Phoenix, Arizona. Homeowners near 35th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road say there has been a mysterious rattle that is happening more consistently and frequently. “It was just a jolt at first and we’d feel it like 2 or 3 times out of the year,” said Timothy Jackson. “As of yesterday, it was about 20 times every hour, just a steady shake.”

Timothy has videos of his windows rattling during one of the episodes. He said he built his home in 2000 and the shaking started about five years later–but it’s never been this bad.

“It rattles in the house but not only in the house, but outside it sounds like someone is jackhammering,” said Kelly Jackson, Timothy’s wife. “It’s very unusual, but when it happens it really does scare you because you don’t know if your windows are going to break, your house going to drop, you just don’t know what it is.”

The Jacksons said some walls in their house have also started to crack, as well as a few spots outside. “I probably have about 30 cracked tiles in different spots,” Timothy said. Several homeowners in the area are reporting the same experiences.

“Lately it’s been happening a lot and it’s really annoying, really hard to go to bed,” said Everett Salazar. “It’s just constant shaking, like constant, constant. It just doesn’t stop. Well, it will, but like after a couple minutes.”

People who live in the area said it sounds like a jackhammer and feels like waves of pressure. “You get a little lethargic when it happens, like a dizzy spell comes over at first and then it goes away real quick, but just before it hits, it’s like you’re just not 100%,” explained Timothy.

The shaking and rattling are a mystery to neighbors, but they believe it’s coming from the landfill across the street that is owned by the City of Phoenix. The site was decommissioned in 2005, around the same time Timothy said he started feeling the shaking once or twice a year.

City officials say they only recently received complaints of shaking over this past weekend when the shaking was constant. They said they have monthly monitoring systems, and nothing has shown anything out of the ordinary.

The city has now contacted a consulting company to run tests. City officials say they are anxious to find answers for homeowners and will continue to monitor the landfill.

**By Kim Powell