Perhaps, you’ve always had a dream that ‘one day’ you’d be living a fulfilling life, one where you get to give back everyday (through your work) as you’re uplifted, appreciated, creative, inspired and financially buoyant? I had this dream too. Growing up, I just knew (deep inside of me) that this would be my reality one day. I just didn’t know how. And I kept that dream alive within me all throughout my childhood, teenage years and into adulthood. Then inevitably, life just happens. After college, I entered the corporate world (as many do) and I achieved a high level of success and yet still, I wasn’t fulfilled. Not fulfilled, like I knew I could be. I just kept remembering that I had this yearning within me to be doing more and a ‘knowing’ that one day I would be working in a career that did utilise all of my talents and skills. But, I just couldn’t put my finger on what that career was, or how I would get there. Perhaps you can relate to my story? Perhaps you’ve felt the same way too? Or perhaps you still do?

It was in my late 20’s, after experiencing a life crisis point (triggered by a divorce) that everything changed. My spiritual awakening quickly developed, as I sunk deep within myself to find out who I was and why I was here. I was highly functioning at work each day, but when I came home in the evenings, I would just be quiet and still. I would read, I would write, I would reflect (a lot) and I encountered transformational and moving spiritual experiences. On the weekends, I kept to myself, I retreated from the world, which intuitively felt like the right thing to do. This process lasted for 3-4 years and I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was taking myself through a spiritual initiation process, a death of the old me, into the birth of the real me.

It was by delving into this life transformation process that my eyes, mind and heart were opened to the expansive reality all around us. My spiritual path developed and with this came the remembrance of who I was and the skills that I brought into this lifetime with me. It was then that I realised that my career path needed soul behind it – driving it, illuminating it and sustaining it. And it was this awakening, that led me to ‘take the leap’ into creating my own Soulful Career path.

“I took that leap into a Soulful Career over two decades ago, and now with more than 20 year’s experience living a meaningful (soul-driven) life, I can say that crisis points serve as the greatest catalysts onto the path of your – greatest reward.”

— Elizabeth Peru

Your Purpose and Fullest Potential

Within each of us dwells a yearning to be connected with who we truly are and to be at one with the universe. It’s an innate call that many may never fully understand, and yet it’s undeniably there. An enquiring mind serves as the precursor to any awakening, as does a desire to know ‘why life is the way it is’ and to form one’s own considered opinions. Do you feel this way? Are you often searching for your deeper purpose or perhaps you’ve already found it? What if part of your purpose is to be giving of your talents and skills through the medium of a Soulful Career?

For many, this most certainly is the case and as we transition into a new working model for the planet (in 2021 and beyond) the attainment of a career path that is uniquely suited to who we are as individuals, has never been so accessible, achievable and valid.


Indeed, according to recent research which draws upon statistics obtained from 31,000 people in more than 31 countries, and the perspectives from experts who have spent decades in the field of social capital and collaboration:

  • Over 40% of the global work force considered leaving their employment this year (2021)

  • 46% of people are planning to make a major pivot or career transition this year (2021)

  • Over 70% of employees want flexible work options (i.e. working from home)

  • 61% of leaders say that they’re thriving right nowEntrepreneurship is elevating people’s spirits

  • Authenticity spurs on productivity and well-being. 39% of people say they’re more likely to be their full, authentic selves at work

  • 46% of women and 40% of men are likely to seek out remote (at home) work

  • You can read more about the great ‘global’ resignation and its impact here

“2021 is the year where Soulful Careers are being sought. And, because of the past 18 months of life crisis points, people are finally seeing that they can create a new, meaningful career path – of their choosing. It’s a liberating movement that’s happening worldwide. The time is now.”

— Elizabeth Peru

Reaching your fullest potential

Indeed, the expression ‘to reach your fullest potential’ is often used. And, it’s an expression that carries great weight and power when viewed from the portal of your soulful career path. For what is your fullest potential and how does accessing it assist you?

From my experience, accessing one’s fullest potential involves remembering what you can do (and achieve) with your life when you apply the entire range of skills and talents that you’ve practiced (and therefore, have acquired) over lifetimes. Once you remember what you’re good at, then you’ve got to use those skills (regularly) in order to reach and maintain your fullest potential. And this is where taking the leap into a soulful career path that employs all of your born with skills and talents, provides so beautifully for the fulfilment of your purpose and highest life potential.

Waking up and knowing that there’s something else

But, how do you take that leap and how do you know when and how it’s the right step to take? For many, the warning signs that you’re unfulfilled by your current career path can often creep up on you slowly. You could easily be over-compensating for any dissatisfaction or lack that you’re feeling within your career path by diving into other pursuits such as shopping, social activities, eating out, family dramas, hobbies, sports, relationships, travel and the like.

Making up for the lack

Many people can go through their entire life not particularly liking their work or career, but making up for that lack in other life areas. And that may be OK, but what if you could have a soulful career that you love, plus you could also dive into those other pursuits that you enjoy? How different would that feel?

