Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I Am Sananda!

Today I am here with even more joy. Joy for noticing the movement of joy and peace that has implanted itself in the hearts of many. You are like children going on a big trip, I would say it is a dangerous trip, many risks; but you are not worried about that, you are worried about being together, to vibrate loudly, to laugh a lot. And to understand that every difficulty there will be on the way will only be a small test or a big test, depending on the soul, to be overcome.

Everything is being prepared, we can say that we are in the final tests, redoing, redoing, redoing, walking through the timeline, back and forth, provoking the best possible result. But I can assure each one of you, that everything will happen as we have predicted. Nothing will stop us from showing you the truth, nothing will stop the great Light of the Central Sun from working on this planet in an intense and powerful way, removing the last veils that may still be on each one of you.

I would say that those who don’t understand much yet, don’t know what we are talking about, will find it very difficult to understand everything that will come into their minds, they will find it difficult to accept what will be said. Because they have been used since they were little to believe in what was important to those who control the planet today. I tell each one of you, the truth hurts, the truth sometimes hurts, but the great point of the truth is that it liberates; because when the truth comes, the doubts, the illusions, are all ended. There is what is in truth. There is no more deluding oneself, no more believing lies.

We have said it here many times, many will not stand it, many will revolt, and they will enter that great mass of chaff that is being prepared to leave the planet.

The cleansing has been going on for a long time. But we can say that the great mass will no longer be removed from the planet, one here, one there; great masses will leave the planet together, because at this moment they are exactly where they have to be. So we always say, don’t worry. Michael has already instructed you, that the world may end around you, but you will land on your feet. If you trust and if you believe it.

So it doesn’t matter where you are. You may even be in the air, when your time comes to leave, you will go. There is nothing you can do about it. Your soul’s choice has already been made, your own choice as a human being has also already been made. So it is necessary before anything else, that you prepare yourselves for these moments. The revelations will bring pain, will bring sadness, anger, disappointment, but all this will pass. Now the moment the revelations come, we will also push the same button for the complete separation of the chaff from the wheat.

Of course this will not all happen at the same time, it will all be in its own time, but it will happen. And it is at this point that you need to be balanced and aware, understanding that every soul that was there had already made one of the choices: either to leave, because they don’t want to miss the Third Dimension, because this is their world; or they made the choice not to go through everything in the physical body. So you will never really know who left and who will stay here to reincarnate in the Fifth Dimension.

Just understand that every soul that is in that process, has made their own choice, no one is taking them out there for punishment, or unduly. Those of you who have a conscience, but don’t believe that the building will not fall, that you will fall standing, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We have given you the supports, the safe places, which consists only in your belief that you will be protected at that time. Now if you doubt, you will be swallowed up in the process, and there is nothing we can do. Everything will depend on the trust and faith of each one of you.

So I just ask you, strengthen your hearts, strengthen your armor, strengthen the whole energy cloak of love. Love, which I refer to as unconditional love. Let there be no revolt, let there be no sadness, let there be no pain, no suffering; only that each one made a choice, each one believed or not. And the whole process will unfold in this way. I say it again: each one of you is where you need to be.

Maybe many of you need to go through very extreme situations, so that you learn to value your own lives; so that you effectively learn not to look only at your own navel, to look at the brother next to you, begging for help. Each one of us has our own road, according to our own choices, and of course, each road also has lessons to be learned. And I am sure that many will learn.

So when we say that difficult times will come, we are not deceiving you, nor are we exaggerating. Many will listen to what has been said in their religious books, that it will be the end of the world. And I say that it will be the end of this world, of this dimension in which you live. But I also say that it will not be so fast, things will happen gradually, step by step. We can say that we will be starting a new stage, of taking care of the souls that will leave.

Then the billions of galactics that are around here, will have this mission to guide these souls, to the proper places, so that they can continue their evolution. These souls will not be able to leave here unprotected, because out there, those brothers and sisters who were taken from the planet are anxiously waiting for them. But we won’t allow that. Only those who still resonate with them, if they continue in this way, will be released to go with them; it is each soul’s choice. They will all go through treatment now, so that they realize all that they have done while incarnated on the planet and they can make their decisions; whether they want to continue evolving, but on a Third Dimensional planet of Light, or to continue following those who vibrate all that they have implanted on the planet.

All are choices and choices are always respected.

So stay excited for the tour. It will be a very exhilarating excursion where every moment a new obstacle will appear, but you will be able to overcome each one. Every person on this planet at this time has either learned a lot or learned nothing from the pandemic. Many are still reaping all the change it has caused in your world. Many have reinvented themselves, many have found themselves again, but many have sunk even lower because they were never able to face the difficult situations; they are the ones who just sit and cry all the time. These are in very complicated situations, and these are the ones that in the future will become even more complicated. Because if today they no longer see hope, after everything happens, it will reach zero. For them, effectively, the world will end.

So it’s up to you, who are in this whole vibration to help one brother, to lend a hand to each of these in whatever way you can: with a kind word, with a hug, with a plate of food, with a job, with a job, it doesn’t matter. It will be up to you to lift this great mass that will simply sit and cry; it will not have the strength to get up. We cannot demand from each one of you here a concrete action. Any helping action has to come from the heart. Any helping action can never be thinking of oneself. The help can be to a brother, the help can be to the planet, the help can be to an animal. These are the helps we need at this moment.

So today I want to make an invitation to each one of you. Our meeting last year was quite troubled, because many don’t care about following anything, about learning anything, they just want movement, and when there is any kind of movement, they want to participate. So a lot of confusion happened the year before. So this year will be a little different.

Our meeting will take place on November 27th. I invite each of you to find something to do. There will be no meditations, no gifts, this is over. Choose this day as a day to do something for someone, for the planet, or for the animals. These are the pillars I ask you to use. I’m not limiting here, that it’s just people from the groups; whoever wants to participate, participate. There will be no limitations like there were last year. And we don’t want people joining the groups just to participate and then forget about it.

Regarding the charter groups, I will talk about that another time. But the meeting this year is free. It can be a one-person meeting, doing something within these three pillars, it can be a group meeting; it doesn’t matter. What matters is that on this day, you choose something to do. If you want to get together in groups, to do something, be my guest, but it has nothing to do with the Letters group. Whoever you want can participate. It will be a free meeting. I just ask that you don’t be innocent in opening your homes to people you don’t know. So mark public places, do public actions, and everybody will be safe, because we will be together with each one of you.

So it is already explained how the meeting will be. You don’t have to register anywhere, you don’t have to form groups that already exist, be very comfortable. The important thing is that the action or actions are done, for those in need, for the Earth and for the animals. So start looking for something that you can do effectively on this day. Unite around something interesting and just do it. So start looking for something you can participate in right now. More instructions will come as time goes on. I am warning you today, so that you program yourselves and start now to look for action, to look for what you are going to do within these three pillars. So there is no need to keep asking, everything is very clear here. All you have to do is listen to it several times and everything will be very clear.

This is my message to you today, start getting into the habit of doing for those in need, for the Earth, and for the animals. Let’s say that this will be a good rehearsal for you to begin to learn and to learn about actions that are really worth expanding. Ask me to help you find such places, and I will lovingly take you to each of them.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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