Beloved lights of Ascension, we are pleased to connect with all who resonate with these words.

Many of you are feeling overwhelmed by the response of others when you speak your truth, or when you simply choose to stand in your sovereignty, even silently. Why is this so?

It is because those who appear to be sleeping have felt the resonance of truth in your words and actions. Your truth has vibrated deep within them, and this throws them into confusion and denial. Your words and actions don’t align with their programming, yet they register them as truth. The result is confusion: emotional dissonance, spiritual dissonance and cognitive dissonance.

So how do they react? By hiding. They hide behind stone walls of silence, behind words of anger and rage, behind accusations that shame and blame you. They make you wrong because they cannot cope with the idea that they are wrong. Not yet.

You, dearest hearts, are not to blame. You are acting as a catalyst. Your intention is to honour your truth, not to create unrest. Trust that the resonance of your truth is so infinitely powerful that it is creating change – especially when you are on the receiving end of a disproportionate reaction. That is when you know your seed has been planted, your light has shone into the darkness of untruth and fear.

It is uncomfortable for you, but remember it is not personal to you ~ their anger is aimed at you because their pain is too powerful for them to handle in this now moment.

The time will come when they must re-examine what they thought they knew; they will remember what you said, the light you shone will shine within them and guide them on their journey back to truth, to love, to unity with Source.

So, as much as you can, accept the anger, fear, rage and stonewalling of others with compassion. See it as a sign that you have made a difference; it is a signal that your divine light has been seen and has assisted another beloved soul to awaken a little more.

We are with you.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert