Vibrational frequency is one of the key factors that determine our fate – if you’re on a high vibration, you will attract amazing things into your life, and in contrast, if you’re on a low vibration you will only attract painful and unpleasant experiences. 

In this article, I will list 21 signs of high vibration people to help you understand if you are currently on a high vibrational level, and if not, what to do to raise your vibration. 

Also, it’s important to remember that people who spend the most time are massively influencing your lives, so it’s important to recognize people with high vibrational levels in order to choose the right friends for yourself. 

I’m not saying that you should reject all people who have low vibrations, as sometimes people are on a low vibrational level just because they are in the process of healing themselves. 

However, if you see one of your friends struggling due to low vibration, it’s good to try to help them without letting them influence your vibration. 

You can try to help them raise their vibration, without having your own lowered. 

But, as they say, “you become the person you spend the most time with”, I would encourage you to try to have high vibrational people around you. 

Thus, let’s have a look at the following 21 signs of high vibration people, to give you a clear idea of what you are looking for in a person and also what you should aim to become. 

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21 Signs Of High Vibration People

High vibration people

#1. They achieve their goals 

One sign of high vibration people is that they usually achieve most of their goals. 

They are very aligned with their purpose in life and they are on the right life path, thus, it’s easy for them to achieve their goals. 

When someone goes on a path that is not right for them, the universe will give them signs

Some signs could be that they start failing at almost everything they do and they slip into a lower vibrational state. 

If you ever find yourself in this position, try to see where you have lost your path and how to get back on it. 

If you manage to do this, you will be aligned to your life purpose and will most likely be a high-vibration person.

#2. They have amazing intuition

High vibration people have a very powerful intuition that guides them in the most critical life situations. 

They somehow know the right answer in every situation and they also seem to always make the right decision. 

This is because their intuition is guiding them, and as they are on a high vibration, their intuition is never wrong. 

People around them could start noticing how good their intuition is, and think they may have some sort of supernatural abilities. 

In reality, everyone who reaches a high vibrational level can be gifted with this sort of intuition that guides them towards living life in alignment with who they really are. 

#3. Their creativity is high

High vibrational people know how to express themselves creatively in many different ways. 

They may have creative talents, such as writing, singing, painting, and so on, but also, show creativity when it comes to everyday problems. 

Whatever difficult situation life throws at them, they will find a creative way out of it and see the solution that other people fail to see.

Because of this enhanced creativity, people will perceive them as geniuses and as people who always give good, useful advice.

#4. They are magnetic for other people

One of the signs of high vibration people

When it comes to high vibration people, you will notice that others seek their presence all the time. 

They barely manage to get their alone time, and even when they do, they will have a bunch of missed calls and unread messages on their phone.

This is because they radiate positive energy which makes other people feel good when they are around them, thus these people will start craving their presence. 

They are generally feeling positive emotions and they make other people feel contagious positive emotions, so other people start seeking their presence more and more.

#5. They are physically attractive 

Not meaning to seem shallow at this one, but high vibration makes people seem more attractive. 

Beauty is a Divine gift, and as someone reaches high levels of vibration, their appearance will improve. 

This does not mean that their appearance will somehow change overnight, but as they will feel better in their skin, they will start looking healthier and more attractive. 

They will look happy and radiant from within, and people will not notice their flaws, but their qualities.

#6. They are reliable 

Another sign of high vibration people is that they are reliable and always keep their word. 

As they are on a high vibration, they have integrity in everything they do. 

When a high vibration person makes you a promise, you can be sure that they will keep it. 

They are also good at organizing their lives because their mind had clarity and vision, so nothing “unexpected” will come up to force them to cancel the plans they’ve made with you.

#7. They have a good spiritual routine 

High vibrational people maintain their vibration high by having a good spiritual routine which they put into practice every day. 

Whether it’s meditation, prayer, breathwork, or anything similar, a high vibration person will always follow a spiritual routine to help cleanse the negative energies off them and cultivate the positive ones. 

#8. They are compassionate

High vibration people being compassionate

High vibrational people find it easy to be compassionate towards others because they have accessed the vibration of compassion. 

As Buddha said, compassion is one of the highest emotions a person can experience and is an emotion that you can feel only when you are in high vibration.

When someone shares a problem with them, they have compassion and offer good advice and counseling, deeply understanding what the other person is going through.

#9. They have high empathy 

A person with high vibration also has a high level of empathy.

Empathy is another mental attribute specific to people with high vibration, who gained a higher understanding of life.

A person with a high level of vibration will have a lot of empathy towards all living beings, as they are deeply connected to the Akashic records and they have the power to understand the depth of many experiences, even experiences they haven’t been through yet. 

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#10. They are calm in most situations 

High vibration people are calm and collected in all situations that life throws at them. 

They do not get angry or upset, as anger and sadness are low vibrational emotions, which can hardly reach them anymore. 

They understand that all events that occur have a deeper meaning, even if some situations are not what they would prefer to experience, so they spend their energy trying to understand that higher purpose, rather than getting angry or upset. 

This could sound like something very difficult to achieve, especially since there are events in life that are very hard for all of us, such as the loss of someone we love, the loss of a job, etc. 

But a person who naturally lives in high vibration can understand these things and accept the fact that everything has a higher purpose whether we see it at that time or not. 

