Awakened Soul,

During the last two months, events in the world and in our lives have shaken us to our human core. Some have been cracked wide open and it hurts like hell. We sense very clearly that we are “Not in Kansas Anymore”. This has elevated fear in us and many are struggling to feel safe and secure. What was left of any stable ground has been unearthed and we feel uprooted.

It’s hard not to feel victimized, hopeless, despairing, or distrustful. Many are ungrounded, there are periods of anxiety, full-blown panic attacks, emotional meltdowns, increase in addictions, deep rage, and general uncertainty about our sovereignty, survival, and our futures. We are being triggered and clearing emotionally and physically at a fast pace. Those that are especially psychic or empathic will find it difficult to bear. Balance does not seem to factor into the equation right now and it is difficult to find daily gratitude, believe in miracles or envision endless possibilities for ourselves. There can be a feeling of heavy grief, being stuck, aimless, moving slowly or getting nowhere.

As our souls expand through this next phase of Ascension, we are rebirthing to another level of self-actualization, empowerment  and manifestation. A level that we have never been able to attain before. But there are growing pains as we transition and our experiences thus far this year mirrors this.

The universe is weaving each of us a unique tapestry, we are creating during our sleep/dreams, and as the Void of Creation brews up endless scenarios, the surrendering of our egos to what is being woven can seem agonizing and disquieting.

The antidote to this is an infusion of Deep Faith that we have the opportunity to attune to when the March Equinox arrives on the 20th of this month. This DNA upgrade and attunement will bring a sense of feeling more supported, peaceful and knowing that others in our soul tribes, may they be earthly relationships or celestial  beings, are there and that we do not need to move through hardship and trials alone. There will be an underlying sense of dreadful excitement of what is to come.

Embodying Deep Faith allows us to know our needs and articulate them, hold firm boundaries, trust ourselves, and therefore trust others and keep our hearts open. There is no need to hide ourselves, close off, flee, react, power over others or retaliate. We know we have a choice of how to respond to what we perceive is happening to/through us. A sense of depth anchors our wisdom. We can then further create our reality with each decision, thought or action.

Deep Faith works through us, it shifts how we see adversity, it uses the feminine principle of receptiveness to draw people to us (Via The Law of Attraction) and the help that we need to transcend challenges. It steps in when hope is waning or lost. It also renews our body, mind and sense of spiritual inspiration. We feel more patient, energized, present and ready to meet each day with imagination and ingenuity to find our way forward. We nurture ourselves and love ourselves when we are vulnerable and tattered.

Deep Faith supports our Inner Child and ignites childlike wonder, along with cultivating new beginnings as we release old stories and limiting beliefs.

Faith augments our relationships to deepen trust and we lessen our co-dependent or toxic grip on each other. We can move through issues related to others or world events with more detachment. We care but we do not carry.

As we upgrade our DNA this month to embody more faith with the help of two cosmic gateways (see below in cosmic dates), a shift will occur to support these impassioned energies, and give us a more confident and solid footing to move forward.

For more see my video.

In love, authenticity and service,