Greetings, we are the Andromedan civilization and beings, we come forth with the vibration of Truth.

Today we wish to speak with you about Truth Cycles.

The presence of truth is immensely important, it is the vibration and the frequency of the Creator. Truth allows and supports a remembrance of the Creator thus, allowing for the dawning of wisdom. Wisdom that is enlightening, liberating and supports your deepening connection with all that is the Creator.

When we speak of truth, we are focusing upon pure, vibrations of the Creator which exist within your being and throughout the entire Universe of the Creator. Truth can be described and experienced in many ways. When we connect with truth, we understand our connection with the Creator. There is a familiarity, a resonance, maybe even a relief of experiencing connection with all that is the Creator once more.

It is important to invite yourself to acknowledge what truth means to you? How do you explain truth and how do you wish to experience the truth of the Creator upon the Earth in your current existence? The cycles of truth that are taking place on the inner planes are like templates, they are a momentum of energy that is almost circling, it is constantly moving and yet the vibration isn’t necessarily evolving. It is simply moving, creating, and magnifying the same vibration or frequency, and these vibrations and frequencies are of truth.

We can imagine circular templates that are spinning and hold a truth within them. Truth, all remembrance, or recognition of the Creator is essential for the current stage of ascension and allows for whoever views the truth to embody and express it.

These templates of truths are known as Truth Cycles, they are the pinpoints to ascension at this moment.

The qualities within the Truth Cycles are the vibrations that are needed to be embodied to evolve to the next stage of ascension. These Truths Cycles are immensely powerful, and you can enter them, they are like portals. As you enter a Truth Cycle you will be transported to that vibration of Truth.

They are like ashrams or a sacred space that emanates and portrays truth vibrations. You will have time to absorb the truth vibration, to recognize it, understand its meaning, and embody it. Then ask to go back to your physical body on the earth to ground the truth into your being.

The Truth Cycles have topics, an example of this s that one Truth Cycle is devoted to the truth of the physical body. When you enter this Truth Cycle or Portal, you enter an ashram that emanates the truth of the Physical Body, it is like reading a book all about the truth of the physical body. Within the Truth Cycles, you can discover what the Creator intended the physical body for, how the Creator created the physical body, the purpose of the physical body, and how the physical body can ascend and evolve further. Sometimes the Truth Cycles gift to you an affirmation that describes the truth of that cycle.

There are other truth cycles that you can connect with: Truth of the Ascension Journey, the Truth of the Creator’s Love, and the Truth of Your Purpose. There are so many Truth Cycles it is not essential for you to connect with all of them. If you find that you are unable to experience them, the simple intention of connecting with some of the Truth Cycles will be enough.

When you wish to connect with the Truth Cycle, you can simply ask.

Call upon us the Andromedans, ask to connect with the most appropriate Truth Cycle for your current stage of ascension.

Go into your heart chakra, then into your higher heart chakra. It will almost be like a circular dial, a gate or a door that you can walk through. You will enter through the Truth Cycle.

When you are within the Truth Cycle you can be still, breathe deeply, focus upon your senses.

What are you being made aware of, what are you being alerted to? How is the truth cycle impacting your being? The Truth Cycle is speaking with you and so it is for you to open yourself up to receive its communication in a way that serves you, and in a way that you may understand.

Once you have completed the process, you can simply ask us the Andromedans to transport you back to your physical body. Breathe as deeply as possible and then exhale as expansively as possible to ground the truth into your being.

If you are unaware of what is occurring, the grounding process will take place and these Truth Cycles will support you in your reality. They are being made present from the inner planes to you like templates of activating truth, truth that is already present within your being.

This truth will support you and your current experiences, your creations, and your existence upon the Earth heightening, boosting all that you are experiencing and offering to you the tools that are necessary and needed. Some of these Truth Cycles may offer healing, others may offer new skills and ability or inspiration and enlightenment.

Remember that it is important to connect with the Truth Cycles that serve you rather than trying to connect with numerous Truth Cycles.

We, the Andromedans, will be present to serve you and support you. This is a wonderful opportunity for embodiment and remembrance of the truth of the Creator which of course it is already within your being.

We love you dearly and absolutely,

We are the Andromedans.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson