The Russian and Jewish people are finally getting justice for the Holodomor and the Holocaust, mass murder human sacrifice events staged by the Khazarian mafia. This is thanks to a Russian police operation against the Khazarian mafia operating inside their borders. The Russian action against the KM is just part of a larger international move by the white hat alliance to remove the KM from all positions of power, Asian and Western secret society sources agree.

In Asia, an agreement has been reached to unify Taiwan and China and form a friendly alliance with Japan, a unified Korea and ASEAN, dragon family sources say. Asian secret societies say that humanity is now 3/4 liberated from the Satanic Khazarian mafia.

When this is all over, there will be a jubilee, world peace and the start of a new Golden Age, alliance sources promise.

Here is a bullet-point summary of what Russian Presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin had to say about the operation in Ukraine:

This has to do with the entire system of international relations…fundamental norms that were adopted following WWII…came in the way of those who declared themselves the winners of the Cold War…[The Khazarian mafia] had a feeling of absolute superiority…coupled with the low cultural standards…For our country, it is a matter of life and death We had to stop that atrocity:, that genocide of the millions of people who live there,,,we will seek to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians…We all know that having justice and truth on our side is what makes us truly strong.

To illustrate, here is a video sent to us by the Russian FSB showing the sort of thing the Satanic KM mercenaries in Ukraine do to Christian prisoners (warning extremely graphic).

To understand how truly historical the removal of these war criminals is, we need to briefly look at the history of what is now happening. We will not go back thousands of years to the origin of the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia. Instead will start with a brief look at how the KM took over Europe and embarked on a centuries-long quest to restore their ancient homeland of Khazaria.

A good summary of their activities can be seen here:

To quote and paraphrase a few key bits: Khazaria was a kingdom in central Asia that practiced Babylonian black arts. They were known to surrounding countries as thieves, murderers, road bandits, and for assuming the identities of those travelers they murdered…About 1,200 AD, the Russians led a group of nations surrounding Khazaria and invaded it, in order to stop the Khazarian crimes against their people, which included the kidnapping of their young children and infants for their blood sacrifice ceremonies to Baal. [Satan].

The KM elite fled to Europe where they slowly, over a period of centuries, infiltrated and finally took over the ruling classes there. Their biggest victory came in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Board was taken over by the KM in an illegal Christmas day move.

By grabbing control of the money of the people of the United States of America, John Rockefeller I and his fellow KM honchos were able to finance Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky’s communist revolution in Russia. As soon as the KM overthrew the Christian government of Russia, they began their revenge for the destruction of Khazaria. Overall they killed as many as 80 million Russians during the 20th century. They also began their project to recreate Khazaria by starving millions of ethnic Russians to death who lived within the ancient borders of Khazaria.

That is why Putin said “The Modern Ukraine was entirely and completely created by Russia, or rather, the Bolshevik, Communist Russia,”

The Russian’s patience finally ran out when the KM tried to take over the nation of Kazakhstan to further their project to recreate Khazaria. 

One more point that needs to be made is that in 2014 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Ukraine has not registered its borders since 12/25/1991. Since the UN has not registered the borders of Ukraine as a sovereign state and Russia is the legal successor of the USSR (this is confirmed by the decisions of international courts on property disputes between the former USSR and foreign countries), the lands on which Ukraine, Belarus and Novorossiya are located belong to Russia, In other words, the so-called Ukraine invasion is a police action taking place within the borders of Russia.

It’s also very interesting to note that Israel is refusing to back a UN resolution by the fake Biden administration to condemn the so-called “Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

This means the Jews have removed KM control of Israel and now realize the holocaust (burnt offering) was a mass sacrifice of their people to Satan by the KM.

According to Mossad sources, the move by Russia into Ukraine means the fake Biden administration is about to implode and will not last beyond March. “That smell in your nostrils is the Deep State shitting themselves over their Ukraine money laundering operation getting demolished by Putin. Pelosi, Biden, Bush, Obama, Kerry, Romney, Soros, Clinton and the Vatican (And others to be exposed), all have their blood-soaked hands planted deep in Ukraine,” the Mossad source notes.

Putin and his team are extracting all the data from the banks, which will disclose the corruption that has taken place since 2014 and that $10’s of Billions were siphoned off using Ukraine as a conduit, the source continues. 

The Dragon Family sources add: “The bio-weapons factories built by Bill Gates and the Soros Foundation (Rothschilds) have been destroyed.

The Ukrainian navy has been sunk, the cities are surrounded and the alliance now controls 75% of the country, so we are winning.”

The arrest of the KM top agent, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, means that Turkey will not fight for the KM.

Turkey knows that the U.S., Europe, and NATO, although it is a NATO member, are the source of all the threats it has defined so far.

It knows very well that these countries have failed it in all areas.

Turkey knows that they have a terrorist army arrayed against them in northern Syria.

It has only recently overcome an internal attack like the 2016 coup attempt, which was also a U.S., European and NATO operation, is how the official Turkish media describes the situation.

Germany and France are also staying out of it. Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, has made it clear that his country would not support sanctions against Russia, and neither would the EU.

In particular, European countries do not support financial sanctions against Russian banks.

The KM propaganda media is making a big deal about Russia now being cut off from SWIFT.

But the Alliance is five steps ahead of them.

That’s why they recently arrested Davos chief Klaus Schwab and EU Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde in Antarctica.

This led to the replacement of SWIFT with the quantum financial system.

If you’ve made an international transfer lately, you’ll know because instead of the alphabetical SWIFT system, you now need a number to make a transfer.

A visible sign that Europe is not going along with this charade is falling gas prices in Europe as exports through Ukraine increase.

In other words, KM has been prevented from overcharging Europe on gas.

More importantly, the Rothschild bank servers are in Ukraine and have now been seized. This means that the game is over for them.

It is also very interesting to note that the United Nations is not allowing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his delegation to visit the UN in Geneva.

This means that the UN has outed itself as a Rothschild organization. It is in the process of being replaced.

Now let’s take a look at the fake story being spread by the KM propaganda media about what is happening in Ukraine. You can see that they stage fake atrocities and deaths because they have no real atrocities to report on.

Moreover, we must conclude that all the hysteria in the Western propaganda media about Ukraine is a desperate attempt to distract from the increasingly clear evidence that the recent mass vaccination campaign was a huge war crime.

Death rates among those vaccinated have increased by 495%.

Triple ‘Vaccinated’ Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January; 80% of All New Covid Cases Are Fully Jabbed

The revenge has begun. Thousands at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris to pay tribute to Luc Montagnier, French biologist and virologist and Nobel laureate in medicine who spoke out against Covid “vaccination.”

Here’s a list of 40 billionaires who got rich off this crime. You can be sure they will all be tracked down and brought to justice.

List of 40 billionaires who got rich through COVID – GreatGameIndia

List Of 40 Billionaires Who Got Rich From COVID

Pentagon and MI6 sources say that special forces continue to hunt down all the cabal’s top leaders and stooges.

This includes Canadian traitors like Justin Castro and Chrystia Freeland. Meanwhile, in Asia, we hear from the Dragon Family and Asian secret societies that all KM influence is being removed from the region.

The sources say that an agreement in principle has been reached to reunite Taiwan with the mainland, as mentioned above. We were asked not to provide further details as this is an ongoing operation.

However, we were told that the fake news about Kim Jong Un and the fake North Korean missiles spread by the KM propaganda media are a pack of lies. Kim is dead and his sister is now in charge of North Korea, according to Asian intelligence sources. North Korea is part of the Alliance for the Liberation of Humanity, they add.

In Japan, police and military have begun arresting scores of people involved in the Fukushima mass murder, right-wing Japanese sources close to the emperor say. Asian intelligence sources promise that more historic changes will take place between now and the spring equinox on March 21-22. As is our custom, we will conclude this week with a briefing on Project Blue Ray.

Recently the media released this video from 2010 showing a very strange weather anomaly or unnatural disk in Australia.

This is an indication that something very amazing will soon be coming our way from Antarctica, promises a source from the US space agency.