Reiki and crystals are both powerful healing tools in their own right, but combining reiki with crystal healing can help to magnify, specify and regulate your healing experience.

  • Magnify – by channelling Reiki through a living crystal matrix it is possibly to amplify the healing power being delivered and filter it to a more specific wavelength for a specific site or complaint.
  • Specify – Reiki is abundant universal energy, but in the same way we can focus light through a prism, we can use crystals to specify types of healing or locations that need to be worked on.
  • Regulate – Sometimes in treatment we don’t want to use the full force of the Reiki available to us, such as when treating people with secondary problems or certain growths, so we can use crystals to regulate the flow of the Reiki energy into a steady or more manageable flow for the patient/client.

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What is Crystal Reiki?

Woman holding a large Reiki crystal

Crystal Reiki is a hybrid discipline, combining the benefits of both Reiki and Crystal Healing.

Reiki means ‘universal (life) energy’ and has become one of the most popular and successful forms of energy healing techniques in just under a century. 

The advantage Reiki has over many other healing techniques is that the energy does not come from the healer, but is channeled through the healer from an endless universal store.

While in some healing techniques there can be a drain on the practitioner, in Reiki, the practitioner benefits as much as their subject.

Crystal healing is another type of alternative healing therapy, using the resonance and energy patterns of crystals to bring harmony to unstable energies in the mind or body.

Crystal healing can be active – using specific crystals directly during meditation, cleansing rituals, or on chakras.

Crystal healing can also be a passive process – carrying crystals to support you in areas where you need an extra bit of help.

Crystals are a natural fruit of the earth.

Scientifically, each form in a unique pattern depending on the substance it is formed from, and this gives each a unique resonance pattern and crystal structure.

Different crystals have different associations, such as the use of clear quartz for healing and energy, which can be combined in a variety of ways.

Combining the two is a natural outgrowth of practicing either and brings the universal energy of Reiki into the harmonic resonance of crystals, creating a healing technique that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Crystals can be used to store or direct the Reiki in a specific way to different parts of the body, adjusting the energy flow depending on their unique resonance for a potent, multi-level healing effect that can bring about astonishing results.

How Crystal Reiki Works

Using a Reiki Crystal

Crystal Reiki works by combining the power of Reiki practice with the natural properties of crystals to direct and control the flow of energy.

Think of it as a ‘spiritual circuit board’, with the Reiki providing the energy, the crystals being the individual components and the net result being more than the pieces involved.

Drawing on Reiki provides access to a cosmic universal energy.

Using the Reiki power symbols, this energy can be modified slightly for power, balance, or deeper healing.

Reiki healing is usually directed into the body through the chakras and along energy meridians to reach deep into mind, body, and spirit and effect healing where it is most needed.

Like water, Reiki flows ‘downstream’ often affecting the deepest or greatest need.

Sometimes, your patient may have a more specific and immediate need for which they visit you and so you need to temper the flow of the energy somehow.

Crystals can help with this, as their unique vibrational energies can direct the flow of Reiki to specific regions or purposes.

Comparatively, if you line up your choice of crystals with the Reiki, they can serve to magnify or increase the power of the healing, giving a huge energy boost alongside the healing effect!

Benefits of Crystal Reiki

Combining crystal healing with Reiki has three main benefits as outlined above, magnifying, specifying, and regulating.

These lend a depth and sophistication to your healing practice, providing you with extra tools and more refined connections to better enable you as a practitioner to serve the needs of your patients or clients.

Crystal Healing combined with Reiki is a power boost to the practitioner and can make the process seem more grounded to the patient by providing a tangible item through which they can associate the process – people like to ‘see’ something being done or used and not everyone has the sensitivity to feel the changes brought on by Reiki immediately.

This idea of an ‘artifact’ can also provide a patient with something to take away, to remind them that the healing has taken place, or to allow it to keep working overtime.

How to use Crystal Healing Combined with Reiki

A crystal healing being combined with Reiki

Different crystals have variable uses, depending on the user and purpose and you should research individual crystals to find out what they do – also trust your intuition, if a crystal feels ‘right’ for a job, then it probably is!

Magnify your healing with Crystal Reiki

Many different stones, make for great power stones.

Clear quartz is a great beginner stone for when you need a bit of a boost and the shape and structure of clear quartz make it an ideal, robust matrix to hold Reiki energy.

To use a crystal to help magnify your healing potential, you will want to cleanse and charge it (see below) first. Once that’s done, your stone will be ready for you when next you prepare to heal.

You can either keep the stone in the room with you while channeling Reiki, place it on a location to be healed or hold it in your hand while you do your work.

Large crystals make a great addition to a Reiki space, while smaller ones are good for placing on chakra points or holding in hand.

Small stones can also be given to others while charged to carry and release their energy over time.

