Love is who we are and joy is our innate and natural way of being. At our core, we are truly magnificent creators of infinite potential. With every breath, the cooperative components of our lives synchronize to the rhythm of our heartbeat and respond to the thoughts and feelings we entertain. The power of our imagination is the wellspring of our hopes and dreams and our heartfelt intentions plant the seeds of our tomorrows. When we align with our joy, all things are possible.

It all begins within. This beautiful planet provides the foundation for us to explore and express joy in countless ways. Our senses immerse us in a landscape of ever changing beauty, allowing us to feel tangibly the love that is always flowing in, through and around us. When we are present and aware in the moment, this fullness of life pulsating through us expresses as boundless joy. We are literally vibrating in harmony with life itself. This is our true nature.

Choice is the cornerstone of our experiences. Knowing we are creating within, through our thoughts, feelings and perspectives, we open the gateway to joy. We cease reacting to experiences and begin appreciating everything as a reflection of how we once thought and felt. With each positive and progressive step forward, our thoughts evolve to reflect our newfound understandings. In turn, as we take life and ourselves more lightly, we infuse joy into our journey. Building and sustaining momentum in this, we transform our lives and those around us. We become joy made manifest.

Being happy is intrinsic in our design and regardless of past circumstances, beliefs, traditions, habits or any form of limited or negative perspective, we are here to experience joy. This simple realization allows us to once again align our choices accordingly and embark on the magical adventure of life. When we step onto a path of joy, everything changes based on this clarity of intention. That which is not joy begins to diminish while all that is possible for us begins to emerge.

We are so much grander than we realize or ever dreamed possible. When we go within, we find the love we are and where there is love, there is great joy. Living joyful lives is our choice and it begins with you and me.

Love and hugs,

**By Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation