Based on the Law of Attraction, an individual’s vibrational frequency represents everything in their life. 

A person’s ability to live the life they want and the overall quality of it comes from their frequency. 

So it’s an accurate assumption to say that when they have low vibration, they’re prone to live a harmful and unhealthy life. 

Also, there’s a massive difference between being sad from time to time and low vibration as part of their standard outlook in life. 

So in turning one’s life for the better, it’s best to know the signs to put an end to this. 

In the following, we’ll be listing 51 things low vibrational people do. 

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51 Things Low Vibrational People Do

Low Vibrational People

1. They get annoyed by happy people

Happy people threaten them the most as they feel like these people are just faking it. 

They believe that nobody is ever that constantly happy, so they’re always raining on their parade or complaining about happy people to their loved ones. 

They assume that they’re just pretending and putting a facade for the sake of others instead of believing they’re genuinely happy. 

2. They feel lost in life

They have no particular idea why they haven’t found their purpose yet when other people seem to have found theirs. 

Even when we’re not talking about their purpose, they don’t have a particular hobby, either. 

They’re just venturing through life without any interests and even if they do have one, they’re just imitating the routine of their loved ones. 

3. They don’t tolerate anything

They’re impatient and get triggered quickly when someone does or says something they don’t like. 

They don’t have the patience to see where they’re coming from or choose to understand another perspective. 

As long as they don’t like something or someone, they’ll let them know relentlessly. 

This is one of the evident signs they’re low vibrational. 

4. They find five things to complain about each morning

If high vibrational people are keen on finding things to be grateful for, the opposite is true for low vibrational people. 

They find something – anything – to complain about, even if it’s something minor like waking up too early. 

They always seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

5. They ponder about death constantly

Any average person would wonder about death and what it’s like, which is entirely normal. 

However, when they make a habit out of it, that’s when it becomes unhealthy. 

They don’t find the point in anything anymore since they know they’re all going to die anyway – and this is their primary thought each day. 

6. They think they’re good at nothing

Low vibrational people traits

Low vibrational people cannot find good in anything, and the same concept applies to themselves. 

They find it easier to focus on their faults and wrongdoings, so they can’t appreciate some of the skills they’re actually good at. 

They constantly second-guess or doubt themselves, which as a result, leads to a low vibrational life. 

7. They’re waiting for a turning point

They’re at the phase in their lives where they’re currently unhappy and desperately waiting for their turning point. 

They’re waiting for anything to happen that becomes their big break or breakthrough.

They desperately want their life to change, but they’re not doing anything about it. 

They’re leaving it all to fate, chances, or miracles. 

8. They don’t anticipate the future

Life is passing them by, and they’re not thrilled about all the milestones they have yet to achieve in their future. 

All their friends are getting married and landing promotions, whereas nothing exciting or significant is happening for them. 

They feel like nothing good will happen in their future since they’ve been in the same stage of their life for a prolonged period now. 

9. They dwell on the past

We’ve all made terrible decisions and mistakes in our past, but that’s not an excuse to keep dwelling on them. 

We can’t change the past, but low vibrational people can’t seem to let go of everything in their past. 

They remember their trauma, pain, and resentment in the past, and it’s also why the future doesn’t excite them. 

10. They keep trying to prove themselves 

We’ve all been told before that we can’t do something, which encourages us to prove them wrong. 

The difference with low vibrational people is they make a habit of doing this. 

They don’t know when to let things go and are always out to prove people wrong. 

Several people have belittled them, and they make it their mission to prove them wrong. 

11. They see everything in dark-tinted eyes 

The famous term la vie en rose doesn’t apply to them because they’re the exact opposite. 

They’re pessimists and see the absolute worst in people. 

They say it’s to protect themselves from disappointment and pain, but it’s also because they can’t help it. 

They may even drain others with all their pessimism and negativity. 

12. They judge people for a hobby 

Sign of a low vibrational person

Nobody’s perfect, and we all judge people from time to time. 

However, low vibrational people judge people for a living, and they can’t seem to refrain from doing so. 

It gives them pleasure analyzing people, especially the aspects they don’t like about themselves. 

Even if their intentions are pure, this is also what makes people drained to be around them. 

13. They panic when good things happen to others

Low vibrational people aren’t used to good things happening in their lives, so they panic. 

Even when good things are happening to the lives of their loved ones, they still panic. 

They fear that everyone has their lives figured out except for them. 

The fear of getting left behind causes them to panic. 

14. They panic when something good happens to them

They find it unusual and weird when good things happen to them since they’re not accustomed to that happening. 

Maybe they went on a great date with someone, and they think they’re secretly harboring significant red flags. 

Or maybe they think everyone is always going to betray them. 

They always think that happiness isn’t for them since they’re so used to a low vibrational life. 

15. They think people don’t like them

Low vibrational people are massive people-pleasers and always think people are out to get them. 

Even if there are no particular signs people don’t like them, they can’t help but think this way. 

