I greet you with love as I offer you this Ascension Update. While life on planet Earth can seem as if it’s in quite a divisive spiral, it’s important to distinguish the difference between the expanded light frequencies entering our planet and how individual and collective egos process such energies. Throughout the realm of ego, the new waves of heart-centered consciousness signify the beginning of the end for the outdated collective unconscious.

As the new waves of pure crystalline light enter our atmosphere and energy fields, they often trigger the survival mode and systematic implosion of ego, which believes it has the power to control reality as well as dictate the will of others. Whether seen as a ramping up of mental illness and drug addiction throughout your community, increases in violence within your city streets, greater awareness of obsessive compulsive patterning in self and others, a greater desperation in those whose only sense of normalcy comes from having something to control, or just a frenzied feeling of confusion and chaos permeating your nervous system and perception of reality, you are currently witnessing the very beginning stages of ego unravel throughout the collective.

Since ego is only able to manipulate, control, and disempower those equally asleep in their egos, the chaos and panic you may be sensing, or have been sensing, is a scrambling for control as the power that ego never actually had over reality slips through its fingers as nothing more than a deeply-engrained self-serving belief. This may also create a baffling perceptual experience where it seems like news headlines change course nearly on a daily basis or as if it’s almost impossible to stop and concretely define where you are in your journey and exactly where you are headed.

Even when your inner compass feels completely ‘Bermuda Triangled’ by how these new waves of light are deconstructing the ego’s attachment to fear and grip of control, you always have the power, awareness, and ability to make the most health-centered choices for the mind, emotional body, nervous system, physical body, and energetic systems currently being reconfigured within you.

Since we also just entered a period of Mercury Retrograde, please be most compassionate with yourself over missed appointments, scheduling mishaps, breakdowns in communications, technology interruptions, as well as the ghosting from those who may not be choosing to move forward along the same timeline you are navigating. Let’s discuss timelines…

With 2021 adding up to 5 and signifying the first year in which the portals into 5D reality are opening in the awareness of the collective, it brings each human being to a pivotal choice-point throughout this year. Such a choice-point exists as determining which timeline you will be choosing to move from, through, and beyond — not based on desire, but along which vibration the majority of your personal choices align.

As a brief overview, 3D timelines are where human beings go to become more aware of their patterns of conditioning, and to make more visceral contact with the wounds they carry that influence such patterning, which includes the inevitable awareness that life is a journey of self-expression, inner growth, and evolving expansion, as one begins seeing through the veil of competition, conflict, corruption, and coercion to start sensing the cooperation, compassion, and deeper spiritual identity of unity consciousness in human form. Once life is no longer a journey of defining your self-worth or sense of self by gains and losses and includes an awareness of personal conduct as how we take responsibility for the lives being explored, human beings make their way into 4D timelines.

In 4D, the unraveling and transmuting of familial, societal, and ancestral conditioning deepen, as the ego is primed for the letting go of control it only imagined having. It is also where one learns the difference between control and choice.

While control requires a need to ensure certain outcomes do and don’t occur, the liberated wisdom of choice knows that it’s never a matter of what happens, but how courageously and lovingly we respond to circumstance that shapes our perspective of experience.

4D timelines are also where the spiritual ego gets created and can often distract many from their own trajectory of awakening with the various fear-based conspiracy theories redecorating 3D fear with spiritual concepts and ideas. The objective in 4D timelines is to allow all of the wisdom collected on your journey to be translated into a more conscious and actualized expression of spirit. In 3D, clarity depends on what you know. In 4D, clarity is based not on what you know, but how your actions act as the clearest reflection of all the insight you’ve come to know. As entry points into 5D timelines, the fourth dimension is where we cut chords with dualistic beliefs, ideas, and perspectives, allowing all identifications with fear-based concepts to be released as a time-honored doorway into the oneness of 5D unity consciousness.

Currently, and throughout 2021, human beings, whether aware of it or not, are being tasked with choosing which timelines they either stay in or move into based upon the depth of wisdom reflected in the overall sum of their personal choices. Because fear, division, “us vs them”, or “me against you” patterns are very much rooted in the third dimension, anyone spending exhausting amounts of time choosing sides, arguing perspectives, or having anything to fight, take down, or expose is unknowingly choosing to remain in 3D timelines, so to have more time having things to track, challenge, oppose, and fight.

This is so, even for those who believe their opposition is bringing tremendous awareness for the spiritual evolution of many. For those caught in this type of 4D spiritual ego tailspin, the veracity of their fight is powerful enough to move them out of 4D timelines and back into 3D for the further unraveling of their conditioning and development of their awareness.

Let me be very clear: the determining factor in your timeline advancement is solely dependent upon aligning your choices with your highest wisdom, so that your decisions honor what you are for and not reinforcing what you are against.

Shifting towards what you are for occurs by uncovering the opposite of the things you wish to resolve. Perhaps, from a 5D perspective, you can be in support of someone’s sobriety, instead of judging their addictive patterning. Maybe it’s time to stand for conscious communication, even when members of your family can only speak from a place of judgment, deflection, and accusation. What if you don’t have to denigrate the atrocities in view in order to support the progress that allows each conflict to be resolved?

As another example, whether you are vaccinated, unvaccinated, or undecided, as long as the reason for why you do what you do is for something and not against anything else, you will find yourself moving forward into your next highest timeline. No matter your stance on vaccination, which is a personal and intuitive decision each person must make on their own, each and every person is able to access their next highest timeline based on the wisdom they support when embraced in the absence of having anything to defeat.

It also brings to light a truth that will be rather astonishing for many to realize: nothing needs to be taken down, in order for a new conscious reality to dawn. As Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.” Since each of humanity’s problems were created in 3D, the solutions manifest into tangible form as more human beings move out of 3D, through 4D timelines, and into the 5th dimension of unity consciousness.

The more human beings continually make this shift, no matter the headlines serving to hypnotize and divide the many who are awakening, the more innovative ideas can enter the atmosphere of the planet as a new reality of socio-economic relief, legislative clarity, and social reform that allows the cosmic rules of Universal Will to be the governing principles of society equally serving the uniqueness, needs, and sovereignty of all sentient beings.

Throughout these shifts, it is important to remember the wisdom of divide and conquer: when we as a species are divided or turned against each other, we have already been conquered.

In order to overcome this tendency and to collectively manifest the light of oneness that exists to resolve all aspects of division, prejudice, judgment, manipulation, abuse, deception, greed, and suffering, it is essential that we unite instead of divide. While you may have a different way of anchoring light than the choices embraced by others, now is the time to stop fueling the flames of conflict by bringing our individual awareness to our most fundamental spiritual wisdom, as the reason why each choice is made in the name of a higher all-inclusive loving force of eternal truth. As always, loving yourself more, not less, every step of the way.

Besides, if the division you convey is attempting to bring greater awareness to issues like human trafficking, I invite every passionate supporter of human rights to donate to organizations such as Underground Railroad (https://ourrescue.org/) and many others that require funding in order to bring each man, woman, and child home to safety. Even if you don’t have the funds to support such a mission, you are better off creating crowd-funding campaigns to help redistribute wealth in a more productive direction, which allows you to embody all that you are for, instead of opposing reality from a 3D perspective.

As you continue aligning your choices with the wisdom carried within you, please know the ebbing and flowing you see in the world is how the collective ego structure responds to the threat of evolutionary change.

For those yearning for more emotional and energetic support throughout this harrowing process, please join me and the Love Revolution for Together as One: Stabilizing Your Emotions. This event takes place this Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30pm PDT. It will feature a transmission, a live and interactive Q&A, as well as a healing process of cutting chords with dualistic beliefs, ideas, and perspectives, to allow all identifications with fear-based concepts to be released as a time-honored doorway into the oneness of 5D unity consciousness. It will be offered with sliding scale options and will include replays of the event for all participants, whether joining live or watching at a later time.

On behalf of the Universe, thank you for each of the steps forward you continue to make in evolution, not just as a gift for your personal journey, but to support and inspire the tipping point of awakened consciousness throughout our beloved planet. Our time of preparation has been completed, for these are the emerging times we incarnated to live out. While Ascension is guaranteed, how miraculous a shift or how long-winded it all plays out is a matter of how aligned the collective becomes. Knowing, your most impactful contribution to helping to shift a collective consciousness exists in the light that you embody through your words, actions, and behavior, no matter how anyone else chooses to be.

This is the ascension. We are ascending. More details to come, but for now, thank you for receiving this briefing and all the profound choices it inspires you to make. Until our next Ascension Update, let love guide your way.

All For Love,