#11. People seek their advice 

Living in high vibration comes with a certain level of wisdom, which makes a person make the right decisions in most situations and be attuned to their intuition. 

People around them will notice this, and when they are faced with difficulty, they will come to seek their advice to hear a better perspective than the one they are currently having. 

It is said that the best thing to do is to lead by example, and since their lives are so well organized and full of enjoyment, people will seek their advice whenever they are faced with difficulty.

#12. Random strangers tell them secrets 

Showing the signs of high vibration

When a person has a naturally high vibration, even random strangers will feel it when they get close to them.

They will radiate safety, unconditional love, and empowerment, and other people will feel this on a subconscious level.

This will make them a magnet for people who are burdened with heavy problems and have no one to listen to them. 

Thus, they will end up hearing a lot of problems and secrets even from random strangers, such as taxi drivers or people they just met at a party. 

#13. They enjoy life a lot more 

High vibration people can enjoy every second of life. 

They will see the beauty in everything, even in the smallest, most simple things, such as sunsets, the sound of the rain, the fresh air they breathe, and the good taste of their coffee. 

Thus, they are in a good mood most of the time, and they can spread beauty and joy everywhere they go. 

#14. They have their Third Eye Open 

When a person stays in high vibration for a longer period, their third eye may eventually open. 

This will enhance their intuition and open up other senses as well. They will instinctively know things, feel things, and also will be able to sense the energy around them. 

They could start seeing auras, chakras, the energy bodies of other people, or how they look in the astral realm, or they could start having flashes of things that are about to happen in the future. 

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#15. They are a magnet for abundance 

High vibration equals abundance, therefore, high vibration people will be a magnet for abundance and prosperity in all areas of life – money, love, friendship, positive energy, etc. 

Everything they desire and need will instantly fall into their lap. 

When they’ve managed to raise their vibration, they have also transcended the scarcity mindset and made the switch to an abundance mindset, which will ensure that they always have what they need and more (or at least as long as they maintain that level of vibration). 

#16. They don’t enjoy processed foods anymore 

High vibration people don't enjoy processed foods

As the vibration of the body grows, the body starts rejecting all that is on a low vibrational frequency, such as low vibrational foods, drinks, places, songs, people, etc. 

High vibrational people will start feeling uncomfortable around anything that has a low vibration. If they stay for too long in low vibrational environments, their vibration will lower as well. 

This applies especially to what they eat and drink.

As processed foods and drinks have a low vibration and are harmful to the body, high vibrational people will start rejecting anything that is processed and will not have unhealthy cravings anymore. 

#17. They have amazing manifestation abilities 

A person whose personal vibration is very high will manifest anything they desire in an instant. 

People around them may become amazed, as they notice that as soon as they express interest in something or someone, that thing or person somehow “falls into their lap”. 

High vibrational people can be perceived as mystical or even “witchy” by people who are on a low vibrational level because they are a magnet for everything they desire. 

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#18. They have very strong boundaries 

A person whose personal vibration is very high will know how to set healthy boundaries in all areas of their life. 

They will not tolerate toxic relationships, narcissists, being taken advantage of, fake relationships and friendships, toxic jobs, low salaries, or anything low vibrational in general. 

They know how to remove themselves from any situation that does not serve them, and how to make people respect them.

A high vibration person will never tolerate less than what they deserve and will make it very clear to anyone, right from the beginning. 

If they are not appreciated or respected in a certain situation, they will just leave without compromising their sense of worth. 

#19. Amazing opportunities find them every day

High vibrational people are presented with amazing opportunities every day. 

As they live in high vibration, they have the potential to make a lot of amazing things happen. 

Thus, the universe will put a lot of people in their way which will present them with opportunities, such as jobs where their gifts and abilities would be beneficial.

Also, when they truly wish for an opportunity, that opportunity finds them quick. 

#20. Their house is clean and clutter-free

A clean and clutter-free house of a high vibrational person

For a person to live in high vibration, the environment where they spend most of their time is crucial. 

The house where they live needs to be clean both physically and energetically to maintain a high vibrational level for a longer period of time. 

The house of high vibrational people is always clutter-free and well organized. 

Its overall appearance is pleasant and the energy inside is inviting. They may have pets, house plants, crystals, and icons that help them maintain the environment as pleasant as possible. 

Also, most people who have a high vibration regularly cleanse their house from bad energies, using sage, frankincense or energy cleanses. 

The house where they live reflects their energy, and because their energy is good, the energy of the house is positive as well. 

The home of a high-vibration person is always a place where it feels nice to be, and most visitors will feel welcome and safe, not wanting to leave anymore.

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#21. They never get sick 

People who live in high vibration rarely or almost never get sick. 

This is because their chakras and auras are clean and well-balanced and because they are only doing good deeds which maintain their Divine protection high.

Divine protection is something we all have, according to what we do and how we behave, and the higher our vibration, the higher the level of Divine protection. 

You will notice that people with high vibration are almost always healthy, energetic, and happy. 

If you enjoyed this article about signs of high vibration people, let us know in the comments section below, and if you know more signs of high vibration, share them with us!

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21 Signs of High Vibration People [The Type Of Friends You Want]21 Signs of High Vibration People [The Type Of Friends You Want]