They think so highly of their flaws and toxic behavior that they instantly assume everyone is just pretending to like them or get along with them. 

16. They cause people to tense up around them

They genuinely feel the air around them changing when their friends are around them. 

One minute they’re all smiling and laughing, but the atmosphere becomes stiff and tense the minute they join them. 

It’s possible they even walk on eggshells around them, and this is because of their low vibration they can evidently sense.

17. They’re losing people

We’ve all lost friends left and right – this is a normal part of life. 

However, what separates low vibrational people is that their energy is so low that people can sense this about them. 

In fact, it’s why they’re so draining to be around that people want nothing to do with them anymore. 

Maybe they’ve cut them off because they’re too negative around them. 

18. They have bad habits 

Bad habits of low vibrational people

Their habits can make or break the entire quality of their life. 

So if they tend to have harmful and destructive habits, this is one of the signs they’re low vibrational. 

Maybe they’re smoking or drinking too much, or they’ve incorporated practices that destroy their wellbeing. 

This is just further proof that their energy is low because otherwise, they should have healthier habits. 

19. They feel nobody gets them

There are times they feel misunderstood and lonely since nobody gets them. 

No matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to make people connect and understand them. 

This may have more to do with their low vibration than they realize, as people can’t understand them when they’re focused on showing their negative traits. 

20. They cause people to assume they’re closed off

They think people are nice, but only if they don’t ask so many questions. 

Their walls are so high that people find it practically impossible to break them down in order to reach them. 

This is also why they feel alone, which is what we’ve mentioned above. 

They fear that the minute they let others in, they’d see their flaws for what they really are. 

21. They’re close-minded

When they believe in one perspective or side of the story, that’s the only side they stick with. 

When someone gives them a different opinion or belief from theirs, they ice them out entirely or only stick with what they know. 

The only people that could only make them open their mind are those they trust but other than that, they’re close-minded. 

22. They assume they’re smarter than everyone

We all want to be right and seem like the best person in the room. 

However, part of growth is the acceptance we never will be. 

Low vibrational people haven’t come to this stage yet, and they perceive themselves as people who know everything. 

They think intelligent people don’t have many friends, thus, the reason they feel lonely. 

23. They hate shallow and superficial people

Okay, shallow people can be undeniably annoying at times. 

However, they don’t hate them because of their lack of knowledge, but because they’re too happy and carefree. 

They envy their energy and approach to life because as we said earlier, they find it too fake. 

They find shallow people too basic for their taste, and it frustrates them. 

24. They hate people who want to get rich

Low vibrational person looking out the window

They see these kinds of people as those who live sad lives as money is all that matters for them. 

They assume that all they do is take and take without giving in return. 

They don’t want to be associated with them, and this is one of the primary examples of how low vibrational people can be so closed-minded at times. 

25. They enjoy debates

They love any situation where they can flaunt their intelligence and their need to be right, which is the case for any debate. 

They have no understanding why people tend to take debates seriously when it’s a healthy exchange of conversation between people. 

They don’t get why or how people can take offense so easily. 

26. They feel people often violate their boundaries

Boundaries are essential for anyone as it shows others how to respect and care for them. 

Low vibrational people constantly feel like their boundaries are being violated or disrespected even with minor things such as oversharing. 

This is another reason why people can find it draining to be around them. 

27. They love gossip

They feel drawn to wherever there’s gossip and drama as that’s where low vibrational people thrive. 

They eat gossip for all their meals, and they never get exhausted from it. 

In fact, it may even give them a thrill or adrenaline rush to talk about people’s lives without them knowing. 

They love knowing the dirty little secrets of others. 

28. They always have something bad to comment 

Remember when we said when they have low vibration, they’ll always find something to complain about. 

A lack of vibrational frequency will always give them something to complain about, whether significant or minor. 

They feel like people are just too sensitive to handle their bluntness and criticism as they can’t take feedback. 

29. They suppress their toxic traits

Whether we admit it or not, we all possess toxic traits. 

One of the evident signs of low vibration is when they try to hide their toxic and negative traits to be more likable to others. 

However, the more they hide their flaws and weaknesses, they’ll remain stuck in their ways. 

30. They fixate on fixing others

People of a low vibration fixating on others

When they have low vibration, they make others into their personal project. 

There’s always the need to fix, change, or save them, even when it’s not their responsibility to do so. 

They love pointing out the flaws of others and how they should do something about those, even when they’re not so perfect themselves. 

31. They doubt accomplishing success

They feel stuck in their ways and don’t feel like they’ll amount to anything regarding their goals and accomplishment. 

They feel like others are achieving milestones, whereas they’re staying where they’ve been. 

They reflect this vibe to others by crushing their hopes and dreams since they’re projecting their doubt to others. 

32. They have various insecurities

Leading a low vibrational life means they have a lot of insecurities and fears they’re trying to hide. 

They’re draining others around them because they lack the self-esteem and confidence they wish they naturally had. 

They’re fully aware of their flaws and insecurities, but they can’t seem to get past them. 

33. They feel everyone has more fun without they

This is another one of their insecurities showing out loud. 

They feel like people would have more fun without them in the picture when it comes down to it. 

They’re holding onto the belief they’re all just pretending to like them and laugh around them. 

34. They feel like life is handing them the wrong cards 

They think they’re living a miserable life because life is cruel and unfair. 

In reality, it has everything to do with their mindset and how they deal with situations. 

One of the signs of a low vibrational person is when they hold on to the belief they’ve been handed the wrong cards, and everyone else is just lucky. 

35. They’re always defensive 

Whenever someone asks them a question, they always feel like they’re being attacked or that people are out to get them. 

Their friends and family ask them about their relationship because they genuinely want to know, and they instantly attack them. 

As we said, the walls of those with a low vibration are frustratingly difficult to break. 

36. They can’t celebrate the success of others

Low vibe people can't celebrate others success

Low vibrational people can’t celebrate the success of others as it highlights their insecurities and failures. 

They try to be happy for them, but it kills them that their friends and family are celebrating milestones when they aren’t. 

Whether it’s a friend getting married or having another baby show, they find it difficult to celebrate the success of others. 

37. They only like being around those who are struggling 

People who are struggling are their people because then, they don’t have to feel envious of their successes and accomplishments. 

They know they’re in the same boat, so they don’t make them feel bad about themselves. 

38. They can be self-absorbed

They might have heard it a few times on how others have accused them of their self-absorbed and selfish nature. 

It’s likely that their fragile self-esteem and manipulative behavior make others see them this way. 

This is just one of the aspects that come with a low vibrational life. 

39. They’re against everything

Whether it’s Instagram, their friend’s wedding, or even Valentine’s Day, it seems they always find something to be against. 

This can happen to even the best of us, but low vibrational people will make their hate for something so evident. 

40. They self-sabotage

If there is one factor low vibrational people are most known for, it’s their tendency to self-sabotage

They tend to have the wrong kinds of mindsets and as a result, they’re sabotaging their growth and progress. 

They dwell in self-pity or focus on their anxiety and while these are perfectly normal at times, these are also factors of low vibration. 

41. They don’t like plans or goals

A low vibrational person who doesn't like goals

There’s a reason why low vibrational people don’t tend to attain their definition of success, and it’s because of their lack of action. 

Maybe they’ve tried once and it failed, so they refuse to try again. 

They don’t want to experience failure again, so they don’t make plans or goals altogether. 

42. They assume everyone pays attention to just their flaws

A low-vibrational person instantly believes people only care about their flaws and only their flaws – nothing else. 

But in reality, this is far from the truth. 

This is a typical mindset since we are our worst critics, but people who live low vibrational lives are used to this kind of thinking. 

43. They feel like the world owes them 

Like we said earlier, they believe they’ve dealt with the worst cards. 

They feel unlucky in this department and that the world owes them for their miserable and sad lives. 

They think the world is being just a bit unfair towards them. 

44. They repress their emotions

Whether it’s sadness, grief, betrayal, or even anger, they repress every ounce of these emotions since they can barely handle them. 

At the same time, these emotions are also eating them away. 

Low vibrational people tend to resent a lot, and they also harbor their feelings a lot.

45. They always watch the news

We all know there’s hardly anything positive on the news.

Low vibrational people always watch the news and get their daily dose of doom and gloom.

Watching it only lowers their vibration further and causes them to see the world in a more pessimistic way.

46. They feel guilty

They always feel like they’re not living their life the way they’re supposed to. 

Even if they have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, they can’t help this feeling anyway. 

Whether it’s guilt from not trying as hard or guilt with their negativity, it’s a typical theme in the life of a low vibrational person. 

47. They hold grudges 

Forgiveness doesn’t come that easily for someone with low vibration. 

They will continue to resent that person and be angry at them until the end of their lives, or until that person apologizes and shows sincerity. 

However, they’ll never be the first ones to have closure and let go of their anger. 

48. They’re needy and demanding

A demanding person

One of the reasons they drain others is that they need them more than they need them. 

They’re constantly demanding aspects from them, such as their time or personal space, which they would have given if they weren’t so keen on getting them. 

49. They’re always exhausted

Low vibrational people always feel tired and exhausted about life as a whole. 

In comparison, those with high vibrations are always high on energy and have so much gratitude, joy, and love within them. 

50. They have the wrong mindset 

It’s evident that low vibrational people have the wrong set of mindsets and beliefs. 

They hold on to harmful limiting beliefs such as not being good enough or that they’ll never accomplish anything in their lives. 

51. They’re constantly overwhelmed with negativity

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, stress, anger, or even grief, these emotions tend to consume them on a regular basis. 

They obsess over even the tiniest things, even the ones not worth stressing about. 

Low vibrational people tend to let their negativity define them, whereas high vibrational people try their best to control their emotions. 

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51 Things Low Vibrational People Do [Recognise Any?]51 Things Low Vibrational People Do [Recognise Any?]