The Pisces Full Moon on September 20/21 is the dreamiest of the year. As it casts its spell, we may feel extra sensitive, extra creative, and even extra intuitive.

Pisces is ruled by the element of water, and the Moon loves to be in water signs. It is under the ebb and flow of the waves that allows the Moon to express its full energetic potential.

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotions. It governs our emotional body and is strongly linked to how we are feeling. The Moon is also connected to our feelings of safety and security. How emotionally safe and secure do we feel as we move through the world?

The Moon is also linked to feminine energy. This energy is present in all living things, and on a potent Full Moon, we may find issues arising when it comes to our relationship with the feminine. Sometimes we can see this playing out in significant female relationships in our lives too.

Each Full Moon will affect us differently depending on our own individual cosmic energies and what the Moon is destined to stir in our own lives.

Full Moons however, are ultimately a time of illumination and culmination. They represent the peak of the lunar cycle and like in all good storylines, when we reach the peak, that is usually when the climax of the chapter we are walking happens.

This Pisces Full Moon is linked to events that were unfolding back in early September on the Virgo New Moon, but they are also linked to the events that were stirring back in mid-March under the Pisces New Moon.

You could say that the Pisces New Moon back in March was the beginning of the story that has now reached its peak. Are you able to create any links between what was unfolding in your life during March and now?

Whatever manifests, it is likely that you are at the tail end of it now, and are perhaps able to really feel and connect to that culmination moment that is on offer.

Full Moons are also a time of energetic release, so if there is something you wish to release from your life, this is the perfect point in the month to set some intentions.

Think about what you no longer wish to hold onto. Send it love and gratitude, and then under the bright light of the Full Moon, breathe it all away.

Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams, and intuition is very active under this Full Moon. This is due to the fact that it falls only 7 degrees away from the Full Moon.

Whenever Neptune is active, it can create some foggy energy. We may feel like we are wading through a thick forest, unable to see what is ahead. It may be harder to make decisions or to think with a clear mind.

Neptune can also evoke our emotions, allowing us to see what is bubbling beneath the surface. Under its presence, we may not be able to analyze what we feel, instead we may just find ourselves ebbing and flowing between one feeling space and the next.

Under a watery Full Moon like this one, it is best if we navigate it with our heart on our sleeve. Trying to understand things with our rational mind may just add to the confusion. But, if we let our thought processes go for a moment, and instead slip into a place of feeling, we may just be able to intuit the answers we are seeking.

Intuition is often described as a feeling of knowing. Often, you don’t have any concrete proof or reason for feeling the way you do, it is just a strong sense of knowing.

In many ways, this place is where the September Full Moon is calling us to go. It’s calling us to step out of our rational mind and into our feeling space. It is calling for us to disconnect from seeking evidence and instead, allow ourselves to connect with our feelings.

In fact, as you are reading this, let’s try a quick exercise to help you embody this space. Place your hand over your heart and close your eyes. In this moment, ask yourself- What are three words to describe how I am feeling right now?

After you ask yourself this question, pause. Don’t try to answer using your mind, instead drop into your heart and answer from a place of pure feeling.

You may just be surprised what answers float up into your consciousness. Sometimes when we do this exercise, we are able to shift out of judgment and into a deeper and more connected space. Sometimes we are not even aware of how we are really feeling until we allow this sort of awareness.

This small practice can instantly connect you with your emotional body, and it can even help you to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Our emotions are not always our truth, but they are always valid, and they can be guides as to what we may need to explore, look at, or dive deeper into.

Emotions can be deceiving, so it is best not to label or judge them. Instead, allow them. Imagine them as visitors, coming and going, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes our emotions just want to be heard and seen. Sometimes when we allow them to rise, they can then so gracefully fall away.

Neptune is also strongly connected with water and the oceans. Spending time near the sea may be highly therapeutic at this time, as can running a warm bath or even staying extra hydrated.

Programming your drinking water with crystals, intentions, and prayer is also a great way to utilize this energy. As is spending time on creative projects.

This Pisces Full Moon, along with the energies of Neptune, makes a fantastic combination for all artistic endeavors. If you work in a creative field or have a creative project you wish to get off the ground, this Full Moon energy is just divine and laden with support.

While all this watery energy is good for connecting with your intuition and supporting creative dreams, there is a chance it can also feel overwhelming and push us into a place of emotional instability.

This can also manifest as a feeling of needing to escape from reality or escape from the pressures of our life. While some forms of escapism can be healthy, there are other forms that can do us harm.

This is just something to be aware of under the energy of this Pisces Full Moon. If you feel the need to escape, try to give yourself healthy outlets such as meditation, journaling, curling up with a good book, or even getting immersed in a movie.

Unfortunately in this life, we can only escape for so long before reality comes knocking at our door once again. Know you have the strength to deal with whatever is knocking at your door. Know that if you seek, you shall find the support you need to navigate through whatever is weighing heavy on your heart.

Full Moons are always a good time to put an end to unhealthy habits or lifestyle choices, so use this energy to your advantage. Trust your intuition, and use your sixth sense to navigate through any challenging obstacles that present themselves.

Overall, the Pisces Full Moon of September is a dreamy, creative, and intuitive time. While we may feel extra sensitive, there is a beauty in connecting with the subtler frequencies of the world around us. There is also a beauty in connecting with the ebbs and flows of our emotional body.

While every emotion we feel may not be our highest truth, part of our human experience is to allow ourselves to feel, to allow ourselves to experience the emotional rainbow.

It is through this rainbow that we become more compassionate, more open, more aware, and more kind. It is through our emotions that we can begin to understand on a deeper level what is driving us and where our intentions may be coming from.

Allow yourself to explore your emotional rhythms under this Full Moon. Embrace what flows without judgement, let it move through you like a wave, and trust the intuitive instincts and whispers that are left behind as you do.

**By Tanaaz