The way of the futureIt is possible and it is the way of the future. Rather than being the exception, there are now hundreds of thousands of souls waking up to who they are on a monthly basis. Consciousness has been steadily rising on Earth over the past 200 years, accelerating in the year 2000, at the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn and again in 2020 at the Great Aquarian Conjunction of light between the planetary giants. And it’s the ‘wake-up process’ to the deeper reality which is occurring within and all around you, that’s an essential component to knowing that there’s more to life than what you were raised knowing or were previously led to believe.

Giving yourself permission

Once you’ve woken up to who you are (at no matter what age or life situation) and you begin to delve deeply into your spiritual reality (like I did over two decades ago) you may feel the call to be sharing your talents and skills with the world in a new and more rewarding way. A surge of inspiration and creativity may fill your being, along with a growing frustration that your current path, may not be enough. Particularly, if you’re working within a career path that doesn’t sing to your soul.

The chasm between where you are and where you want to be may seem huge.

This is where giving yourself permission to ‘take the leap’ is all-important. So many people don’t realise that ‘as an adult’ it’s up to you to willingly choose and to bestow upon yourself the path that you wish to tread.

Indeed, it can often carry even greater weight the older you become, because many souls don’t enter their true human potential and deeper maturity until after the ages of 40 – 50 and beyond. So, you see, your best work may be yet to come!

“It’s never too late to begin, to progress or to transition into a Soulful Career.”

— Elizabeth Peru

The current world paradigm and the creation of Soulful Careers

With the advent of the global pandemic (the origins of which took root back in October 2019) the landscape of work and career paths (as we know them) has dramatically shifted on this planet.

As research shows in 2021, over 46% of working people are ready to change their careers. That’s millions of people who want to take the leap onto a new path. These souls are deeply considering it and many are already, actually doing it!


If you begin (or progress) your process of diving into a Soulful Career path now, you’ll be taking advantage of the upward surge in people (just like you) who are also doing the same. The momentum is here and timing your run is everything. If you act now, when the climate is favourable, you’ll be able to push past (and use) the inevitable procrastination and resistance, which arise when deciding to take your life into your own hands – and carve out the path of your choosing.

I’ve always been in favour of moving on ideas, as and when they arise. That way, you’ll always been ahead of the curve and people will wonder and marvel at how you’re always on top of what’s coming next.

“Working from home, working online and working for one’s self are now socially acceptable and in many cases (desirable) undertakings that provide flexibility and balance for all. ”

— Elizabeth Peru

What I find so interesting, is that over 20 years ago, when I took the leap and gave myself permission to create a Soulful Career path (transitioning out of my corporate career) is that it was my innate undertaking to work for myself, to work from home and to work online. Exactly what’s happening now, over 20 years later. I wanted to reach people everywhere, all over the globe with the same message. I saw us all as ‘one’ and I mapped out my future reality. I gave myself an intention and a vision to hold in my heart and work towards every day and now 20 years later, the world has caught up with my visions. Now, everyone can see that it’s possible to work from home, online and for one’s self – and to do so while loving what one’s involved with. The Age of the Soulful Career is here.

“Timing your run and acting on your soul-driven impulses, is an art-form. The sooner that you begin acting on what you love, the sooner what you love, becomes you. Your Soulful Career starts now.”

— Elizabeth Peru

Nurturing your possibilities

What’s key when contemplating the creation of a career path that has soul and your truth behind it, is that you’re not limited in your visions, in any way. Have a dream and then know that when you steadfastly and organically work towards that dream, that the world around you ‘will’ meld to that dream.

I just ‘knew’ (so passionately) that the world would meet my visions, when I began. And it did. I never doubted it and I still don’t. Indeed, right now, I have further future visions for my Soulful Career path that many would think are impossible, but I know differently. I know that they will come to pass, because I’ve already seen it happen over the past 2 decades, time and again. And when you think this way too, when you nurture your possibilities, you’ll also succeed along your Soulful Career path, receiving meaning and reward, as you give love and the fullness of your potential – to all.

The benefits of creating a Soulful Career

Here’s what I’ve learned to be some of the greatest benefits (both personal and global) when diving into the creation of a Soulful Career:

  • Your creativity and intuition will develop. You’ll learn to trust in your ideas and unique perspectives

  • Your individuality and uniqueness will be championed, as you express your special talents and skills

  • Your enthusiasm and energy levels will increase, as you’re involved in the regular generation of high-vibration works

  • You’ll self-generate optimism, positivity and a youthful approach to life

  • You’ll (no doubt) work harder than you ever have, because you love what you do so much. It’s a calling

  • You’ll also doubt yourself more than you ever have, because you’ll be self-reliant and that takes courage

  • Your personal responsibility will grow considerably, as you learn ‘first hand’ how capable you are

  • You’ll have the opportunity to be financially abundant, because everything that you put in – comes right back to you

  • You’ll get to share your talents and work with the world, your way. You have full say in how and what you express

  • You’ll generate meaning, fulfilment and personal satisfaction in your everyday world

  • You’ll feel that you’re finally involved with (and doing and being) what you came here for

  • You’ll be making a difference and having an impact with your work, because you have the power of soul behind it

  • Your visions will elevate above the everyday, as your entrepreneurial skills are regularly put to the test

  • You’ll be innovative and on the leading edge of creative pursuits, because others will look to you as a role model

**By Elizabeth Peru