I was guided to pull 3 cards last night as I was asking the question above. Early this morning I received messages on each card and how they all integrate and provide guidance on what is happening now on Earth.

Have Courage – what is happening is CHANGE. Not just individually, but globally. Your physical body is letting go of old energies and these feel uncomfortable at times, you’re in pain and having trouble sleeping sometimes. All of this can be attributed to inner work. But note also that you are also part of the Collective Voice and while you may not be aware of what is happening, of what is shifting on an energetic level, you are a contributor to it all. So take courage in this and stand up for what is true for you.

Do you want freedom from suffering or not? Do you truly believe you are creating a new earth? Do you believe that the Light is on your side and working with you to achieve global and everlasting peace? Because if you believe you make a difference then we are dancing the same tune so to speak. You are not alone – take courage in this fact, and know that right action will set you free. What the world needs now is for humanity to step up with courage and say ENOUGH!!! Enough fighting, enough with the fear, enough with the “yours is yours and mine is mine” separation consciousness. We are in this together. Jesus said “Whatsoever you do unto another you do unto me.”

This is what it means to be One dearest Hearts. There is no separation, no borders, no distinctions, no hierarchy, nothing and no thing that makes you any less than another. Its a one shoe fits all scenario. Can you get your understanding around this? Jesus also said, you are your brothers keeper. What does this mean to you? As you ponder these statements with open hearts you will gain greater understanding. One nation will help another to see with clarity and to become free. That is happening now as we speak. Just as this is true on a global scale, it is also true individually for some of you dealing with difficult and trying relationships.

Relationship Harmony starts within the Individual Consciousness as well as the Collective. Humanity is in a relationship with itself. Learning to love thy neighbor takes courage does it not? If your neighbor is a grumpy individual is he unworthy of your love? Or more in need of it than lets say one that seems to be always smiling. On an Individual level make sure you are in alignment with your Source dear Heart, make sure you know who you are dealing with!! Don’t take my word for it! Get to know your Creator and allow yourself to be cocooned in the purest love and light.

In the Collective there is strife – one nation fighting another etc. Like what is happening now with Ukraine and Russia. A bully government perhaps seeking to control and assert its “power of others” (POO consciousness) that is becoming outdated as more and more of you are standing up for your rights and taking right action to bring about everlasting peace to Earth for humanity on a global scale. Little by little, country by country, situations and outdated laws and constitutions will come up that need to be reviewed through fresh eyes and open hearts. What will the people do? Stand together in Unity Consciousness or allow themselves to be treated like the proverbial “mushroom” in a darkened room. Love will always prevail and will bring you together. Never forget that! And don’t for one nanosecond entertain the idea that love is not strong enough to heal all the worlds ills. You have no idea the power and extent of your love!!!

And this final card is to remind you that your highest priority right now is to focus within and not look outside of yourself at the chaos. There is a plan being brought to the Light as we speak. Take comfort in that and know that the Angels are with you. Align yourself with Love and you automatically align yourself with a POWER much much greater than yourself in this physical reality. WE are all in this together! This Planet, this Solar System and Galaxy is in the transition or SHIFT together with you Earth Humans. Earth does not stand alone and never will. Please be aware of this. Anything is possible and we mean anything. Even before you have asked it is given – this is the POWER of INTENTION. Take TIME out of your busy days to FOCUS and PRIORITIZE your life dear Hearts on what truly matters. Do not allow yourselves to be beaten into submission. Stand up for what you believe in – stand up for LOVE. Therein lies true freedom.

We leave you with this in mind – You are well and truly loved more than you can ever know right now and WE are right behind you! We, the Angels and Archangels, the mighty Seraphim, the Councils of Light and the Ascended Masters are behind you all the way. We have your back!

**Channel: Deborah Faith