Wisdom is the ability to live your truth, the inner guidance and inner knowing, and indeed to not to allow anyone, or anything to pull you off center. Wisdom indeed means living your truth in all and every sense and way.

When one is wise one is not swayed by the applause of the masses, nor their condemnation, but is centered in the Omni-Versal Wisdom of All Ages, which has no end and not beginning, and is a way of life and living in itself.

In Ancient Times every single Tribe had Wisdom Keepers, and they were indeed much loved and revered. They were the ones who were the True Seers, and indeed hold the Wisdom of the Tree of Life within them.

In the Zulu Tradition, the Wise Ones, were the Elders, and they indeed wore a circlet around their head, which depicted their status as a Wisdom Keeper of the Tribe. They were much respected and indeed when they stood up and spoke, everyone else fell silent.

All over the World you had the Wise Women, who were much honored and respected by the community, and indeed consulted and who so often guided souls within their community, with inner wisdom and strength, insight and foresight. More than this, love.

There are currently so many of these Wisdom Keeper Souls incarnated, and they have returned to lead the way into the New Way of Life in the New Earth.

You will not find them shouting out loud and standing on podiums and projecting Opium into the masses.

The Wise are indeed frugal with their words and speech, and when they do speak, they do so with authority and power. The Power, which is within them, as they fully embrace their own Divinity and indeed live the truth of who and what they are in truth.

The Wise Ones often seek to walk the path alone, for it is in silence that the Truth of Wisdom speaks directly into the soul.

When one drinks from the Fountains of Eternal Wisdom, one indeed realizes, that the more you know, the less you know, yet the more you live the infinite wisdom and truth, for you can do and be no other.

We need those Wisdom Keeper Souls now to step to the Fore and wisely lead with unconditional love.

**By Judith Kusel