The short and TL;DR answer (in my humble opinion) is a resounding YES!

However, this little place that we call the internet is full of people who are quick and adamant to tell you that there are all of these sorts of “rules” to abide by. Rules that you must follow to a tee if you want to “successfully enter into a romantic relationship with your twin flame”. Your true twin flame that is. Not your false twin flame.

I personally feel that there is a day and night difference between a true twin and a false twin. The reason being is that while I was with my false twin flame (a.k.a Karmic Soulmate), I experienced a lot of mental and emotional abuse. My gut told me that there was something really off with her, and this weird gut feeling is what led me to google about Twin Flames and Soulmates. It hit me one day after being with her on and off for about a year and a half that she was honestly never going to change. That while she may have liked me for what I had to offer, she didn’t love me for the real me; my authentic soul. When I gave her a $50 promise ring just to see how she felt about me, I learned the truth…that she truly just wanted a filthy rich guy to support her ego fantasies.

NOW don’t get it twisted. I do very much enjoy the finer things in life 🙂 However, I just don’t enjoy being completely superficial all the time (anymore). My dark nights of the soul have taught me that this life is not about how much status, money, and material possessions you can acquire to feel good about yourself. Instead it’s about manifesting your life that has vast spiritually connected meaning the way that YOU see fit and love with genuine passion.

Not how someone else sees fit, for me that personal meaning is to experience true unconditional love with my special person.

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True twin flames

Meeting my true twin flame was literally the most amazing way I EVER met anyone. Truly a magical experience that I will always cherish. I could never forget it.

To hear how she (my twin and I) met, check out this podcast I created with a true twin flame couple, Tonya & Katherine 🙂

So, back to the rules thingy.  At the end of the day, I do feel that this whole twin flame thing is what changed my life for the better. But it’s still a giant phenomenon. A theory that is still being proved by twin flames who do in fact come into union (and stay there permanently).

There are people who have said:

  • Twin Flames aren’t necessarily romantic. They can just be friends.
  • Twin Flames can be a family member, a pet, a friend, a stranger etc.
  • Twin Flames are highly toxic.
  • Twin Flames aren’t meant to be together in this lifetime.
  • Twin Flames are bullshit.
  • Twin Flames are just another story of unrequited love.
  • Twin Flames are only meant to be a spiritual catalyst for your growth.

Respectfully, I think and feel that all of these lines simply couldn’t be further from the truth. What I think ends up happening is that the divine feminine (which is commonly a woman but other times, a man) meets who they think is their twin flame and then places the twin flame label on that person in hindsight after meeting and getting to know them. This is completely different than knowing who your twin flame is right before meeting them (which from I have speculated is quite rare).

In my case, I had deep knowledge about twin flames before meeting mine; the latter. Which is why I feel that my heart and soul recognized her instantly in a crowd full of people on 11/11/2018 at a Tony Robbin’s seminar. Now this doesn’t mean if you didn’t know who your twin was before meeting them that all hope is suddenly lost. But you should consider if this person may be your karmic soulmate instead, because there’s a good chance they just might be.

Karmic soulmates

I say this because in my journey, my narcissistic karmic soulmate (is who) led me to meet my true twin flame (who’s in fact, a beautiful empath). The dark, heavy, and depressing karmic soulmate experience is what literally prepares you to be in a light hearted, honest, committed, and true loving relationship with your twin flame. The theory is that you and your twin flame each hired a karmic partner (for one another) from a past life via a soul contract in order to help each other overcome ego lessons.

EGO (to quote Wayne Dyer) is an acronym that stands for edging God out. Therefore, if you choose to stay with your toxic karmic partner, you are still heavily in you lower ego self, and are not allowing God to love you fully. Essentially, having a relationship with your twin flame is allowing God to FINALLY, fully love you. Instead of it being a lust filled, unstable cycle of toxic madness…it’s a romantic relationship filled with healthy boundaries and unconditional love. I am emphasizing the word romantic because even though a twin flame relationship will most likely have its usual relationship challenges, I am a proponent of destiny. I believe that it was written in our unique soul blue print (before being born) who we would inevitably choose to be our divine romantic counterpart. To say otherwise defeats the whole meaning to it.

It would be proposing that our destiny is left to random occurrence. It would be saying that your brain and genitals know who your ideal match is better than your soul knows. It’s a soul recognition so deep that you can see it in their wonderful eyes and smile. YES, I mean to say that your twin flame is indeed your one true ultimate soulmate. It’s not the traditional path of just having sex and making babies. It’s the path of being patient like a saint. It’s the path of breaking the mold. It’s the path of overcoming societal expectations and norms. It’s the path for the brave entrepreneur. It’s the path for the ones who wish to no longer live in an unhealthy ego 3D based reality. The bottom line is that no one (myself included) can absolutely guarantee that you end up with your twin flame even if you heed internet advice like it’s a bible.

However, once again I do completely believe in both God and fate. That by getting your shit together and taking action towards what you feel your life purpose is, you will then definitely have the best chance of drawing your twin in for that priceless commitment.

P.S. Please don’t let a cult leader (or leaders) sell you super expensive products and/or services.

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