Beloved Ones,

Shining a light precisely in healing, and miracles, so needed, at this time, we begin this magical season of March by having a wonderful New Moon at 12 degrees Pisces. A moon that comes to calm us all down, after the intensity of February and everything that is taking place in the outer, for the matrix continues in its intent to cause more fear, destruction, and confusion in the collective, something that we all suffer in one way or another, as we are all one family, connected beyond our human understanding.

The Piscean Moon opens the 3/3 Portal, which is the result of the unity between two equals. This is precisely what humanity is learning at the moment, the embrace of polarities, the lack of judgment and neutrality required to do so, and the creation of something that helps us all in this endless evolutionary path that we have chosen to transit.

This is a time of opposite feelings and energies, as it could not be otherwise in our dual world. A time for those who continue fomenting separation and the fear and hopelessness it has, and on the opposite, a time to be more united, remaining in the love and harmony that lies in our hearts. As always it is all what we choose to experience, what will determine where we are, and what we will experience next in our personal trajectory.

As the Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, both in Pisces as well, it is a wonderful time for us to dream big, descending from the ethereal, from the depths of our soul, the visions that we have for our lives. We have had the time to pause, especially during the first month of the year, heal, rejuvenate, and after the intensity of the previous month, now we are ready to begin anew, with a new sense of direction on where to go next. As creators we have infinite possibilities, for we are the ones who choose among the many choices which one to manifest and bring into fruition.

To help us experience the personal transformation required for us to expand our soul, in the physical, and create anew, we have too Uranus, the great transformer, conjunct the Moon. This is going to propitiate soul encounters that are planned and therefore meant to occur, for the purpose of a higher outcome that will be for the highest good of All.

A time for us to focus on unconditional love, compassion, and above all, on expanding this universal Force to everyone, at this tumultuous time. As Venus conjunct Pluto and Mars, we all have the inner power to bring more love into any situation, as love when sent consciously and intentionally, reaches All, in ways we cannot imagine.

Venus together with Pluto and Mars is about understanding that anger, confusion, rage, and all similar feelings, are another form of energy and that if we learn how to master the ego-self and direct these feelings wisely, we can transform all these emotions into more love, creating stability and harmony rather than more disharmony and separation.

It is precisely with Pisces, Neptune, and Jupiter, very active planets at the moment, that we learn how to be compassionate, and peacefully lovelight beings in service to All within Creation.

It is now that we have the opportunity to show our most profound love to everyone who is suffering, and above all to everyone that is asking for assistance, and that we, as One Family shall provide, in the unique way we can, for what is taking place in the world, not just in one country but in many, affects us All deeply, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and we cannot deny or separate, for we all are feeling the impact in our hearts so immensely that a part of us in great pain as well.

Let us not focus on the terror infused, but on the hope, light, and love that will always govern above any other form of fear.

Let us allow this feeling of unity and unconditional love reminds us of the power of One.

Withing Infinite Love and Peace to All,

**By Natalia Alba