As you wait for the end of this challenging time, I tell you: The mystery has just begun!

And while you are slipping into doubt in the present crisis, I say to you: Your confidence and trust are being strengthened daily while you sleep – imperceptibly at first, but in truth you are growing into spiritual giants.

No humanity has ever shown so much devotion and perseverance, and no humanity has ever been more capable of ascending in this one epoch.

You are absolutely unique and outstanding creatures of God who are performing the sacred service of love to mankind and yourselves on earth.

You are still too little aware of your true greatness, there are still superimpositions of fears, so that you could not gain a clear view of this time event. So I come to you today with the unique gift to release and extinguish your fears that emanate from the excesses of this matrix.


For this it needs from you the deep inner wish, which you present to me – I am the Archangel ARIEL, the Light of God – before falling asleep. What happens thereupon is:

I guide you, while you sleep, into the light levels of your spiritual home and you will be released daily from current fears!

On spiritual level much is possible – and is much, which needs very much time on earthly level, very fast possible.

If you want to wake up free of fear and refreshed in the future, tell me before going to bed. The planes of healing are waiting for you and they know how to take away your fears, worries and anxieties – they give you a healing answer to your questions.

This gift requires that you face your fears and deal with them in your daytime consciousness. The time in which you lightly or due to mechanisms of repression declare: “I am not afraid”, should from today on belong to the past. Admit your fears to yourself, only then can they be released.

Do you know why diffuse fears never go away? Because you never become aware of them.

So come to me, so that I may guide you into the realm of light, into heaven – and so that you may remember how brave, determined, persevering, light-filled and powerful you are in truth.

The events of this time are unrolling on the reel of life.


Ascension is gained through many small and large efforts of strength – it does not happen overnight. What is irrevocable is that in the end you will remain on earth as a spiritual giant or return to the spiritual realms of being perfected.

The mystery of your ultimate transformation and complete transformation from a human being of the third density into a being of the fifth density has begun.

It is you who determines the speed and it is up to you alone how far you want to let your soul carry you.

This time raises many questions and confronts you with yourself. Who am I? What is my task? And how can I become more luminous, clearer and more conscious?

I stand by you and guide you, while you sleep, into the realms of knowledge, light and love. There you will receive the answers you need so that you can master your life.

This is my gift to you.

Today, it is only a matter of finding your task in this game and living your assignments. If you have reached this certainty, then everything is understandable to you by itself and the answers reach you by themselves.

Look deeper into your soul, deeper than you have ever looked – and live your life more absolutely than you have ever done. Recognize what prevents you from doing so, and then set out on a journey into the lighter planes of being.

You were born on this earth and equipped with specific assignments for this time. Release all the fears that prevent you from living what you are supposed to – and being who you are.

I await you daily from now on for the journey into the light. You awaken while you sleep and you become complete – the mystery of your transformation begins.

I love you infinitely.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by EraofLight.com