Love conquers everything and everyone, light awakens everything and everyone, truth sets everything and everyone free.

The human path into the light is predestined. More and more light keeps flowing to earth and reaches ever more human hearts. Slowly those awaken who have still been sleeping and weren’t expected to do so anymore. The number of awakened ones that it takes to bring this matrix down will soon be reached.

This is a process happening quietly and almost unnoticeably – but it is happening. It is a process that happens during sleep, meditation and prayer.

Only those who never find stillness, who never take time for themselves, are now in danger of getting crushed.

Therefore the plea to all beings of light and warriors of light who are sacrificing themselves in their work while losing themselves in the process:

Hold on! Stand still – when you rush you are making a detour.

It serves no one if you burn yourself out, if you waste parts of your soul, because you have picked a fight against windmills. It doesn’t help anyone if you waste your energy where it is depleted in a split second, instead of using it for engineering lasting projects for the future.


You may know your missions, but why don’t you live by them consistently?

Please, beloved human, don’t let the matrix direct you or wear you out! Say goodbye to the hustle of this world!

Just like an actor who no longer enjoys playing his role, you are supposed to question certain concepts about life. When you believe you are supposed to save this world or be there for others come hell or high water, this message is for you.

What matters now is to bundle all your energy and invest it in projects of light that bring about positive change in the present and withstand in the future. The fight against the old is over – the work for the new begins.

Love yourself, love your life and live your missions. Leave everything else to God. Loving you endlessly


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl