I know that many of you have had past life regression as you realize how your past lives can still have an impact upon your life right now. During this channel we actually look at your future self!! I have done something like this in the past, but this experience is incredible!!

When you link with your soul, which is your I AM presence, you have an opportunity to connect with the many, many aspects of who you are. Your soul has lived all over the Earth, out in the Universe and even in other universes, besides our own. Your divinity becomes the alignment to all.

It was truly powerful to see the many different aspects of people. There are a great number Ascended Masters living on Earth right now, are you one? Everyone was able to connect with at least one aspect and there were many who actually had a group.

You may ask, why? What would benefit you? This aspect of you is already aligned with the higher frequencies and can assist you with understanding how to use telepathy, release the confines of the 3rd dimension, read energy, use telepathy, expand your consciousness and more.

I invite you to make this next step in your ascension process and see where it leads you.

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, Beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

The family of humanity is creating a greater consciousness that allows you to know, not only who you are, but the other energies that may be around you. We spoke at length about consciousness throughout this year, and our last gathering (August 15, 2021) was about you becoming your consciousness. At this moment I ask you to just think back over the last several days, or since the last conference, so that you may become aware of the ways in which you are tapping into the collective consciousness or the expanded consciousness of the Earth.

In the past, the collective consciousness might have been something that held you down because it was entrained with the lower frequencies. Because of the vast number of people that are now much more awakened, and that are raising their vibration, the collective consciousness has now become a much higher, lighter frequency. This is important for you to remember.

For so long people have thought of the matrix as the collective consciousness and that it was 100% programmed to control and manipulate. However, all of that is breaking down so that now when you tap into the collective consciousness you are tapping into the higher, light frequencies. This also gives you greater ease in movement that takes you from your everyday reality into your higher self so that that movement and light flows up and down. Breathe in and breathe out so that you can be your most expanded essence that is possible in your everyday life.

I invite you to create a ball of energy within your heart center. You take in a deep breath and then visualize that breath of energy and light creating swirling energy within your heart. You send that down through your solar plexus, your sacral, your root centers, and you send it down into the Earth.

Allow your focus to follow that pathway so that you align with the Earth and you can feel Gaia. You can feel the soul and the consciousness of the Earth. Allow yourself an opportunity to feel the balancing and the grounding essence that comes within. That flow of energy and light comes back up within you. It comes back up through your energy bodies and into your heart center once more, and even though your focus is here within your heart you know that you are still connected to the Earth and grounded.

You send that stream of energy up through your throat, your third eye, your head center. It goes out until it is aligned with your higher self. Look around at this space. Look around at the opportunities that are present for you. Some of you are very cluttered within this space and if that resonates with you then let go of the clutter. Just as you may have a lot of items and things around you in your life, sometimes when it’s in the higher frequency it prevents you from seeing clearly what your opportunities may be. You then allow that stream of energy to follow that thread of light that connects you directly into your Soul. As you arrive within your Soul’s presence have a sense of opening up your consciousness. There is a merging that takes place with you as the consciousness of your human self and you as your divinity.

When you merge with your I AM presence you are opening up to the many different lifetimes that you have had. You are opening up to God and Goddess. You’re opening up to the potential of the entire Universe in addition to your earthly existence. What is that to you? Is it something that you feel, that you can see, or did you just trust there is something there?

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all of you that are here. I reach out to embrace you once more this time amplifying your own divinity. Amplifying your own consciousness of Soul and as you do so that moves you into the All That Is. I love that feeling from each one of you as if you were just spreading out. As if you are growing and expanding into that which is in your highest and best interest.

I invite you to create a place in front of you where it is as if you are looking at a screen or a monitor or a TV, whatever it is that resonates with you. As you look at this screen you see your life in front of you. You may see different experiences that you have had. You may notice how your energy fluctuates up and down depending on what is happening.

