Dear Brothers of the planet Earth! I am Kalighal! Commander of the Pleiadian ship.

I have been away for a while, but I haven’t left and I won’t be leaving any time soon. We have just been reorganizing, getting ready to receive you. It is as if a big party is being planned on our ships for our appearance, so that you can see the beauty in us. We are somewhat different from you. We have the humanoid aspect, yes, but we are not totally the same. So we need to make as little impact as possible, and we need to present ourselves perfectly aligned and elegant.

We understand that you still put so much emphasis on appearances; we understand that this is a lesson that will be learned over time, where you will see so many different, so many different forms; but that in time you will learn to love and respect them; understanding that you are just another species in the universe. Many of you still believe that you are the rulers in the universe, that there is nothing out there, that there is only you.

The certainty that you are not alone in the universe will leave many people disappointed, will leave many people stunned, because you will realize that you are not all that important that your egos have placed on you, and you will learn, over time, to accept and respect those who are different. Father/Mother God is so wise, that even among you, whose physical structures are all similar, yet your appearance is totally different. You will realize that we and the other galactic brothers do not have so many differences; we may have differences in height, in the appearance of the face, but otherwise we are all the same.

The diversity that exists among you is amazing. Why does it have to be this way? Because this is a great lesson that you had to learn. Unfortunately, most of you have not yet learned it. You regard those who are different in color, in shape, in the way they live, as strangers, as enemies to be enslaved and slaughtered. There is still a large minority among you who think this way. Why a large minority? Because it is not a small minority, it is a very large one.

So when they realize that in the universe you are just another species, their egos will scream, they will kick, they will argue, and I’ll tell you what, they will not accept that they are not superior races, that they are not the only ones in the universe. This will be such a profound shock to them that they may not survive. No, I am not exaggerating. The consciousness of superiority is something very serious in the minds of some of you; and to lose it, it is unacceptable, it is not allowed.

But it was exactly by the wisdom of Father/Mother God, that this planet was populated, from various extraterrestrial species. And today you are that great mixture because of the miscegenation that was made. Has the lesson been learned? I would say no, because you still discriminate yourselves, you still don’t accept your own brothers and sisters. So you can be aware of how difficult it will be to be accepted on your planet, we and all the others. For we are not all the same, each race that is around this planet has its own characteristics.

So if you discriminate against your own kind for being different, imagine what you will do to us. Don’t think that this will be easy for many on the planet. You, who already live with us, already have contact with us; the first physical contact will not be easy. And I won’t be a liar in saying that for us it will also be easy. Being at a distance, connecting with you, is safe for us and for you. Now to be there, eye to eye, as you say, so close that we can feel each other’s breath, will be a very energizing moment for you and for us.

It has been a long time since we have had any contact with the Third Dimension. So we are doing a lot of exercise, so that we can land on the surface of your planet and not lose our own energy. We won’t be able to stay there for a long time, because our bodies can’t take it. But let’s say that a small team from each race that is here, will land on your planet. And these are the ones that are being prepared, so that they can be there on the surface of the Third Dimension, without having their energies affected.

It is not easy for us. So I can tell you, that I will be leading a great team, I will introduce myself to you. To say that there is no anxiety on our part would also be a lie. We are living moments that we haven’t experienced for a long time, and I can say that these are new feelings for us. It is a mixture of everything: anxiety, perplexity… fear… no, there is no fear because we trust you and the moment we are given the order to come down, no one will be putting our safety at risk.

We will know where and how to land on your planet. We would never go down in the middle of a city because we would be killed. No, don’t think otherwise. Everything that is new, is different, and everything that you have been taught in your movies, in your stories… we are invaders, we are the ones who came to destroy your planet. So we would never land in a city; and we will be received only by a few chosen by the commanders of this whole operation.

We are not naive, we know what we can get from your reception. And be assured that we will not be unprotected, but we will never do anything to hit you, we will only protect ourselves, until the first impact is absorbed by the population of the planet.  When everyone is sure that we exist, and that we have been here for a long time, then yes, we can appear anywhere; take you for a ride in our ships. And I am sure that many of you will be lining up to be with us on our ships.

But all this will still take some time. Until all this new knowledge, for many of the planet, is absorbed. Soon, very soon, we will be there. To physically introduce ourselves is an honor for us, it is a time of much rejoicing and much joy, because we are aware of the friendly hearts that we have created on this planet. Each one of you. And we will make it a point to be with each one of those who respect us today. We don’t know the form yet, but be assured that we will make it our way.

Your planet is very big, we will need to have a visitation schedule so that we can get to know everyone. But there will be time for that, there is no hurry, we don’t have a date to leave; we will still be here for a long time. Then we will have plenty of time to visit every spot on this planet, even if it is only to meet a single being from that place who has accepted and loved us. We will make this visit to this one being. No problem for us.

We don’t want an audience, we want friends; and each one of you who tries or contacts us today, we know exactly who you are and where you are. So look forward to our visit. Unfortunately we cannot say that we will come to your home, it would be too risky for us, but for sure we will be in a place where you can visit us and we will be there, as long as it takes to wait for you. Be sure of that.

Our love for you is immense and we want to strengthen this friendship that has arisen from this great process forever, for eternity. Of course you keep trying to imagine and guess when this will happen. We can say that there is no definite date, because it depends on surface actions. But we can say yes, that if right now at this moment, the great Commander Sananda, were to say to us “Come down!”, we would be ready by now. It would not be a mad rush to comply with his request.

We are ready, it would just be time to put on our shoes. A little humor doesn’t hurt anyone, and we would be there almost immediately. So we just wait for an order, or rather a request from Sananda, our great commander. So I just tell you, we will be presenting ourselves as beautiful and elegant as possible. Our house, which are our ships today, are adorned, ornamented, clean, smelling good, to receive you inside them; whoever has the courage to enter. But I believe that we will be able to welcome you…, I couldn’t say with a beautiful table of goodies, as you are used to, but we will certainly welcome you with a feast.  And what we would give you to consume would be something unforgettable for you. Because it will have a very special flavor, the flavor of friendship, the flavor of love, and the flavor of your great victory in this great process.

You asked for this, the human race asked for help, asked for its freedom, and Sananda heard you. And today you are one step away from becoming another totally free race in this universe. Just wait a little longer. In fact, a long time ago it would have been a long time ago, but today, I would say that? no, I can’t give you any predictions, because it doesn’t depend on us; but that for sure everything is moving fast, and it will be any moment now. When you least expect it, we will be there.

Trust us. Whoever wants to, keep trying to contact us. By the light that reaches this planet, we are responding quickly and easily. Your consciousnesses are opening, the blockages…, most of them have already fallen. So just ask us from the heart, “Pleiadian brothers, make contact with me!” And be assured that we will.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez