Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high, we come forward, now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you other ever-evolving humanity.

We as a collective have just passed through the 9:9 Completion Portal and the Equinox Gateway.

As mentioned in the previous energy reports these are the two most potent and significant portal points that we have walked through energetically this year as the 9:9 Completion Portal marked the end of the timeline of separation and the anchoring in of the Golden Age timeline.

In the Equinox transmission, we opened up the Nadi’s within the physical Meridian system, which are the gateway points to the Golden Age timeline.

We must all become embodiments of the Golden Age timeline in order to activate that shift in the collective consciousness.

Not only is it our responsibility to do the spiritual work necessary to become embodiments of the Golden Age codes. We must understand that so much of the ascension of planet Gaia is intricately hinged on the successful reunification of the 144,000 illumined twin soul pairs.

These unions were seeded at the time of Lemuria, and it was at the time of the fall of Atlantis that many of these Twin Flames experienced a cataclysmic separation from each other.

We in the transmission groups have done huge monumental work to completely restore the timeline of Atlantis, so that we can change the script whereby the separation didn’t happen for the Twin Flames. This is essential in order to protect the psychic, energetic, and spiritual field of the twins that have been carrying unfathomable and unprecedented levels of trauma due to what happened at the time of Atlantis.

It is very important that everyone reading these words understands that the full anchoring of the Golden Age timeline is intricately connected to the successful reunification of the 144,000 illumined twin souls.

The reason for this is that as genuine Twin Flames come into recognition and reunion with each other, they activate within their psychic fields, the frequencies of bliss, rapture, and ecstasy.

Bliss, rapture, and ecstasy are of such a high frequency on the energetic scale that as we become individualized transmitters and embodiers of these frequency codes, our consciousness literally gets underneath humanity and raises up the collective consciousness to a level whereby it is stabilized at a blissful vibration.

Once this happens, the earth will collectively go into what is called fifth dimensional consciousness.

We are approaching the 10:10 portal date, and in the 10:10 transmission, we are being guided to do a very individualized personal blessing for each of the Twin Flame pairs that come forward to be part of this transmission.

We are being guided to activate through the faculty of visualization and imagination, (which is the gateway to the fifth dimension), sacred union trajectory that is deeply connected to one’s Kundalini energy and the rising of one’s Kundalini energy in the Hieros Gamos.

If you are a Twin Flame and are committed to coming into union with your Twin Flame, this is the most important transmission that I will have hosted with regards to this specific area of consciousness, i.e. Twin Flame physical reunification.

It promises to be an extremely powerful breakthrough opportunity for many genuine bonafide Twin Flames. And my team has shown only the timeline of huge levels of contact and alignment with genuine bonafide Twin Flames in alignment with this 10:10 neurological portal transmission.

There are other aspects to the transmission, which will be revealed in due course.

One of those will also be focused on the protection for the children, with regards to the jabs that are being administered to them now.

We will bring through a protection protocol for the children, and an antidote for the heinous inflictions that many of them are being faced with now due to the ignorance of their parents who are putting them forward for these so-called “shots.”

Please see below for full details on how to book onto the 10:10 transmission.

What we are witnessing is an unprecedented level of karmic relationships collapsing now. The energies that are pouring through from Galactic Central are so powerful, and so irrefutable that particularly the Divine Masculines that have remained entrapped in these karmic relationships are beginning to awaken now. And understand that these connections are very much connected to DNA inversions, and the nefarious plan, which has been to keep twins in separation.

If you are a Divine Masculine reading these words, it’s very important that you understand that your heart holds the codes to take you to your spiritual destiny. Your heart is the GPS satellite system that knows the exact way to take you to your highest spiritual destiny.

This is very important now that you focus on your heart and listen deeply to the messages of your heart, which hold the identity of your true bonafide Twin Flame very, very clearly.

It’s important now that you connect with her etherically,and telepathically through the heart space and let her know that you are coming home.

Divine feminines, it is very important that you stand in the vibration of your wish fulfilled and you hold deeply the vision that your Twin Flame has arrived home.

It is important that you spend your day in abiding prayer and gratitude for the fact that God has united you with your Twin Flame.

There are many, many things for us to discuss, but for now I will leave it here.

I look forward to welcoming the ground crew into the 10:10 transmission group

in love and eternal light Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

The 10:10 transmission

The 10:10 transmission will take place on the 10th of October at 8.08 P.M.UK time.

In this transmission, we will do a personal individualized blessing for each of the Twin Flames that come forward to take part in this ceremony.

We will activate a personal individualized meeting alignment, which will activate profound shifts and transformations within your personal Twin Flame union trajectory.

We will also be sending out a protection protocol for all the children of the Earth who are being exposed to the heinous jabs at the moment.

There are other aspects to the 10:10 transmission, which will be revealed in due course. Please know it is my deepest honour to you into the core ground crew.

I will also be hosting the transmission after party.

This is an opportunity for us to go deeper into the codes, deeper into the transmission, and deeper into opening to receive the codes that have been shared in the transmission.

The after parties have been jaw-droppingly powerful and life changing for all of us.

I highly recommend gifting yourself this opportunity to come and have this sacred, intimate space with me after the transmission.

In love and eternal light,

Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.