There is a call for everyone to slow down, go within and use that space and time to check in and see what is wanting to be noticed. It was shared with me that big energy arrives starting October 5th from the Galactic Core. The 10/10 gateway will find us reaching the pinnacle of this particular energy wave. It will then dissipate over the following 5 days. Between October 5th and 15th, we will be experiencing incredible energy coming from the galactic center. This is different than solar flares or Schumann Resonance. This wave will help wipe the cobwebs of sleep from our eyes and bring in activation codes to help us remember who we are.

October 6th, Pluto the planet of transformation and death will begin moving forward again. It is currently in retrograde. As it moves forward we will begin to see the results from this death and transformation process we have been in. On October 10th, Saturn comes out of retrograde. Saturn helps with rules, structure, and most importantly drive. It can help us with the kick in the butt we may need to move things forward.

All of this is on top of the cosmic energy coming in, we can see why this time is so important for us to go within, transform and redirect ourselves if we are out of alignment. We will begin to see the fruits of our labor as we emerge from the fires of transformation. With Saturn’s help, we get a push to bring the ideas we have received into this physical reality.

Recently I dreamed that my daughter and I were leaving a building in the city. I looked up and a flock of birds was suspended in mid-air as if the pause button was hit mid-flight. Most people couldn’t see the suspended birds and when they looked to see what we were staring at they saw nothing and thought we were crazy. One person across the street caught my eye, he too saw the suspended birds. It was great to not feel alone. After a time the bird started again as if nothing had happened.

My team says that this is the energy of the pause, allowing for introspection and redirection if needed.

It also shows how much the matrix is adjusting to the amount of souls awakening right now. While it is amazing to watch this grand awakening many are waking to victimhood and anger. This can be a necessary step towards overall empowerment and the Grand Rising. However, it can be difficult for the empaths that are affected by the energy. It is particularly important for empathetic souls to go within and create a retreat space within the heart center. This space becomes your refuge and your guide during turbulent times.

Many have been struggling to get out of their head. The thoughts loop and swirl with a fierce intensity. I shared a technique with the Aura Cleanse group to help them get out of the mind and into the heart space.  

A simple ceremony helps us to focus our minds and bodies. The first few times that you repeat the ritual, you are creating the pathway, exactly how muscle memory is created in the body. After that pathway is created when you begin the ceremony, your mind and body will know exactly what to do.

Here’s a version of a simple ceremony for getting into the heart space that I love.

Start with a cup of hot liquid. Wrap your hands around the cup. Feel its warmth on your hands, breathe in the warm steam and smell the liquid. (Choose a hot liquid you love and are willing to have often). Paying attention to the sensory experience of your cup of hot liquid will help to ground you into the present.

Begin to slow your breath. Visualize in your mind an elevator that is open, waiting for you to get in.

Enter the elevator and click the largest button that draws your eye. You may find that it is decorated or a different color. Trust that it will take you to the heart center.

As the elevator doors close, continue deep breathing. Feel your mind and body slow as the elevator goes down. When the elevator stops, step off and notice what you see.

When I began doing this years ago, my heart space was untended ground. It lacked nutrients and grew only weeds. Now it is lush, full of flowers, wildlife, walking paths, and benches for me to rest. It is my retreat, my refuge from the world and from my mind when needed. This is your space, create the one that brings you joy. Create the space you never want to leave. Feel how your body reacts when you are there.

Your mind may say that you are making all of this up, instead of letting the mind stop you, say “So what! I am simply playing.” This seems to quell the mind and allow people to enjoy and play in the space of non-ordinary reality much easier. Within the heart space, you can receive healing, guidance, and the all-important feeling of peace and knowing that all will be ok.

The more you allow yourself to be in the heart space, the more common it will feel. You will then easily notice when the mind takes over again as it will feel so off and frazzling. Repeat the ceremony often and bring your consciousness into your heart space until it becomes as natural as breathing.

The energies are not slowing down and will require us to remain in our center, grounded, and present. We are being asked to sink into ourselves, our knowing, and not get lost in the outer chaos. It is from our heart space that our dreams of a new way are pulled from the ethers to the physical realms.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world.  If you share, please share the entire post with the website link so that others can subscribe.