Moving into the fifth dimension is a consciousness that has been in alignment with the Earth, but was asleep, or disconnected, or unavailable for a very, very long time (25,000 years or more). Therefore, as this frequency continues to integrate, not only through Gaia but also through the consciousness of humanity, animals, the trees, the water; as this frequency fully permeated and integrates all find the relationship with the higher light frequency.

Now, if you look at that screen in front of you; just as there are past lives that have had an influence upon you so too there are what you would call future lives. There is an aspect of you that is very comfortable living in the 5th, 6th and 7th even, dimensional frequencies, and I would invite you to open up your consciousness and ask for it to show you on your screen who you are in that other life. Because the more that people are opening up and integrating the more influence this aspect of you can be made available to assist you.

What I see is that some of you will see an aspect that is just 20 – 30 years older which is you in this lifetime that is already down in that new space. Others of you are looking at someone that doesn’t look at all the same as you. Maybe you have on one of those suits. Maybe you have on one of those robes. Maybe your hair or your face looks completely different. No matter how you may perceive this essence I invite you to just open up to know from your heart is this me? And if you feel a little surge of energy or you hear a yes, or it just makes you feel good then it is your truth.

I am noticing that some of you are opening up; it’s like you see yourself multiple years in this lifetime and then maybe 100 years in the future, and then some of you are also manifesting someone from Lumera, which is on a linear time frame in the past, but it was you at that much higher frequency. I’m also noticing that some of you are tapping into an aspect of you from the Universe, perhaps Pleiadean, perhaps Andromedin.

There are many, many essences that are out within the Universe that are helping humanity at this time. There have always been the non-terrestrials that have assisted Earth, but that number has multiplied dramatically because of this ascension process. So, you may see many different species and that may be you or it may be someone that is just a part of the energies assisting Earth. So now I’ve got kind of cluttered.

Take a deep breath in, center within yourself once more, and then as you look at that screen in front of you open to connect with this aspect of you. It is aligned with you through your Soul, through your I AM presence. As you open up to this alignment feel the energy and flow that comes into you from an aspect of you that has already ascended. That is done. That is in that higher frequency. So that it may help you in your everyday life.

Pay attention to how much you are receiving and sending through telepathy. Ask a question. It can be anything at all that comes to your mind and you will receive communication that’s coming into your third eye, coming into your heart center and then your consciousness is just integrating whatever that may be. As you feel your alignment creating its own communication ask what that aspect of you would like from you in this now moment, you the person in this moment.

I must laugh because many, many, many were hearing something along the lines of just relax, don’t try so hard, it is not something that should be a struggle, it’s about ease and balance and allowing. Isn’t that interesting. As you breathe in and out gently and easily feel, sense, know all that is here.

As you look around many of you will begin to notice that you are no longer just looking at a screen, but you are now present in a location that this aspect of you is living within. As you pay attention to what that may be, perhaps ask what year is this, what frequency is this within? Perhaps also ask how may I integrate this within my current life?

This shows you how powerful you are. You can easily flow from one space to another. You may easily open up and receive the information. What I’m observing is that some of you have shifted out to the Universe. Some of you are looking around and you recognize that you are upon Earth, but the earth looks different. Some of you see your families around you and not only do you see how you have shifted, but how your families have shifted. Open to this opportunity that you are standing within and experiencing so deeply.

Okay, I notice that some of you may not have a fully conscious perception and that’s okay. Even if it’s just floating and blank you are still aligning with this aspect of you that’s coming from the higher frequency and helping you in this now moment. Perhaps you will notice that your sensitivity transforms or you see things more clearly. Be your fully conscious self.

Recognize that you are now allowing your consciousness to come back into you the essence that came into the All That Is. As you do so, integrate the messages, the vibration, the frequency. Let all of it flow up and down through your consciousness expanding your perception, and as you recognize that screen in front of you again are you able to perceive that now that aspect of you that seemed so different and so unusual is now very comfortable and very easy for you to receive.

Some of you may receive a name. Some of you may receive an impression. Sometimes it comes through as an image, color, whatever it is that works for you be open to receive that form in which you can tap back into this energy at any point. Breathe in and breathe out.

There is a sense of those screens dissolving and I invite you to now have a sense of looking at the Earth from this perspective. As you do so look with the inner awareness of having integrated from your future self that sees things in a different way or a more expanded perception. As we’re looking at the Earth you notice how Gaia is pulsating out a white light. This light comes from within her essence and it comes from within the transformation of everything that is taking place.

As you perceive the Earth you will notice that the vast majority has cleared those lower frequencies that are no longer compatible. If there is anything at all that comes to your perception then that has not yet aligned or opened to integrate, then send your focus, send your love, send your light into that space. It may be a particular situation. It may be a group of people, a country; whatsoever it may be to you just send the light.

Be at peace. The ascension of your earth has manifested. All of humanity has been coming along for the last 9 to 10 years and you noticed how the more light there is more accelerated the Ascension. So, this is why it seems as if this majority took place in one to two years. It is perception.

You are tapped into the higher light frequency. You have created a direct alignment with an aspect of you that is already there, that is already living that life. So, allow it to influence, support, and anchor you where you are right now.

This is another form of expanding consciousness. This is another way in which you move beyond the restrictions of the Ego and the mind that you have utilized. By mind I’m talking about your belief systems, the reality that your Ego tells you is real. I’m talking about those things that may happen in your life that even if you are consciously expanded it’s trying to talk you into a different reality. So, for those parts of you as your Ego or as your beliefs, whatever you want to think of it as, infuse the love the light, and this focus and balance that is coming in from your future self.

We have done this before and it always makes me smile because some of you that may have a very strong personality it is as if you are fighting saying no, go away, go away. Send love, send light, send relaxation and invite that strong aspect of your personality to relax and receive the assistance of the higher consciousness because this is coming from you.

OK, this is exactly it. Those people with a personality that is saying I don’t trust it, I don’t know who this is. You’re saying it’s my future self but how do I know that. You have been in the All That Is. You moved step by step by step into the high light frequency. You can feel how good it feels. You can feel the recognition that I know you. For these reasons, and much, much more you let your personality know this is real, this is me, this is us. We are in alignment. Take a deep breath in. And breathe out.

Now you can see how so many people’s personality is relaxing. Which helps to expand consciousness. Which is allowing for more to come in.

I invite you to gather together as a group. You were just looking at the Earth plane. However, I still like you to see that hologram of the Earth coming up within you. As you perceive the hologram send that alignment to your future self to let it become integrated into the Earth through the. Hologram. All sense that energy into that moment. The hologram transforms. There’s that aspect that goes out through the Universe and the remainder goes down into your physical Earth.

As this hologram moves through the Earth it is activating and amplifying all that you just did. In terms of sending light into the Earth, it goes down within the center. It anchors and from that anchoring it begins to come up. It expands coming up through the Earth. It comes up through you and into you through the way in which you anchored, but it is also within the animals, the trees, the water and there is an infinite flow that moves from the consciousness into the Earth. So that movement not only is helping humanity but is helping to clear out and any leftover low frequencies.

As you pull your own energy up within you bringing it back from the All That Is. Take a moment as you connect in the soul plane to see that aspect or the multiple aspects that are there in your I AM presence. It’s another thread that creates that deeper alignment between you and that aspect. You take a deep breath in and you bring that all down so that it flows up and down through you in your physical reality.

Here you are. You’re here in this now moment. Be present and be open to that expanded flow that comes from your divinity and be open to understanding that your future self is here, helping you to grow and expand in whatever way is best for you. Take a deep breath in and receive that conscious awareness.

You as the soul essence that you are, as the consciousness that you are, live multiple different lifetimes in the future, in the past at the same time as this current one. You have a great deal of potential that you can pull from in your everyday life. Be open to experience what that may be for you. Understand that there is an amazing, amazing energy that is already you that is supporting you as you live and expand and grow in this higher frequency. Be open to receive.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net