Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael.

I love to see the movement that I am seeing now. Action in relation to Gaia is necessary and welcome. Change, this is how it starts: a little here, a little there, a change in consciousness, a change in attitude. I would say more, small changes in consciousness and attitudes. Never think that a small gesture leads to nothing. It is with a small gesture, that a new consciousness is formed and it can expand more and more.

Perhaps for a long time, the lack of consciousness, the lack of care, the lack of understanding of what this planet was, led many of you to incorrect attitudes. In the same way that many people today become aware of the attitudes that their souls have had along their journeys, and are horrified that they were able to do what they did; the consciousness regarding the planet follows the same course.

At that time, in times past, in times of violence, in times of magic, in times of wars in the name of God, in the name of something that only brought profit to those who governed them; much was done, many lives were taken, much suffering was brought to the planet and its inhabitants. But what was the consciousness of that time? Was there the consciousness that you have today? Certainly not, because you followed orders and orders from those who supposedly had a direct contact with Father/Mother God. So you just obeyed.

As time went by, many things changed, but the concept of the planet didn’t change much. The planet was just a piece of land, of water, where you could take from it whatever you needed without limits; and so it was done and is done until today. So, blaming yourself, being sad, complaining, asking Gaia for forgiveness; I’m not saying it doesn’t work. Asking Gaia for forgiveness is important, because it shows the first step of your consciousness, but what good is it to ask for forgiveness?

A past fact, a death on the back of other lives, nothing can be done about it; what is done is done. The only action you can really do is to ask forgiveness of that soul or those souls. This is a concrete and real fact, because there is no way to change that anymore, that is past. So let’s talk about the present moment. Mistakes made, serious or not, bring consequences, and you are living the consequences of the mistakes made. Now, just asking Gaia for forgiveness doesn’t change much; it assuages your feelings of guilt.

But the big moment now is for action, is for change. The request for forgiveness is valid, but how far has his consciousness changed, how far has he changed his attitudes, his way of living? I would say that in the great majority, not at all. I say it again: many ask Gaia for forgiveness to assuage their guilt, nothing more. Now, when you ask Gaia for forgiveness, but start to open your consciousness, start to change your attitudes, start to have other habits and customs, then, yes, you start to show that something is changing within you. And I would say more, acting, doing something, just in a moment, you get together, you plan actions and in that moment you do it. Then you get home and don’t worry about anything. The moment of consciousness was ephemeral, it was quick, it was just that moment when you joined that group and did something; for you, it is enough, you have done your part.

Is it? Is that enough? Or to change consciousness, is to change as a whole, is to change your habits, is to change things in your homes, is to change a lot of things, not just in a moment, not just in a time, not just to say nice things. The big focus is to do, is to change, is to find new ways and new solutions. So I say to each one of you: I see that you are very excited about doing actions for Gaia. We like that, we are very happy to see that you are becoming aware. But I wish that this awareness was not momentary, that it was an attitude to be lived every moment, every moment.

Don’t just be that little flame that when it finds a dry bush, it gets stronger, burns, burns, burns, and when the bush ends, the flame ends too. Don’t be that flame, don’t burn anything. You have to be active like that flame, vibrant like that flame, but don’t lose the stimulus at the end. When I say don’t burn anything up, it’s not literally saying that you’re going to set anything on fire; it’s just that you don’t burn up this enthusiasm that is coming up now.

I tell you that talking, planning, putting ideas together is easy. Now I want to see the actual action. So many come together, many talk, many give ideas, and what actually gets done? I would say very little. And once again I would like to suggest, what we have been saying here for some time: creating new ways takes work, leads to mistakes, often even wasting time. There are already many groups out there working for Gaia, taking effective action on Gaia’s behalf. So now is not the time for you to sit around, getting together, putting ideas on paper, because when it comes time to apply these ideas, you will encounter countless obstacles, and you may lose the strength and energy you have now, because there will be so many obstacles to overcome that you will lose your enthusiasm.

So why not do it differently? Seek out those who already do. This is not the time for ego. “Oh no, I’m the one who created this idea, I’m the one who had the thought, so it has to be my way!” There is no more ego in that moment. The moment is for action, the moment is for joint actions, actions with those who have already been through all this and already know today, to face the obstacles. Never forget that inside where you live, there are laws, there are rules. So it is not just that you wake up one day and decide that you are going to plant a thousand trees wherever you go; it is not like that, it cannot be like that. There are laws, there are rules in every city, in every state, in every country. And those who have been through it all already know exactly what they can and cannot do.

So the moment now is not to create anything, the moment now is union. Get in touch with those who are already doing it, with those who today might be sitting on their hands, because they don’t have people to help. And you, as this big group, can be those people and start making a real difference. Don’t get stuck being in groups here and there, we are talking about Gaia, we are not talking about anything else. So don’t be bound by boundaries, by barriers, spread yourself all over the planet. It’s not by creating little groups that you will accomplish much. Everything has rules, everything has laws, and everything brings obstacles.

So if you want to unite, unite with those who already exist and already know what to do. Propose your ideas, create new ideas, present, but listen to those who have already tried to do so much and failed. So don’t let your ego speak louder. “It has to be my way, it has to be the way I said!” At this point, this can no longer happen. The action is joint, the action is everybody acting for the planet. Forget the limits of these groups here. The action is global, it is not individual, it is not the action of a single channel, it is the action of all. This is what we are asking for. So stop limiting yourselves, stop wanting to do things your way.

If we are saying this it is because we already know the result, which will be practically null if you decide to start from scratch. Seek out those who are already acting. Ask for our help, and we will take you to those groups, to those entities that are already doing good work and are often stopped, because they no longer have any help. So ask us to take you to them, and we will. Don’t waste time in creating roads, if there are already people who have opened those roads. Don’t want to assert your egos. There is no more ego to act on at this time. The moment is global, the moment is for the planet. Don’t want to show up because it was your idea. You had a brilliant idea, great, pass it on to others, don’t want to be the one to do everything yourself, just because it’s your idea.

But in case you don’t agree with any of the things I am saying, feel free to do it the way you want. Now, don’t complain afterwards, don’t look back and remember: “Oh, we lost a lot of time and we were warned about it. We are warning you, we are not privileging anyone. All we want is for you to join those who are already doing some work. Grow these groups, make these groups stronger, because the bigger the groups, the bigger the performance and the bigger the result.

So if each one of you, instead of thinking “what am I going to do, what can I invent”; look for those who are already doing it. Small ideas are good, but because I know exactly the human mind, I tell you, if you as a simple seed present an idea to those around you, it will hardly be applied. Now, if a large entity begins to do propaganda work, spreading the idea to the Whole, this changes the picture. Because people respect more, ideas that come from entities, than just one person.

Don’t forget that we see the human mind, and we know that nobody likes to accept ideas from the other, “Who is he to tell me what to do?” That is how you think, the vast majority. So, the conquest, the idea, has to come from something a little bigger. Then people begin to realize that that idea has already spread to many places on the planet. And then they may even change their minds, they may accept those ideas.

To close, I will repeat: You have free will. Do what you think is right. I am only showing you the easiest way, the most prosperous way, and the way that will give you a better result and in much less time.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez