Dear Friends,

New Moon in Pisces is Wednesday, March 2 at 10:34 AM Mountain Standard Time. (MST).

The field of opportunity opens with this auspicious moon bringing support, inspiration and a flow towards manifesting what you want without the obstacles you may have recently experienced.  The challenge is to be clear about what you want, how you want your life to unfold, and what it is you wish to manifest.  Don’t worry about the details and don’t overthink the process. What does your heart want? What do you feel is your next big step and bid for power?

Rely on your intuition rather than intellectual information and imagine your intentions from a place of creativity and dreaming more than what you have accepted as your reality. Set the seeds now that will determine how things manifest for you in the future. Without needing to know the details, how do you wish to feel yourself to be in a year, 3 years, 5 years? Stretch a little into an expanded desire that your small self does not think you can have or deserve to have.

The way to support your intentions once they are set is to spend some time in a higher vibration such as can be created by beauty, love, awe and gratitude. Stay away from negativity, martyrdom, cynicism and limited thoughts, both in yourself and in others. There is good window of time (March 2-6) to be focused on intentions and clearing any doubt, resistance or mistrust. Take the discipline of last month and put it into determination behind what you wish to manifest. Watch that you don’t manifest something out of fear or a negative projection. Watch what you ask for and be conscious about the asking.

We have a goal of growth this year and often we think of growth as being achieved through hardship, suffering and painful lessons. This is an opportunity to shift that perspective and intend for growth to be through positive, pleasurable, satisfying and fun experiences.