Specify your healing with Crystal Reiki

Different people have different needs in their healing and you can use a range of crystals to vary the type and intensity of the healing needed.

Rose quartz works very well with treatments to soothe grief or empowers self-belief and self-love, while jasper can help with anxiety, stress, or negative thoughts

Other stones promote healing or are associated with specific body parts, such as turquoise, which helps with breathing problems, the bones and boosts the immune system in people who are healing.

Citrine is said to provide boundless energy, clarity, and concentration for people struggling with muddled thoughts or low energy levels.

Some stones are very self-explanatory, such as bloodstone to promote good circulation and clear out negative energies.

Others will require your intuition. Some also work as multiple sources, such as jade.

Placing stones on individual chakra points can also be a way of directing the energy flow of your Reiki, encouraging it to flow in some directions more than others so that individual areas can be treated more specifically.

Regulate your healing with Crystal Reiki

Reiki is a force of universal energy and it flows.

Each person forges their own channel with the Reiki and can support a different flow to others, but using crystals can be a big help in regulating the flow of the energy you release from Reiki.

Like adding a fuse into a circuit, the stones you choose can help to maintain a fixed level of energy flow from Reiki, which can help some people from becoming overwhelmed or to allow healing to continue taking place after the fact.

For some, Reiki can blast through their defenses of years and be a very emotional experience.

A responsible practitioner will always let their patient know beforehand that this may happen.

Using crystals to regulate this means that the energy flow can be provided in a steady manner, directing it first towards immediate concerns rather than deep-seated issues that may take some time for individuals to be ready for. 

By providing a patient with the stones used during a Reiki treatment, you allow the process to continue after the session is completed.

Many healers throughout history have tied their healing into objects such as crystals for this very effect, allowing the healing process to be an ongoing one and letting the patient go about their life with the knowledge that the healing will happen in the background.

How to Cleanse Reiki Crystals

Cleaning Reiki crystals

Over time, your crystals will accumulate various psychic ‘residue’ through use.

This is completely normal and to be expected, but in order to properly practice healing with them, they will need regular cleansing – not just wiping them down!

To cleanse your Reiki crystals is a very straightforward process. You will need a source of pure or neutral elemental material – plain rock or sea salt is ideal, as is water.

Don’t mix salt and water and be sure to check that your crystals can tolerate being wet first.

Place your crystals in a bowl containing the neutral source – you don’t need a lot, just to cover the base of the crystals will do. 

Leave them overnight and any trapped residue should pass into the salt or water, which should be poured away outside.

Some people like to use sage or incense to cleanse their crystals and this can sometimes be a quicker way of doing it.

Simply sit your crystals in a space where you can surround them with incense or sage smoke and let the smoke carry away any impurities.

Direct, natural light from the Sun, Moon, or stars can also be used to cleanse your crystals, often at the same time as giving them a slight boost to their charge as well. This can vary depending on the type of crystals you use.

Light-colored crystals cleanse and charge better by sunlight, darker-colored crystals charge more easily by moon or starlight.

Larger or smaller stones can sometimes be used for cleansing – smaller stones or fragments of stones can draw out any residue and be disposed of, while larger stones can draw out impurities and ‘ground’ them into the earth.

How to Charge Your Reiki Crystals

Charging Reiki Crystals

Charging your crystals can be done through a number of different techniques.

Your own intuition will tell you which suits you and your crystals best and, as with cleansing, some crystals may ‘prefer’ different sources of energy.

Natural light is a slow, powerful way of charging crystals.

A night in the light of a full moon is often enough for a full month of energy for some crystals. Others may need the night before and after as well.

Using sunlight to charge your crystals is a tried and tested method – this works best if you can place them outside, but in the window will do if not.

Crystals are of the earth and so you can often charge them within it. This technique isn’t for everyone and works best on darker stones and for earth-aspected healers, but can be just as powerful as any other.

To do this, wrap the stones in a natural fiber and bury them in the earth.

It’s best to do this at night for the best effect as the cool and darkness of the earth will restore the natural charge of the stones more easily.

To just use Reiki to charge your crystals, simply hold them while drawing on the Reiki energy.

If you know the power symbol, use it as you draw energy, and instead of applying it to yourself or another person, transmit the energy directly into the crystals.

The crystal serves as a kind of ‘battery’, using its crystal matrix structure to hold the energy for later release. 

This last technique is particularly powerful as it can be used to send Reiki healing over a long distance if you have not yet mastered distance healing or if your subject needs a kind of ‘slow release’ healing.

Now that you know how to combine Crystal Healing with Reiki, find yourself some appropriate crystals, cleanse and charge them and start practicing on yourself.

Test out different crystals with different chakras or problem areas!

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Reiki Crystals: How to use Crystal Healing Combined with ReikiReiki Crystals: How to use Crystal Healing Combined with Reiki