Dear Energies of Light of this planet Earth! I am Kuthumi!

It is with great joy that I come to you today. To be able to transmit a message at this moment is something really extraordinary, compared to what we experienced long ago, when we were aware of everything you were going through, but we had no way of reaching as many souls as we do today. This time of discovery, of newness, of simply having access to so many things that would once have been impossible within your concept, brings exactly the love pertinent to this moment.

We needed to somehow involve you in this great process of evolution of the planet and the human race, and we have been doing so for some time now. For many it is still difficult to believe, to accept that all of this is possible. To believe in a New World, to believe in a more peaceful, more abundant life, without fear, without misery, without hunger, still seems like a fairy tale to many.

Those whose hearts are not of this race, effectively speaking, know the whole truth, they know the way. But they also know the pain, they know another side of the story that you, the vast majority of the human race has not known. Many souls who are here as starseeds were simply imprisoned against their will during the fall of consciousness on this planet. Many suffered greatly. It was not an easy time for them. They were not allowed to leave, and they were not allowed to continue to act exactly as they did before. They were forced to undergo many games of consciousness, so that they forgot what power they had.

The vast majority of these souls today feel in their hearts that everything that is being said is true, that everything that is being proposed is real, because they have lived through it once, they have lived in a world exactly like the one that is being proposed, and they know that it is possible. Today, feeling powerful, feeling brave, is difficult for these souls, because they are still embittered with suffering and everything they were subjected to, so that they could forget everything, so that they would never again have the power they once had.

So many souls, from this large group of starseeds, ask themselves, “Where are my powers? Where is everything I once knew? Where is my wisdom? Where is my ability to make it happen like I did once upon a time? Where is it all?” Some even experience this; they can see some things, they can even exercise their powers, and why shouldn’t the others?

Each starseed that is here, has a frequency, has a wisdom; has a soul frequency. So those whose souls were more powerful, before the fall, were the ones that were hit the hardest; the others managed to stay apart of this whole process. So I come here today to tell those souls, who often feel unable, to believe in themselves, to believe that they were once powerful, to just surrender; surrender to the flow of their own evolution. Don’t make yourselves out to be the poor ones, or deceived by all that has been said. Just move forward. Don’t look back. If there are doubts, leave them in the past.

From now on you just have to let yourself go, let yourself be led by those around you, as your protectors and masters. That’s all. Let yourself be led, let yourself evolve. Don’t doubt anything. If it’s hard to believe, if it’s hard to accept, all that you once were, just don’t do anything against it; let time itself and the flow of your evolutions happen.To give you an image, I would say that you are being stretched to the max; stretched in t

he sense of being provoked to make choices, to ask for help, to try to get out of this block that you have been subjected to. And when that moment comes, that moment when you say, “Enough! I don’t want this anymore. I want to be the powerful soul that I once was. I want to be that well of confidence that I once was. I want to be able to do for myself and those around me as I once did.

When you shout it out, when you say, “Enough!”, this taut rope that you have been subjected to will be loosened. Now don’t be afraid of where you are going to end up, because believe me, the rope has been stretched to its maximum, and this rope, when it is released, will throw you much, much, much further. Now don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of where you will be taken.

I would just say that that wall, that blockage that you have been subjected to is over, and it will be enough for you, step by step, to begin to remember and relive every moment of who you once were. And when that happens, each one of you, the Starseeds that are here, you will make a difference, and be sure that each one of you that gets free, will cause the liberation of another one, another one, another one. Because it will be a chain reaction, and all of a sudden, all of you Starseeds will have back all the powers that you once had when you came here, and because you went through this dimension, you were forced to give them up.

The moment for each one of you to say “Enough” is individual. It is the moment when you need to feel it, not just say it. It is the moment when a great transformation will begin, but it has to come from the heart, it has to come from great clarity of the moment you are living in. We are watching, accompanying, protecting, each one of you. Do not be afraid.

Just let yourself be released and you will feel the freedom, the strength, and the power of Father/Mother God working in each one of you. Don’t be afraid of the flight. Don’t be afraid of the launch. If you want to fly, create wings; and you will be able to do it. Believe in the Light. Believe in the power of the Light coming to this planet. Believe in your own walk, which is surely leading each of you to say one simple word: “Enough.”

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez