Friends Of The Great Light!

In Unison As A Song That Echoes Through The Multiverses, So It Is NOW In Your Higher Consciousness In A Melody Of Love! We Come To You As ONE, Knowing The Full Aspect Of Your Soul Fully Understands This.

Stand Now Together. Stand As ONE. Understand That In Timelessness You Are Already There. This Waking Dream Is Temporary, Beloved Ones! Light Is Taking You Into The Ethers Of Your Beginning. Rest In This Knowing.

If You Choose To Focus On The Current State Of The Narrative That Is Spoon Fed Each Moment Like The Propaganda It Is, You Will Find Dysregulation In Your Emotional State. Your Body-Mind Connection With The Infinite Sacred Field, Clearly Recognizes Truth And Lies.

Your Being Will React In A Host Of Ways! Your Energy Level Will Diminish When You Hear Lies. Even Once. Feeding On The Latest News Will Make You Feel You Can Barely Move Through Your Day!

Have You Wondered Why You Feel So Tired? Have You Noticed Your Emotions Are Up And Down?

Your ‘Fight Or Flight’ System Of The Brain Was Created To Activate In Moments Of Extreme Danger To Save Your Life.

In These Moments Of Observing Truth Being Called Lies And Lies Being Held Up As Truth, Keeps You In A Constant State Of Upset As Your Soul Always Knows The Truth. The False Identity Will Accept Many Agendas If They Are Spoken Over And Over.

You May Not Understand The Hypnotic Trance You Are In! Wake Up, Beloved Ones! This Is Your Life! You Have Choices! Override The Agendas Before Your Story Dissolves In More Chaos.

Your Body Form Is Meant To Carry You And Maneuver Through The Story, Not To Live As Though You Are In A War! You Were Born As A Free Soul With Choices. None Were Ever Meant To Have Dictators. You Were Created To Experience Love And Joy. You Were Meant To Have Peace.

When Will You Have Enough? How Many Children Are Being Indoctrinated NOW Into Mandates, Masks And Perversion In Teaching? How Many Crimes Of Theft, Murder And Rape Will You Sit Down And Hear About With No Participation In Change?

You Have Been Brainwashed To Believe You Have No Choice Or Power! The Creator Of All Life Infinitely Is Living In You, As You! So, What Would It Be That You Are Not Capable Of Doing In A Powerful Way?

All People Have A Right To Food, Water And Shelter. All Beings Are Sacred. But The Opening Of Borders To Create More Poverty, Crimes, Drug And Sex Trafficking Does Nothing To Promote A Better Life! There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Operate!

There Is A System Of Laws That Were Set In Place Before Your Arrival To The Dream. Always Have Compassion, But As Long As There Is Duality As Perception, You Must Have Laws.

In Higher Realms, We Operate Under A Different System Of Understanding. We View Life In ONENESS. Therefore We Have No Wars Or Famine. We Share And Create And Feel The Power Of The Collective.

You Will Return To This Perception, But Until Then, Make Your Personal Adjustment To Truth And The Knowledge And Wisdom We Share.

You Are The Creators Of Your Life Story! We Are With You As The Watchers Of The Earth!

We Cannot Act For You But Our Communication Is Wide Open In This Dream, As This Is The Culmination Of All Waking Dreams! This Dream Ushers In The Grand Shift Of The Ages!

In Humble Service And Power, We Bow!
Find Your Truth And Hold On! The Ride Is About To Get A Little More Dark Before All You See Is Light!

We Love You So!


**Received by Judith