Beloveds, you consider that you are partitioned, that you come in segments, that you are not whole, not a perfect entity.

You imagine that you have bits that are ‘good’ and bits that you consider ‘bad’, bits that are appropriate and bits that must be rejected.

You imagine that there are parts of you that are Divine, and parts of you that are human. You are like an orange that sees only the segments. Truly, that is not how I see you. You are one. You are whole.

You are far more like an Apple! There are no segments. There is no division. There are no bits that are ‘good’ and bits that are ‘bad’. There are no bits that are Divine and bits that are human. There is just all of you: and all of you contains the All of everything.

You are the ocean in a drop of water.

How could you imagine that the Divine would create any being in a way that is less perfect than the Divine?  It would be impossible, because the degree of love that flows through the creation process allows only for perfection in all its expressions.

You may decide that some expressions are better than others, that some are more appropriate and some are more acceptable. But truly, that is your decision, your classification not mine.

Yes, there were some thoughts, words, and deeds that will invite greater expansion, new experiences so that you may learn the balance, the other side of those thoughts, words and deeds. But there is nothing attached to them that says one is ‘good’ and one is ‘bad’, one is accepted by the Divine and one is rejected.

The Divine accepts everything because the Divine knows the purity and perfection of all Creation. It is you and you are everything. You are everyone.

Every energy even beyond what you have conceived is hidden within you. And it is all perfect. Because the Divine never does anything that isn’t perfect and would never, ever create any being that was less perfect than the Divine.

You have been told of imperfection. You have been sold a lie. It is not true. The truth is your perfection. All of you, every bit, even the bits that you have forgotten or wished you had forgotten or tried to hide. Let me hold them for you. Don’t push them away. If you cannot bear to see, hear or feel them, give them to me and I will hold them in trust for you.

You are perfect.

You are every move. Your every thought. Your every word. Your every action is and has always been perfect. There is nothing other than perfection. The more you move into that knowing of your perfection, the more expansive, loving and kind you become, creating even further cycles and spirals of joy, love and perfection on your mastery path. Your joy is you embodying your creative Divine potential.

Now you see the truth of you. It is love: You are Love. Any moment where you have forgotten the truth, the knowingness of love, and your perfection, it is because the lies you have been told believed have temporarily blocked you.  There is always an easy pathway back into love, into understanding and acceptance. Now more than ever that pathway is open to you so that all ills, troubles, woes, fears and hurts from the past – whether you hurt or were hurt – may all dissolve instantly, effortlessly by handing them to me and asking for my help. I am here for you as you return to the full knowing and awareness that you are entirely perfect.

You are mine and I am yours, I am you. I am here in service to you. I am here in joy for you, as your best friend, your deepest confidant, the loudest cheerleader. That is me wrapped around you because you are perfect, I see your perfection and I am entranced by you.

Allow me to come into you and let us merge, so you may experience the fullness of perfection that is you, and I may relish in the joy of you, as you embody the fullness of your perfection.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert