The following is a case that has been around the field of UFO research, known as UFOlogy, for many decades. But, it is rarely talked about nowadays, as sightings from the 1960s are often overshadowed by more modern events.

As the story goes here, during the Gemini XI mission which flew from September 12 to 15, 1966, astronauts Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr. and Richard F. Gordon Jr. performed the first-ever direct-ascent (first orbit) rendezvous with an Agena Target Vehicle. However, in addition to their mission, they encountered something they could not explain – and even captured multiple photographs of it.

On page 106 of the official NASA voice transcript, the sighting was recorded:

The sighting was also recollected and analyzed in the Condon Report, and ultimately labeled as simply being the Proton III satellite. It should be noted, the below section was part of a larger portion of the Condon Report that was mysteriously missing from copies disseminated by the U.S. government; specifically, the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). The entire section on astronauts and their UFO sightings was removed, though The Black Vault later tracked down the COMPLETE version and archived it here. That once missing section contained the below:

It appears that the Condon report contradicts itself, by stating clearly above that with the distance of the Proton III, it would be unlikely that the photographs would depict more than “just a point of light.” Yet, the photographs did, as later in the same section, the Condon report states that the photographs “reveals considerably more detail than just a point of light.”

Despite the discrepancy, the Condon report sided with NORAD’s interpretation that it was the Proton III.

Was it? Here are the three high resolution (RAW) photographs taken on that mission.

The Photographs

.zip file of all three RAW Image Files below [120MB].

In the archive of Gemini XI photographs as hosted by the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in partnership with Arizona State University’s “School of Earth and Space Exploration,” you can find three photographs that captured the unknown object.

The following are those photographs, cropped and zoomed, headed with their official image identification number and followed by all of the available technical information about the shots. The three photographs in their RAW / High Resolution / unedited format, are also available in an archived  .zip file [120MB].


The poorest of the three photos is the first taken. However, it is shown here to show the object itself was indeed captured:


This was the second photograph captured.


This was the third photograph captured.

The Photographs – Uncropped (Lower Resolution)

Although these three images below are the full photograph frames, the highest resolution (RAW format) are available in the .zip file above, so make sure you download that if you plan to do your own analysis.

Note: The bright object to the right of each frame is the overexposed L-Band antenna.

Animated .GIF

Researcher William Johnson created an animated .gif from two of the above photographs, which represents the “tumbling” descriptor used. It offers a nice representation of the object’s movement:

Bruce Maccabee Analysis, 2000

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